Cornelius Ward

Ward, Cornelius Alexander

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Sodomy – Felony

Burglary – 1st Degree (forced Entry)

Exploit/inflict Pain To/deprive Essential Services To Disa

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

I, Cpl. S. Irvin in normal patrol mode responded to [600 BLOCK] W Tift Ave in reference to a contact person.

Upon arrival, I made contact with [WITNESS #1]. [WITNESS #1] advised he received a phone call from his mother [VICTIM #1] stating someone forced inside her residence before beating and raping her. [WITNESS #1] advised he arrived at this location and discovered his mother with bruise marks on her face. [WITNESS #1] advised he dialed 911 to report this incident.

I made contact with [VICTIM #1] in reference to this incident. [VICTIM #1] advised she is in the process of moving back to [600 BLOCK] W Tift Ave after living at [2100 BLOCK] W Gordon Ave Apt [REDACTED]. I observed bruise marks on [VICTIM #1]’s face surrounding her right eye. I observed bruise marks on [VICTIM #1]’s left eye. I observed [VICTIM #1] wearing a dress.

[VICTIM #1] advised she was sitting in her front living room when someone knocked on her front door on 10-28-2022, at approximately 2200 hours. [VICTIM #1] advised she answered her front door and discovered a black male wearing a face covering with gloves covering his hands. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect forced his way inside her residence saying “You shouldn’t have come to my hood because they don’t like you”.

[VICTIM #1] advised the suspect stated “They paid me to do this so I have to beat you”. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect began hitting and pushing her while they were in the front living room area. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect stated “I should kill you”. [VICTIM #1] stated the suspect pushed her inside her bedroom and forced her over the foot end of her bed face down.

[VICTIM #1] advised the suspect grabbed her gold picture frame stand and began pointing it in her side. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect pulled her jogging pants down and raped her. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect stated “I know you haven’t had no sex like this in a long time from a 56-year-old man”. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect stated he was wearing two condoms while raping her.

[VICTIM #1] advised the suspect would ask her questions and if she did not respond to her liking he would place a sheet over her face. [VICTIM #1] advised she was not able to breathe whenever the suspect placed the sheet over her face. [VICTIM #1] advised her face was on the bed and she was bent over during this incident. [VICTIM #1] advised this rape lasted for approximately three hours.

[VICTIM #1] advised the suspect damaged her glass picture from and stepped on her picture located in the living room area. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect stole her money (unknown amount), green Regions debit card and Artisian credit card from her purse. [VICTIM #1] began walking through the front living room and pointed to a key ring with two keys and broke glasses saying they both belong to the suspect.

[VICTIM #1] advised the suspects name is [REDACTED]. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect was approximately 5 foot and 7inches in height and skinny with black hair and balding in the top of his head. [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect lives at [2100 BLOCK] W Gordon Ave with his mother a black older female with the last name [REDACTED]. [VICTIM #1] advised she does not know the exact apartment [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] lives.

[VICTIM #1] advised she is able to point [REDACTED] out if she observes him in person. [VICTIM #1] advised three older ladies back at [2100 BLOCK] W Gordon always gave her problem which were [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. [VICTIM #1] advised she went over to her neighbor residence to dial 911. [VICTIM #1] advised when she dialed d911 the dispatcher hung up the phone after stating “911 what’s your emergency”.

[VICTIM #1] advised she dialed 911 twice last night and no one responded. [VICTIM #1] was not able to complete a written statement in reference to this incident due to her injuries. [VICTIM #1] appeared to be very distraught during this interview. [VICTIM #1] was transported to Phoebe Main by [WITNESS #1]. Photographs were taken and logged into Evidence Locker #02.

I observed the front living room area and bedroom are in disarray. I observed the bed sheet with a towel covered in what appeared to be blood that [VICTIM #1] advised the suspect used to cover her face with during the rape on the floor near the bedroom door. I collected the bed sheet and towel logging it into evidence. I collected the gold picture frame stand logging it into evidence. Photographs were taken and logged into Evidence Locker# 02.

Sgt. Brentten Laethem was notified of this incident and did respond along with Lt. William Henry. Investigator Lataevia Jackson was notified of this incident and responded to Phoebe Main to make contact with [VICTIM #1] and [WITNESS #1]. I made contact with [VICTIM #1]’s neighbor (anonymous) who advised she knocked on his front door asking to use his phone because she had been raped.

The neighbor advised he does not know [VICTIM #1] that well because he is new the area since the renovations were made. The neighbor advised he noticed [VICTIM #1] returned on 10-28-2022 to [600 BLOCK] W Tift Ave. The neighbor advised [VICTIM #1] dialed 911 on his house phone on 10-29-2022, at approximately 0500 hours because he remembers looking at the clock.

The neighbor advised he heard dispatch respond by saying “911 what’s your emergency”. The neighbor advised he heard dispatch end the phone call. The neighbor advised [VICTIM #1] called back again with the same response. The neighbor advised [VICTIM #1] told him “dispatch keeps hanging up because they don’t believe it’s real”. The neighbor advised [VICTIM #1] then called her son [WITNESS #1].

I responded to [2100 BLOCK] W Gordon Ae Apt [REDACTED] in reference to this incident. I made contact with a black male subject who identified himself as [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] appeared to be approximately 5’07” in height, skinny black male. [REDACTED] advised he is 55 years old. [REDACTED] advised he did not rape anyone. [REDACTED] advised he was drunk last night with a female friend. [REDACTED] advised he is home with his mother visiting for the last month.

Sgt. Laethem was on scene and advised Investigator Jackson. Investigator Jackson responded to this location and advised me to bring [REDACTED] to the Law Enforcement Center for questioning. I advised [REDACTED] he was needed at the Law Enforcement Center for questioning. I placed [REDACTED] in handcuffs double locked to the rear and checked for tightness.

I conducted a search on [REDACTED] for weapons/contraband which yielded negative results. I placed [REDACTED] in the rear of my patrol vehicle. I transported [REDACTED] to the Law Enforcement Center where he was placed in Interview Room C. Investigator advised me to escort [REDACTED] back to his residence.

During the escort back to [REDACTED]’s residence he advised he did not rape anyone. [REDACTED] advised he consented to a buccal swab and any other forensics needed to clear his name. I conducted a computer check through NCIC/GCIC on all parties involved for any active alerts/warrants which yielded negative results. This incident was captured via my bodycam.

This case remains active and was turned over to investigations.

[End of Narrative]