Perry Ware

Ware, Perry Allen

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On January 6th 2023 approximately 2004 hours I PFC Stallings was dispatched to the area of S Broad St near Pollock St for a dark SUV that supposedly shooting out the window.

Upon arriving in the area a black Honda flagged me down. The driver stated that a male shot a gun at him and he could show me where he lived. I followed the male to [900 BLOCK] A S Broad St Rome Ga 30161.

Upon arriving at the location I made contact with Perry Ware. Mr Ware stated that he was going to East Rome to collect some cans. He stated he saw a male that had given his girlfriend a ride. He stated the male jumped out his car and attempting to fight him. Mr Ware stated that he jumped on his bike and tried to make it home. He stated he was able to make to some bushes close to his home.

Mr Ware stated he hid in the bushes until it was safe to come out. He stated he made it home and gathered his shotgun. Mr Ware stated while he was standing on his porch he noticed the male coming back down the road. He stated as the vehicle approached his house he fired a round off in the air as a warning. I asked Mr Ware about the shotgun location. He stated it was in the house somewhere.

PFC Kent arrived and spoke with the other party to the incident [VICTIM #1]. Mr [VICTIM #1] advised PFC Kent that he and Mr Ware had an altercation because he gave a woman a ride that Mr Ware was supposedly dating. Mr [VICTIM #1] stated the incident rose to the level of shots being fired. Once Mr [VICTIM #1] figured out that Mr Ware could possible go to jail he stated I do not want him arrested nor do I want press charges.

I then placed Mr Ware under arrest for discharging a firearm within the city limits/near a public roadway and reckless conduct. While searching Mr Ware he advised he wanted his keys locked inside his home. PFC Kent locked the keys inside his house. As PFC Kent was stepping off the porch he noticed a red 410 shotgun shell laying on the ground. PFC Kent turned the shell over to me to be placed into evidence.

[End of Narrative]