Sarah Woodcum

Woodcum, Sarah Ruth

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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On Tuesday January 10, 2023 at approximately 1952 hours, I was dispatched to the apartments located at [300 BLOCK] S Broad St Rome, GA 30161 for a suspicious female. The complainant, [WITNESS #1], had called in saying her neighbor who lives in apartment [REDACTED], was urinating in the hallway and that [WITNESS #1]’s son was the one who witnessed this. The suspect was said to be a white female with blonde hair.

Upon arrival I made contact with the suspect and she was identified by her drivers license as Sarah Woodcum. Sarah was standing in the hallway which is a public area where residents have to walk through to get into their apartments. I noticed Sarah’s pants were unbuttoned at the top and the zipper was in the down position. She also appeared to be under the influence of alcohol with the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage coming from her. I told Sarah why I was there and asked if she had urinated in the hallway, to which she denied the accusation. I did notice a small wet spot on the concrete in front of apartment [REDACTED], but could not verify what that liquid was.

After speaking with Sarah, I then returned to my patrol car and called [WITNESS #1]. [WITNESS #1] said her 14 year old son, [REDACTED BY AGENCY], was taking out the trash and when he stepped out of the apartment, he saw Sarah with her pants down around her legs and was exposing her butt. When [REDACTED BY AGENCY] went back inside, he told [WITNESS #1] and she then called 911.

[WITNESS #1] said she also has a ring camera on the front of her door which showed Sarah with her pants down. [WITNESS #1] showed me the video which took place around 1949 hours tonight. For several minutes, Sarah is seen sitting down on a chair in the hallway and walking around with her pants down around her legs. She looked to be hanging out with another male who was not identified. [WITNESS #1] said she would send me the video footage to be uploaded into evidence.

I then returned to Sarah’s apartment and asked her if at any point she was walking around with her pants down in the hallway, but she continued to deny it. At that point I placed her in handcuffs, checked for fit and double locked, and advised her she was under arrest. We tried asking her if she wanted us to grab her apartment keys and secure her door, but she was less than cooperative and refused our assistance.

Sarah was escorted to my patrol car where she was searched and then placed in the backseat. I transported Sarah to the Floyd County Jail where she was booked in.

[End of Narrative]