Agustin Leguizamon

Leguizamon, Agustin

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On August 8, 2022 Officer C. Walker Badge #181 and I, Michael Lane, Responded to a problem person at 100 Cloister Drive. While en route to the call we were re-routed to 1 Sea Island Road (Sea Island Main Gate). When we arrived on the scene we made contact with Sea Island Security and the subject, who was identified as Agustin Leguizamon.

Upon our contact Mr. Leguizamon ran behind shrub and then came back around to the gate. I tried to ask Mr. Leguizamon to come over and speak with me but he wouldn’t. Officer Walker pulled the car up to park and Mr. Leguizamon started hitting the hood of the patrol car with a clip board.

I tried to grab and seize Mr. Leguizamon but he ran around to the passenger side of the car toward the trunk. I went around the driver side toward the trunk of the car to again try to grab and seize Mr. Leguizamon. Mr. Leguizamon then turned around and ran back toward the hood of the car and down a narrow street. I pursued Mr. Leguizamon down the narrow street on foot and when he appeared to slip. As Mr. Leguizamon slipped I caught up to him, wrapped my arms around his waist, and drug him to the ground.

When I got Mr. Leguizamon to the ground he continued to physically resist me by trying to crawl away and pushing me off in an attempt to stand up as I attempted to place him in handcuffs for investigative detention. I got Mr. Leguizamon into handcuffs and attempted to have him sit up but Mr. Leguizamon continued to physically resist my efforts by kicking with his legs and pushing us both to the ground He also attempted to stand up and run away.

Once I got Mr. Leguizamon back onto the ground and had control of his movements I checked the tightness of the handcuffs and double locked them. Aftersecuring the handcuffs, I held Mr. Leguizamon up and tried to control his movements while Officer Walker tried to find out what all took place before our arrival.

During the wait for Officer Walker’s investigation and the arrival of EMS Mr. Leguizamon continued to try to stand up and run away as well as use his legs to push him and myself over. Upon the arrival of EMS, Officer J. Williams Badge #126 and myself attempted to put Mr. Leguizamon in the back seat of the squad car.

Mr. Leguizamon resisted being placed into the car and used his legs to push against the door frame to push away from the car. Mr. Leguizamon also used his legs to kick the door open and continued to block the closing of the door with his leg. After we were able to secure Mr. Leguizamon in the back seat EMS decided because of his behavior it was unsafe to examine him on scene.

Once Officer Walker returned from speaking with the Sea Island Security Staff he advised that Mr. Leguizamon would be arrested for criminal trespass at that time. We then got into the car and took Mr. Leguizamon to the hospital for medical clearance. After receiving medical clearance Mr. Leguizamon was transported and booked into the Glynn County Detention Center.

Mr. Leguizamon was charged with Simple Battery, Criminal Trespass, and Disorderly Conduct as referenced by Officer Walker’s supplement report. (Supplement #2)

[End Of Narrative]