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Deiaire Haskins

Haskins, Deiaire Dejuan

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Aggravated Assault

Possession of firearms by convicted felons and first offender probationers (F)

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On September 3, 2023 at approximately 2007 hours, Douglas County 911 toned out a call of a domestic with a gun presently occurring at [1200 BLOCK] Forrest Ellis Road. Several Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Units were responding to this location. Upon mine and Deputy D. Sperano #503’s arrival we were able to separate and gain control of the situation and began speaking with Deiaire Haskins who was standing in the front yard area of the residence along with the other parties involved.

Deiaire advised that the other parties had put the gun used back inside the truck in the driveway. I located a Taurus 9mm handgun lying on the console inside the truck, 2015 Nissan Titan belonging to [WITNESS #1]. The gun was ran NCIC/GCIC and came back with no wants.

Deiaire advised that he and his fiance, [WITNESS #2] along with their three children have been staying at this residence for the past three months. Deiaire advised that he and [WITNESS #2] are renting the residence from [VICTIM #1] who was also on scene. Deiaire advised that there was no leasing contract signed by him or [WITNESS #2] but have been paying [VICTIM #1] $600 every two weeks via CASH app as agreed upon by him and [VICTIM #1].

Deiaire advised that the residence is in need of serious renovations as there is not sink in the kitchen area and the sink in the only bathroom is clogged. Deiaire advised that the agreement was that [VICTIM #1] would complete the renovations in a timely manner while he and his fiance and children were living in the residence and paying rent each month.

Deiaire advised that [VICTIM #1] has not followed through with the renovations and that he and his fiance, [WITNESS #2] began calling and texting [VICTIM #1] earlier today to try and establish a time line of when [VICTIM #1] was going to come to the residence and complete the renovations.

Deiaire advised that shortly thereafter, [VICTIM #1] arrives at the residence and comes inside the residence unannounced and begins to argue with him stating that he and his family needed to get all their things together and get out of the residence. Deiaire advised that he told [VICTIM #1] that he and his family were not going anywhere as he had not been served with an eviction notice.

Deiaire advised that [VICTIM #1] then came at him in an aggressive manner. Deiaire advised that he then grabbed a book bag lying close to him in an attempt to bluff [VICTIM #1] in thinking he had a weapon of some sort inside the bag. Deiaire advised that he and [VICTIM #1] then began to scuffle on the floor. Deiaire advised that at one point during the scuffle, [VICTIM #1] attempted to pull the knife from its sheath that [VICTIM #1] had on his side attached to his belt.

Deiaire advised that his fiance was able to pull the knife from the sheath on [VICTIM #1] belt and took the knife outside and threw it. Deiaire advised that [VICTIM #1]’s sister, [WITNESS #1] came inside the residence with a handgun. An attempt to locate the knife in the area where [WITNESS #2] stated she threw the knife was made but was unsuccessful in locating the knife.

[WITNESS #2] advised that she was on the front door stoop when [WITNESS #1], in her truck and [VICTIM #1] in his car pulled into the driveway. [WITNESS #2] advised that [VICTIM #1] got out of his car while [WITNESS #1] stayed inside her truck. [WITNESS #2] stated that [VICTIM #1] bypassed her and went straight inside the residence where [VICTIM #1] and Deiaire began to argue over [VICTIM #1] attempting to kick them out of the residence.

[WITNESS #2] advised that the altercation became physical between Deiaire and [VICTIM #1] and that she saw what looked liked to her that [VICTIM #1] was attempting to remove his knife from the sheath on his belt. [WITNESS #2] advised that she was able to remove the knife from [VICTIM #1] belt and took the knife outside and tossed the knife.

[WITNESS #2] advised that [VICTIM #1]’s sister, [WITNESS #1] then got out of her truck and went to the front door of the residence and then turned around and went back to her truck where she retrieved a hand gun and came back to the residence and entered the residence where she then threatened her and Deiaire, protecting her brother.

[VICTIM #1] advised that he arrived at the residence because he lives there with Deiaire and his family. [VICTIM #1] advised me of what room was his and where he sleeps. I checked the room and observed that there was no furniture inside the room. There was lots of miscellaneous clothes in tubs and lying on the floor.

When I asked [VICTIM #1] about the room not having furniture, [VICTIM #1] advised that all his belongings are in a shed on the property. It was later learned that [VICTIM #1] does not stay at the residence but sleeps in his car at different locations according to [VICTIM #1]. As far as the incident this date, [VICTIM #1] advised that he arrived at the residence and an argument started between he and Deiaire.

[VICTIM #1] stated that during the argument, Deiaire grabbed a bag and pulled a handgun from the bag and pointed it at him. [VICTIM #1] stated that Deiaire was in another room while he was in the living room area of the residence but they both could see each other. [VICTIM #1] described the handgun as a blue color handgun.

[WITNESS #1] advised that she and her brother arrived at the residence and [VICTIM #1] went inside the residence while she sat inside her vehicle. [WITNESS #1] advised that she eventually exited her vehicle and went to the front door of the residence where she saw [WITNESS #2] take the knife from her brother’s belt and throw the knife. [WITNESS #1] also saw the handgun brandished by Deiaire. [WITNESS #1] advised that she then went back to her vehicle and retrieved her handgun and returned back to the residence to protect her brother, [VICTIM #1].

A search of the front yard yielded a turquoise blue colored handgun, Taurus GS2 9mm [REDACTED BY AGENCY] lying under a bush in the front yard and in close proximity of where Deiaire was initially standing when I arrived on scene. At that time Deiaire advised that the gun was his.

Deiaire advised that he was a convicted felon out of the State of Mississippi and was currently on felony probation out of Mississippi. Deiaire advised that he had permission from his probation officer to be in the State of Georgia for work purposes. I requested a criminal history check on Deiaire for felony convictions through Douglas County Radio. The criminal history check revealed felony charges filed but no convictions were listed.

Sgt. Britt #348 requested Douglas County Radio to contact the agencies with those felony charges to verify that convictions were reached on the felony charges brought by that agency. Based on the admittance of Deiaire of being a convicted felon and spending ten (10) years in prison for Armed Robbery and other charges, Deiaire was detained by handcuffs being placed on him.

Douglas County Radio advised that Lowndes County Mississippi advised that they could only show the charges but no conviction date but had record of Deiaire being transported to a Mississippi State Prison facility for felony convictions through their County. The Taurus GS2 9mm was checked through NCIC/GCIC by Douglas County Radio with no stolen reported or wants.

Deiaire then advised that he did have the gun on him when he and [VICTIM #1] were engaged in a verbal and physical altercation. Deiaire advised that he pulled the gun out and tossed it to his fiance, [WITNESS #2]. Deiaire advised that when he did that [VICTIM #1] said “oh you got a gun” and Deiaire stated that it appeared that [VICTIM #1] was going for the knife on his belt but [WITNESS #2] was able to get the knife from [VICTIM #1]’s belt.

Deiaire advised that once they were all outside he got his gun back from [WITNESS #2]. Deiaire advised that he tossed the gun under the bush as Law Enforcement was arriving on scene. Deiaire was advised that he was under arrest for Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon.

I escorted Deiaire to my patrol vehicle where he was placed in the back seat area. After speaking with Sgt. Britt #348 about the incident and the verbal statements from each party involved it was decided that Deiaire would also be charged with Aggravated Assault as well for pointing the gun at [VICTIM #1] during the altercation.

[VICTIM #1] was advised to not return back to the incident location until he has had the tenants legally removed by eviction through Magistrate Court. [VICTIM #1] advised that he understood. I transported Deiaire Haskins to the Douglas County Jail where he was medically cleared and turned over to book in personnel without incident.

I completed arrest warrants formally charging Deiaire DeJuan Haskins with one count Aggravated Assault and one count Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon. The warrants were prepared on EZ Warrants. The warrants were logged in the warrant book in the Patrol Muster Room and a copy of this narrative placed in the warrant tray to accompany the presentation of the warrants to and signing by the Magistrate Judge. I placed the Taurus GS2 9mm handgun into evidence by placing it into temporary storage locker #20.

[End of Narrative]

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