Willie Cox


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 6-7-2022 I, Sgt. Jeremy Wood, was in my marked patrol car travelling on Lullwater Dr. toward Clearwater Rd. when I observed a white Audi passenger car go past with window tint so dark I was unable to identify the driver inside the vehicle.

I was able to get behind the vehicle with Georgia tag [REDACTED]. I followed the vehicle as it turned onto Hwy 16 then onto Old Hwy 16. I made a traffic stop on the vehicle on Old Hwy 16 at East Coweta High School.

I approached the passenger side of the vehicle and knocked on the back window for the driver to let it down. As the back Window went down the odor of green marijuana came from inside the vehicle. Once verifying the driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle, I moved to the passenger side front window and explained the reason for the stop.

I then asked the driver for his license; the driver gave me a Georgia driver’s license identifying him as Willie Cox. I asked Cox to step to the rear of the vehicle while I completed paperwork. As I passed the backseat with the window still down, I observed a black trash in the floorboard.

Based on the odor and seeing that bag I detained Cox. I read Cox his Miranda Warning and Cox advised he would speak to me. Cox denied there being any marijuana in the vehicle.

Once another deputy arrived on scene, I searched the vehicle. The trash bag was found to be empty. When asked Cox stated he had been smoking marijuana earlier. I continued my search and inside the glove box I located a Glock 23 40 caliber pistol serial number VDT796.

I asked Cox if the gun was his and he stated it was his girlfriend, [WITNESS #1]’s gun. I also asked Cox if he was a convicted felon and he advised he was. Under the driver seat I located a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. No other contraband was located.

I then asked Cox if his girlfriend would confirm the gun was her’s and he stated yes. Cox then gave me [WITNESS #1]’s phone number. I called [WITNESS #1] and identified myself as Sgt. Jeremy Wood with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, I asked [WITNESS #1] if she owned a gun and she originally stated no.

[WITNESS #1] then began repeating my questions back to me. [WITNESS #1] then stated it was her gun. I asked [WITNESS #1] what the gun looked like and stated it was green and gray. When asked about the caliber she stated she didn’t know guns that well, When asked where the gun was, she stated her boyfriend has it.

I then asked Cox if the gun was his and Cox confirmed it was his gun. A check of Cox’s criminal history showed numerous felony arrests but based on time expired dispositions I was unable to confirm a convicted felon status. Cox was placed under arrest and transported to the Coweta County Jail.

At the Jail Cox was charged with possession of marijuana and window tint requirements. The gun, marijuana and cell phone were placed into evidence to attempt to confirm convicted felon status.

The Tint on the window was checked with: a Coweta County Sheriff’s Office issued tint meter and showed a percentage of 06%.