Albany man calls 911 to confess shooting two people during argument

Aug 14, 2020 at 9:18 AM EDT

ALBANY – The following incident report was filed by the Albany Police Department regarding the arrest of Lawrence Roberts, 24, on July 27, 2020 on a charge of aggravated assault by firearm.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On 07/27/2020 at 10:55AM We, Wilson and Cox responded in normal mode to [[500 block] block] Louis Ave. in reference to a shooting.

Upon arriving on scene we made contact with a black female who identified herself as [WITNESS #1], who is the girlfriend of [VICTIM #1], who was one of the victims shot.

[WITNESS #1] said that the suspects Lawrence Roberts A.K.A. Woday, and Ronald May, who lived at [[500 block] block] Louis Ave., drove up to the residence. [WITNESS #1] said that [VICTIM #2] [VICTIM #2], who also lives at [500 block] Louis Ave., got into an argument with Roberts, and May, about parking.

[WITNESS #1] then said that Roberts became angry, and pulled out a handgun on [VICTIM #2], which was black in color. [WITNESS #1] said that after the incident, her and [VICTIM #2] left the residence, and the suspects Roberts, and May also left to go their separate ways.

[WITNESS #1] then said that after about five minutes, her and [VICTIM #2] returned to her residence, and noticed that Roberts and May had returned. [WITNESS #1] said she told her boyfriend [VICTIM #1], and a friend [VICTIM #3], who was at the residence at the time.

[WITNESS #1] said that [VICTIM #1], and [VICTIM #3], then confronted Roberts, and May about pulling a gun out on [VICTIM #2]. [WITNESS #1] said that [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #3], Roberts, and May got into a physical fight on Roberts porch.

At that time [WITNESS #1] said that Roberts had a black gun, [VICTIM #3] had a gun in his pocket, and [VICTIM #1] had a silver gun in his hand. [WITNESS #1] said during the fight Roberts was able to take [VICTIM #1]’s gun.

[WITNESS #1] then said that Roberts shot [VICTIM #1] once in the back, and shot [VICTIM #3] three times in the stomach. [WITNESS #1] said that [VICTIM #1] fell on the ground outside beside Roberts porch, and her, [VICTIM #3], and [VICTIM #2] ran inside their home.

We also made contact with one of the victims a black male who identified himself as [VICTIM #1] who was shot once in the back. At the time [VICTIM #1] said he was in pain, and when asked what happened he advised that he just came over to see what the issue was between Roberts and his sister [VICTIM #2]. When asked to elaborate further, he refused to answer any more questions and told us to ask his girlfriend, [WITNESS #1].

We also made contact with another victim a black male who identified himself as [VICTIM #3], who was shot in the stomach three times.

[VICTIM #3] also was in pain, and initially said that he was in the house at [500 block] Louis Ave. when he heard argument outside. When he stepped out to investigate, the shooting took place and he ran back inside after being hit several times. He refused to elaborate further on his recollection of events.

We then made contact with one of the other victims, a black female who identified herself as [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #2] said that Roberts pulled out a black gun on her during the argument about the parking. [VICTIM #2] then said that her and [WITNESS #1] left the residence, and returned after about five minutes.

[VICTIM #2] said her and [WITNESS #1] told [VICTIM #1], and [VICTIM #3] about the incident when Roberts pulled a gun out on her. [VICTIM #2] then said that [VICTIM #1], and [VICTIM #3] went over to confront Roberts, and May, and that’s when the fight started. [VICTIM #2] also said that Roberts had his gun out, [VICTIM #3] had a gun in his pocket, and [VICTIM #1] had a silver gun in his hand. [VICTIM #2] said that Roberts took [VICTIM #1]’s gun away from him during the fight, and shot him once in the back, and [VICTIM #3] three times in the stomach. [VICTIM #2] continued to say that she, [WITNESS #1], and [VICTIM #3] ran in their house.

A canvas of the area for evidence was performed. One silver handgun was found on the ground in the front yard of [500 block] Louis Ave. Several shell casings were also found on/next to the porch of [500 block] Louis Ave.

Lt. Higginbotham responded to the scene and was briefed on the details of this incident. Investigations was notified and also responded to the scene. Inv. Jerry Franklin was the first investigator on scene and was briefed on the details of this incident. IDENT was notified and responded to the scene to process and photograph the scene and all evidence.

While investigating the crime scene, Roberts called into 911 confessing to shooting [VICTIM #1] and [VICTIM #3] stating he believed that he had killed them. Roberts gave his location a few blocks away and his description and surrendered to officers that responded to his location without incident.

Roberts then voluntarily pointed those officers to two firearms involved in this incident. Supplemental reports will be submitted by those officers indicating the details of their interaction with Roberts. Roberts was later transported to the LEC to speak with investigators.

This case has been labeled as Aggravated Assault and has been turned over to investigations.

End Transcription of Narrative Report