Charges filed in Richmond Hill fight caught on camera

Last updated April 24, 2022 @ 10:02 AM ET

The following video contains strong language, viewer discretion is advised.

BRYAN COUNTY, GA – Charges have been filed after an altercation was caught on camera in the 80 block of Palmer Place in Richmond Hill.

Stokum, Garrett Russell, born 1984, and McAllister, Zykia Monae, born 1997, were each charged with a single count of disorderly conduct.

According to Stokum’s wife, who filmed the incident, they were attempting to retrieve a dead cat from McAllister’s residence, on behalf of the homeowner, when the altercation broke out.

“He did not punch her, absolutely not…he apprehended her and held her wrists, that was it”, she said during a phone call with our staff.

McAllister declined to make a comment on the situation.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Wednesday March 30, 2022 at 1519 hours, I responded to a disorderly conduct complaint at [80 BLOCK] Palmer Place within the city limits of Richmond Hill Georgia. Upon arrival, Ms. Zykia Monae Mcallister (complainant) approached me stating, she called for police assistance.

Ms. Mcalister then advised at approximately 0750 hours she called Mrs. [REDACTED] Stokum (witness) to assist with her deceased cat. Mrs. Stokum did not respond in a timely manner. Ms. Stokum did acknowledge the call for assistance at approximately 1500 hours.

While waiting for a response from Mrs. Stokum, Ms. Mcallister decided to contact Mr. [WITNESS #1] and WITNESS #2 for assistance. Upon the arrival of Mr. and Mrs [WITNESS #1 and #2] Ms. Mcallister told Ms. Stokum her assistance was not needed anymore.

Moments later, Mr. Garrett Stokum (offender) walked over to Ms. Mcallister’s residence and several words were exchanged. Ms. Mcallister said Mr. Stokum became aggressive by walking up to her and yelling aloud, “why did you disrespect my wife,when she was trying to help you?” Ms. Mcallister told Mr. Stokum several times to get off her property. Mr. Stokum refused to cooperate and pushed Ms. Mcallister. At this time, both individuals did exchange punches until the witnesses on scene intervened. After Mr. Stokum and Ms. Mcallister were separated, she called Bryan County Dispatch for Police assistance.

I asked Mr. Stokum to explain the incident. He did advise he was merely trying to assist [HOMEOWNER](Homeowner [80 BLOCK] Palmer Place) after being contacted via cellphone. I asked Mr. Stokum to provide details of the assistance requested by Mr. [HOMEOWNER]. Mr. [HOMEOWNER] is deployed with the military and called Mr. and Mrs. Stokum to remove his deceased cat from his residence.

As Mr. and Mrs Slokum approached Ms. Mcallister to offer there assistance, Ms. Mcallister became aggressive and began cursing aloud in a rage. Mr. Stokum walked toward Ms. Macallister and she then pushed him backward. At this time, Mr. Slokum said she began punching him. During the interview, I did observe doorbell and exterior surveillance cameras mounted on Ms. Mcallister’s residence. Ms. Mcallister could not access the surveillance cameras.

I asked Mr. Stokum if he could upload his surveillance camera and provide me with a video of this incident. Mr. and Mrs. Stokum did upload the video to the Richmond Hill Police Axon View. While viewing Mr. Stokum’s video it appeared Ms. Mcallister did make first contact by pushing him in the chest area with open palms.

I then walked over to [70 BLOCK] Palmer Place, this is the residence of Ms. [WITNESS #3]. Ms. [WITNESS #3] also had a front door bell camera as well as two cameras mounted on each corner of her residence. I asked Ms. [WITNESS #3] if she saw the incident. Ms. [WITNESS #3] said yes, and she would be obliged to provide the video to assist with my investigation.

After viewing Ms. [WITNESS #3]’s video from a different angle it revealed Mr. Stokum as the primary aggressor by initiating the first punch. After reviewing and uploading the surveillance video, I began to assess the scars, marks, and bruises on both individuals involved in the altercation. EMS arrived on scene and Ms. Mcallister refused treatment and advised she would drive herself to the hospital at a later date to treat the abrasion on her right cheek area that was obtained as a result of this physical altercation.

Since the surveillance video did not clearly depict the primary aggressor and all witnesses provided bias statements and comments individuals were cited and released with a city ordinance of disorderly conduct. They were provided a Richmond Hill Court Date of June 28,2022 at 1400 hours. Nothing further.