Michelle Garrett


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 07/16/2022 at approximately 0025 hours, I was dispatched to the area of Highway 154 and exit 51 of I85 in reference to a traffic complaint of a white Dodge Challenger. The complainant stated that the Challenger was driving erratically. I was in the area and saw the Challenger in the parking lot of the Shell gas station parked. I turned around and pulled into the Chevron parking lot to wait for the Challenger to leave. As I was getting into position, I observed the Challenger leaving the parking lot. I got behind it and we started to travel south on Highway 154. We then got into the turn lane to get onto the Exit 51 on ramp north bound.

The vehicle was starting to accelerate at a high rate and once we got to the bottom of the on ramp the driver went from the ramp to the number 1 lane of the Interstate. The driver crossed 3 lanes of travel without using the turn signal or establishing her lane. After getting to the number 1 lane myself, I got behind her and observed her fail to maintain her lane by crossing the dotted white line with both of her passenger side tires.

After crossing that, she crossed the yellow solid line with both of her driver side tires. I then initiated my traffic stop by turning on both my lights and siren. The driver then began to slow down and we made our way to the right shoulder.

I approached the passenger side of her vehicle and immediately observed two small bottles of an alcoholic beverage inside her center cup holder. I then explained to the driver, Michelle Garrett [REDACTED BY AGENCY] who I was and the reason for the stop. Michelle stated that she just left her bridal shower and was on her way to her mother’s house. I then asked for another unit to start my way and asked Michelle for her driver’s license.

I observed that Michelle had slurred speech and that her eyes were red and watery. Michelle handed me her driver’s license, and I advised her that I was going to come around to her driver side and get her out of the vehicle. I got to the driver door and Michelle opened the driver door of the vehicle. I observed that there was a third small bottle of an alcoholic beverage in the cup holder of her driver door. I asked Michelle to step out.

Once she stood up, Michelle took several steps back and looked as if she was about to stumble and fall down. She was able to regain balance and I asked her to step in front of her vehicle. I then began to ask Michelle if she had anything to drink, and Michelle stated that she had a small bottle of wine and said it was the 3.5 bottle. I asked Michelle when she had that and she stated it was approximately 3 hours ago. I then explained what I saw in her and asked if I could perform Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) on her and she agreed.

I began to explain the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) portion, and she stated she understood. As I was conducting the evaluation, Michelle continued to move her head over 4 times after I had asked her to follow the tip of my finger with her eyes and her eyes only and not to move her head. I did detect that her eyes were equal tracking and that her pupil size was the same in both eyes.

I then observed that there was a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes for 2 clues. I observed distinct and sustained nystagmus in both eyes for another 2 clues. I also observed the onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes for 2 more clues. I got 6 out of 6 clues for the HGN portion and I also observed nystagmus in the vertical portion as well.

I then began to explain to Michelle the Walk and Turn portion of SFST. I began to explain the position for Michelle to stand during the instructional phase and told her not to start until I tell her to. Michelle began to walk after I told her to put her right foot heel to toe in front of her left foot. Michelle stopped, and I attempted to explain it again. She started the test 3 more times.

I finally got Michelle to stand in the starting position, and I demonstrated it for her after explaining it. Michelle failed to keep the starting position while I was demonstrating it for her. I then advised Michelle that she could begin as soon as she was ready. Michelle failed to maintain balance during the instructional phase and started too soon for 2 clues.

Michelle also failed to touch heel to toe during the test for the majority of her steps for 1 clue. She also stopped while walking for another clue. Michelle stepped off line multiple times during the test as well for 1 more clue. Michelle conducted an improper turn by marching in place and turning herself around for 1 more clue. Michelle also did 10 steps on both lines for 1 more clue. I observed a total of 7 out of 8 clues for the Walk and Turn.

I then explained the One Leg Stand portion of SFST to Michelle, and she stated she understood. I advised Michelle that she could begin when she was ready and immediately attempted to perform the walk and turn portion. I stopped her and explained the test again for her and demonstrated it again, and she said she understood.

Michelle, again, attempted to start walking, and I stopped her. I explained it one more time and she stated she understood. Michelle then raised her foot but put it down immediately. She continued to raise it and put it back down during the test. She swayed and hopped during the test. I observed a total of 3 out of 4 clues for the One Leg Stand portion.

I asked Michelle if she would be willing to conduct the Preliminary Breath Test and she stated she would. I retrieved it from my patrol vehicle and advised her how to perform the test. Michelle performed it and the results indicated positive for alcohol with a readout of 0.208.

I then placed Michelle in handcuffs, checked them for fit, and double locked them. I advised her that she was being placed under arrest for driving under the influence. DFS B. Doss searched Michelle, and I then placed her in the rear passenger seat of my patrol vehicle. I then read Michelle Implied Consent Notice for suspects age 21 or over and asked for a breath test. Michelle agreed.

I then conducted a vehicle inventory. During the inventory a Taurus 9mm revolver, S/N JX75381, was located in her purse. I also located a prescription bottle containing a green leaf like substance believed to be marijuana inside. I also located a brown rolled end of a cigarette containing a green leafy like substance believed to be marijuana inside the center console.

I then located a yellow cylindrical container in the passenger seat and inside that there were two brown rolled ends of a cigarette believed to contain marijuana inside as well. On the bottom of said container was a cap that you can take off and inside that cap is a grinder with a green leafy like substance believed to be marijuana as well.

Also while conducting an inventory of the car, I located 3 Sutter Home Fruit Infusion 187 ML bottles of wine containing 7.5% alcohol. Two of the bottles were empty and once contained a very small portion of the wine and were inside the center cup holder. The other bottle was located in the front driver side door cup holder. I also located 1 empty bottle of Sutter Home Moscato 187 ML bottle of wine containing 10% alcohol under the driver seat.

In the passenger seat was a bag that had two 4 packs of the Sutter Home wines and only one box had 2 full bottles inside it. I located the other 2 full bottles inside the vehicle as well.

I then waited for the next list wrecker, Platinum Wrecker, to arrive on scene. I turned the vehicle over to them. I then transported Michelle to the Coweta County Jail and turned her over to the Jail staff.

After the initial intake process was completed, I took Michelle to the Intoxilyzer 9000 machine and we conducted the breath test. The results showed 0.177 BrAC.

I wrote Michelle citations for, Open containers in passenger compartment of vehicle, DUI 0.08G or more, Failure to maintain lane, and improper turn (signals required). I am also charging Michelle with possession of marijuana and possession of drug related objects.

[End of Narrative]