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Ashton Duvall

Duvall, Ashton Jase

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Aggravated Assault

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on December 02, 2022]

On the above date and time, several calls came into Floyd 911 in regards to shot fired in the area of 2nd St in Shannon Village. I Pfc. McMeekin responded to the Circle K on Burlington to speak with a complainant in regards to shooting that happened on 2nd St. While en-route Floyd 911 advised a caller stated one of the people shooting left in a silver Dodge Ram 1500 pick up truck traveling toward Ga 53. I did not observe the truck on my to the call.

Upon mu arrival I met with [WITNESS #1] and [WITNESS #2] who advised they turned down 2nd St in order to visit a relative before going to the store. [WITNESS #1] advised she could hear 2 males arguing and then shooting started to happen and they both saw 2 males shooting at one another. They then left the area and came to the Circle K to stand by.

I then went and patrolled around the area of 2nd st and as I arrived on 2nd I observed several people outside. I then asked where did the shooting take place and they advised 530 2nd St. I then continued to the address and as I got closer to the residence one of the residence advised there was some shell casings on the roadway. I then stopped to preserve evidence. Once out of the patrol unit I observed several 2.23/5.56 shell casings on the ground. I then advised Lt. Hovers of what I have observed and he advised to contact Capt. Robinson and advised him what was going on. Capt. Robinson then advised me to collect the shell casings and see if I can recover any bullets lodged in any surfaces.

As I was looking over the area, I spoke with a [VICTIM #1] who advised a bullet with through his front window at [500 BLOCK] 2nd and advised it went through his house. As I continued with my investigation I had Ofc. Evans gather information once he was on-scene.

I then continued to the residence of 530 2nd St to observe further. I then noticed a busted glass screen door, several 9mm shell casings on the ground/porch, and bullet holes in the front window. I then attempted to try and identify who owns/rents the house since no-one was home at the time of my arrival.

I then asked if anyone knew who lived at the residence and a [WITNESS #3] advised a Chayce and [WITNESS #4] and a few other folks. I then asked what does the people that live there drive and I was advised a tan and white Ford. [WITNESS #3] advised someone was shooting down near the road and then someone came out the house and started shooting as well. I continued to have Floyd 911 check for a possible home owner at this time as I began to collect shell casings from the roadway of 2nd St, the yard of [500 BLOCK] 2nd St walkway and steps of 530 2nd St and the porch of 530 2nd st.

I then spoke with Pfc. Tetsworth who arrived on-scene and cleared the house due to an open back door checking for anyone injured. Pfc. Tetsworth advised he saw something saying [REDACTED] and I had dispatch check to see if he is a possible owner and for a number.

Pfc. Tetsworth advised me that he saw several spent casings in the floor of the residence. We then both re-entered the residence due to 1 room being left unchecked due to multiple dogs in the room. We attempted to check the room but was unsuccessful due to not knowing if the animals were aggressive. While inside I observed several spent 9mm casings throughout the floor in the residence.

I then spoke with Ofc. Evans who retrieved the information from [500 BLOCK] 2nd St and he advised a vehicle was shot. I then went to the residence of [500 BLOCK] 2nd St and spoke to a [VICTIM #2] and he showed me 2 bullet holes one in the bed of the truck and the other near the front end driver side that exited near the front headlight. His information was gathered and he was advised it would be documented in the report. (The bullet hole in the window and through the house as well as the bullet hole on the truck was captured by Ofc. Evans body cam).

I then spoke with a [WITNESS #5] and [WITNESS #6] who saw parts of the shooting. [WITNESS #5] advised he saw a person run out and open the door to the truck the Ram and grabbed what he believed to be an AR with a long extended mag on it. I then asked if he came out the house or out of the truck. [WITNESS #6] advised the person came from inside the house. [WITNESS #5] advised the male grabbed the gun and started shooting toward the house (530 2nd St). I asked if they saw anyone shooting from the house and they advised no. [WITNESS #6] advised she saw the girls run out and open the gate and when the girls got in the middle of the road the male started shooting toward them and they ran back inside the house. They stated the male got in his truck and left and then everyone else got in their cars and left.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on December 02, 2022]

On the above date, and time I, PFC Tetsworth assisted PFC McMeekin along with Ofc Evans, Lt. Pendley, and Lt Hovers in regards to a shots fired call at 530 2nd St in Shannon. Earlier in the evening we had responded, and collected relevant evidence, but found no suspects. Prior to arrival this time we had been informed by a neighbor that one of the suspects (later identified as Chayce Stokes) had returned to the residence.

Upon arrival McMeekin, an I saw Chayce run back into the residence. We surrounded the residence, and waited for backup to arrive while also securing the perimeter. We tried to make contact with Chayce several times while identifying ourselves as law enforcement, but no one responded within the residence.

Evans, Pendley, and Hovers arrived a short while later. We were able to see Chayce laying on his bed with injuries to his face. Eventually Chayce came out the back door, and saw us. We told Chayce to come speak to us, but he ran back in, and to the front door. I told Evans, who was waiting at the front door, that Chayce was heading to the front door.

When I rounded the corner to the front yard I saw Evans on the ground with Chayce attempting to restrain him. I got down on the ground to assist him. I placed my legs on Chayce’s right leg, and grabbed his right arm. I grabbed my handcuffs, and Evans, and I together placed Chayce in handcuffs.

A search warrant was secured for the residence, and a search was performed. Chayce was transported by PFC McMeekin to the Floyd County Jail.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on December 02, 2022]

On the above date and time, I Pfc. McMeekin responded back to the listed address in regards to a neighbor calling advising that they believed that someone who was apart of the shooting has returned back to the residence and was in white older model Ford Mustang.

I then arrived on-scene and observed a white Mustang parked in front of the residence that was not there previously. As I began to approach the residence, I heard commotion going on inside the residence and I stood by observing and listening while waiting on backup given the circumstances that took place. As I was waiting on back I noticed the sheet covering the glass part of the door moved and saw what appeared to be someone get pushed or fall against the door. I continued to hear commotion and then I saw the door open and a person wearing a jacket or hoodie exited the house, saw the patrol car and returned into the residence.

Pfc. Tetsworth then arrived on-scene and we began to approach the house. As we were walking toward the house, we shined our flashlights in the backyard and saw a male wearing a jacket or hoodie with blondish/brown hair. Pfc. Tetsworth went around the right side of the residence and I went around the left side in order to catch up to the subject. Once around the backside of the house we did not see the male and we began to look and see where he may have went. I then stayed at the back of the house in case the male came back out and Pfc. Tetsworth went back to the front. Pfc. Tetsworth knocked on the rear right side of the house and annouced Floyd County Police come to the front door but no answer.

Ofc. Evans arrived on-scene and stood near the front of the house in case the male exited the house again. I advised Ofc. Evans to have Floyd 911 check the tag to the Mustang and it returned to an Ashton Jase Duvall.

After while Lt. Pendley arrived on-scene and he was advised of the situation. Lt. Pendley began to look windows and near the ac unit close to the side of the house Pfc. Tetsworth knocked on and saw a male in the room with a bloody nose. As we continued to wait and see if the male would come back out Lt. Pendley kept watch of the male. After a few more moments Lt. Hovers arrived on-scene and he was advised of the situation. As we were beginning to leave I saw the male exit the room he was in.

The male then opened the back door and began to step outside. I then shined my flashlight on the male and advised him to come talk to me and Lt. Pendley asked who beat him. As I was advising the male to come talk to me he retreated back inside the house shut the door and locked it. I could hear him running through the house. We then heard Ofc. Evans yell hey stop and we began to run to Ofc. Evans aid who had the male subject on the ground who was identified as Chayce Stokes.

The male was then detained and handcuffed with hands behind his back. I then asked who was there with him and he advised nobody. Myself, Lt. Hovers, Lt. Pendley and Ofc. Evans began to clear the house for anyone who may have been remaining inside.

As we began to clear the residence, I heard Pfc. Tetsworth advised someone was approaching the house. I then asked the person if she lived at the residence and she advised yes. I then explained to the female what happened and why we were there. The female was identified as [WITNESS #7]. I then asked who all lived here and she advised her mom was in the hospital and that her mom’s boyfriend brought her home from work. [WITNESS #7] advised the house was rented by [REDACTED] (mom) and [REDACTED] (mom’s boyfriend) however [REDACTED] did not stay.

Floyd 911 advised there was another caller who was in the area who advised their vehicle got shot in the incident and they left. I tried calling the victim to that incident due to unable to leave the location and I had negative contact. I asked Floyd 911 to call the victim back but there were unsuccessful as well.

Myself and Lt. Pendley began discussing the incident and he advised he would go type up a search for the property, vehicle that Chayce returned in and the area around the house. The residence was secured and cleared while waiting for the search warrant to be signed.

I then spoke to a [WITNESS #3] in order to get his account of what he seen. [WITNESS #3] stated he first heard a shot coming from the yard of 530 2nd st since it is the closest to his bedroom window where he was. [WITNESS #3] advised he then got up saw the blasts from a weapon from the other side of a truck and then the got ran and got into the truck and left.

I asked if he could identify anybody and he advised no. [WITNESS #3] stated he saw the guy a couple times before and that whoever was in the truck parked there earleir in the day. [WITNESS #3] advised the vehicle returned around dinner time he saw a male and another male he believed was Chayce got out of the vehicle and went walking toward the residence. [WITNESS #3] advised the male has been there probably 3 times over the last couple of weeks.

I then spoke to [WITNESS #7] if she knew [WITNESS #4]’s full name and date of birth and I had Floyd 911 check her for possible address and phone number. I then got [WITNESS #4]’s number from [WITNESS #7] and started to call her.

I then contacted [WITNESS #4] via telephone call and asked if she could tell me what happened. [WITNESS #4] advised someone shot at the house and then stated she did not know. I then asked who all was at the house when the shooting happened and she advised her, Chayce and Ashton. I asked what Ashton’s last name was and she advised Duvall. I asked if she knew who drove the silver truck and she said she was not sure.

I then asked [WITNESS #4] if she has ever seen Chayce with a firearm recently and she advised no that it has been years ago. I then asked where everyone was at when the shooting started and she advised they were in the bedroom. I then asked if she ever came outside during the shooting and she advised no.

(My body camera died shortly after talking to [WITNESS #4] while waiting on search warrant to be signed.

Once the search warrant was signed, we began searching the residence for missing firearm, bullets and magazines. As we searched the room we saw Chayce in that his sister [WITNESS #7] advised was his room. We discovered 3 boxes of ammo that match the spent casing I collected as well as the spent casings in the house. We also discovered a 30 round Glock magazine on the bed in which Chayce was observed laying on. We also observed several alcoholic beverages in Chayce’s room (pink whitney, fireball, michelobe ultra). We continued to search the house and then searched the Ford mustang.

Once completed Chayce was advised he was under arrest for obstructing law enforcement and underage possession of alcohol. He was placed in the backseat of patrol car 42 and transported to the Floyd County Jail. Once at the Jail and I removed Chayce from the patrol car I observed that he managed to undo one of the handcuffs. No further incident was observed.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #4 on December 02, 2022]

ON 12-2-22 I officer Evans backed up PFC McMeekin and PFC Tetsworth to a shots fired call located on Second Street in Shannon. When I arrived I saw PFC McMeekin standing in front of 530 Second Street talking to a few complainants. I went and I talked to the residents of [500 BLOCK] Second Street [VICTIM #2], [REDACTED] and [VICTIM #1]. They showed me a bullet hole in the window, the front door and a window frame outside of the house. After further investigation I concluded that it was all one bullet hole. The Bullet struck the living room window it went through the glass, the curtains, the front door before coming to rest above the AC unit striking the window frame. We later found two bullet holes in the white dodge belonging to [VICTIM #2].

On the date listed above I Officer Evans was out with PFC McMEEKIN, PFC Tetsworth, Lt. Pendley and Lt. Hovers at 530 second street in regards to a follow up for a shooting that had taken place earlier. I arrived after the other officers and I met them around the back of the residence. They told me that they say someone in there and they will not come out side. I went around to the front of the house and I watched the front while everyone else watched the back.

I few moments after Lt. Hovers arrived I saw someone looking out the front door then they quickly moved away once they saw me. I then went up to the front door and I knocked a couple time and I looked through the window. PFC Tetsworth then stepped on the front porch and he stood behind me. I told him that I can see blood on the floor and I could see some heading toward the room to the right.

A few moments after stepping off the porch I saw the same person quickly open the front door and began to run out of the house. I told him to show me his hands while I pointed my department issued handgun at the assailant. He did not comply. He paused for a split moment after my command before he ran and jumped off the porch. I then stepped to my left and I wrapped my arms around him and I tackled him to the ground. That is when the other officer arrived to my assistance and we placed him in handcuffs. He later Identified as Chayce Stokes.

After placing him in handcuffs we cleared the residence for more people.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #5 on December 03, 2022]

On the above date and time, I Pfc. McMeekin responded to the address of [500 BLOCK] 2nd St in Shannon in regards to bullet holes in the house due to the shooting that happened during the night.

Upon my arrival I met with [VICTIM #3] who advised when she came outside her residence she noticed that there was 2 bullets on the front side of her house parallel to where she normally sits on the couch. I advised [VICTIM #3] of the on-going investigation and that I would add to the report of the incident at her home. I advised her she could obtain a copy from the Floyd County Police Department in 3-5 days.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #6 on December 03, 2022]

On the above date and time, I Pfc. McMeekin was requested by investigations to come and transport a Ashton Duvall that they had obtained a warrant for. Once on-scene, I spoke to Captain Robinson and then placed Duvall in the backseat of patrol car 93. I then continued to talk to Captain Robinson as he provided me with more information about the case that he was told throughout the day. I then transported Ashton Duvall to the Floyd County Jail without incident applied additional charges.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #7 on December 03, 2022]

On 12/3/2022 I received some information pertinent to the above case. I was advised to meet with [WITNESS #8] at Oaknoll Cemetery regarding information he wanted to pass along concerning the shooting in Shannon Village.

Upon arrival I met with [WITNESS #8] who stated he had gotten a call from [VICTIM #4] who stated he grandson was involved in the incident in Shannon Village. [WITNESS #8] stated [VICTIM #4] owns the hair salon on Calhoun Ave in the city near Holsten Gas. [WITNESS #8] advised he would call her and let her talk to me about what she knew.

I spoke to [VICTIM #4] by phone who stated her grandson, (Ashton Duvall) came home at approximately 2315 hours, she stated he had called her upset. [VICTIM #4] stated he had been driving her pick up truck, she stated he went to his friend’s house. [VICTIM #4] advised Chayce Stokes is the friend, she stated they had been drinking and there was some type of altercation between them. [VICTIM #4] stated after the argument Ashton left the residence and slammed the front door. [VICTIM #4] advised it caused the glass to fall out of the door which made Chayce think Ashton had shot at him.

[VICTIM #4] advised Chayce got his Glock 9mm pistol and opened fire on Ashton while he was outside. [VICTIM #4] stated Ashton got his 9mm and returned fire on Chayce. [VICTIM #4] stated Ashton came home and called Chayce and was questioning him as to why he shot at him and that he almost killed him. [VICTIM #4] stated he told Chayce that he had shot several holes in her truck. [VICTIM #4] stated Chayce told Ashton he thought he had shot at him through the front door when he went outside. [VICTIM #4] stated Ashton told Chayce that he had not shot at him and that the glassed had bust out of the door when he slammed it.

[VICTIM #4] stated Chayce’s sister had called him asking what Chayce was on and she was told he had been drinking liquor, using cocaine, and took a klonopin. [VICTIM #4] advised she owns a 2009 Silver Dodge Ram pick up truck. [VICTIM #4] advised the truck had bullet holes in it, she stated it had 3 in the tailgate, 4 on the passenger side, and the passenger side window was busted out. [VICTIM #4] advised the vehicle had approximately 9 holes in it.

[VICTIM #4] advised Chayce had gone to jail last night after the incident. [VICTIM #4] stated Ashton was at her residence along with the truck. [VICTIM #4] advised Ashton has a short rifle style weapon that he used in the shooting last night. [VICTIM #4] advised she locked it in her safe in her residence. [VICTIM #4] advised she lives at [200 BLOCK] Northwood Drive off Calhoun Ave near where he hair salon is. I gathered both [VICTIM #4]’s and Ashton’s information.

I was able to pass the information along to Captain Robinson, Lt. Hovers and PFC McMeekin in reference to this case. I did a drive by of the residence on Northwood Drive and was able to see a Silver Dodge Ram sitting next to the curb and it appeared the rear window was broken out of the vehicle. Audio and video were used in car 016 during the interview with [VICTIM #4].

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #8 on December 05, 2022]

On December 5, 2022, members of the Floyd County Police Department executed an arrest warrant at [90 BLOCK] Northridge Ct for Chayce Stokes. Probable cause was found to obtain a search warrant. Drugs, packaging material, digital scale, cash, pills and ammunition were found. Thomas Hunter Stokes and Chayce Leee Stokes were charged.

[End of Narrative]