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Avanti McWilliams

McWilliams, Avanti

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers, discretion is advised.]

On May 9th, 2022, at approximately 2:53 pm, I responded to [1000 BLOCK] Old Jesup Rd Lot[REDACTED], in reference to a problem person/animal welfare call. While en route dispatched advised me that people on scene are having a verbal altercation.

Upon my arrival, I saw a group of people standing in front of lot [REDACTED] arguing with each other. I was able to get both parties to calm down and then I spoke with [WITNESS #1] who’s the manager of the property. [WITNESS #1] stated the people who stay at [REDACTED] had 6 dogs inside their trailer and abandoned them there. [WITNESS #1] stated that several of the dogs have died and the neighborhood reeks of the smell. I did observe a strong order coming from the address of [REDACTED]. [WITNESS #1] stated that due to the smell coming from inside the trailer two individuals ([WITNESS #2] and [WITNESS #3]) entered the trailer to check on the animal’s welfare. After speaking with [WITNESS #1], I spoke with Avanti McWilliams.

Avanti stated that they’re in the process of moving. Avanti stated they come to the house every day to feed the dogs. Avanti stated the smell of the dead dogs are because the dogs passed away outside. Avanti did admit that one dog did also pass inside the home as well. I asked her when did the dog pass and she believes it passed on Saturday. Avanti stated they normally come and feed the dogs everyday but due to her grandmother passing she couldn’t get over to the house. Avanti explained her house has a hole in the floor due to the landlord not fixing it. Avanti said her dogs escaped and had puppies under the house and they are not able to get all of them. I asked Avanti how many dogs they have, and she stated 5 but they’re not sure how many are under the house. I contacted Animal Control and requested an officer come out to this address due to the animals that passed away.

Next, I spoke with [WITNESS #2] and [WITNESS #3] to see why they went inside the home. [WITNESS #3] stated, “The smell of death was permanenting the street for a week”. [WITNESS #3] stated he heard about 6-7 dogs inside the home yelping. [WITNESS #3] stated he checked the back door and noticed that it was unlocked, then him an [WITNESS #2] went inside the home. [WITNESS #3] said when he entered the home, the smell was even stronger. He observed pee and poop all over the floor. [WITNESS #3] stated that he observed a dead dog in the house by the front door. [WITNESS #3] then put all the dogs inside the cage and brought them out of the house. According to [WITNESS #3], once he gave the dogs water, they quit yelping. [WITNESS #3] stated the only reason he entered the house was because he was worried for the dog’s safety. [WITNESS #3] also mentioned that there were two dead puppies around the back of the home. After I finishes speaking with [WITNESS #3], I spoke with [WITNESS #2].

[WITNESS #2] stated when he came home, he saw puppies running around the house of [REDACTED]. [WITNESS #2] said he called animal control, so the puppies won’t get hit by a car, but they didn’t come. [WITNESS #2] stated he attempted to grab the puppies to put them in a box, but they ran underneath the house. [WITNESS #2] said he thought the dogs got inside the home, so [WITNESS #3] opened the backdoor to check. When they entered the house, it reeked of death. They observed a dead dog inside the home. [WITNESS #2] stated they then got all the dogs out and gave them food and water.

I asked Officer Fair if he could look at the back of the house for me and he responded yes. Ofc. Fair told me that he observed 2 dogs remains on the left corner of the house. Ofc. Fair advised me that the dogs have been dead for a while. I then asked Officer Fair if he could check the house inside to see if there was a dead animal in there as well. He observed another deceased animal that was in the kitchen, that was covered in flies and maggots, it looked to have been there for more than a week.

I went back and spoke with Avanti and asked her if the dogs were her responsibility to take care of. Avanti responded that the dogs were her responsibility. I asked her how often she checks on the dogs, and she responded every night. I then asked her why 3 dead dogs were there. Avanti responded that one of the dogs that they have is a stray dog. The stray dog had puppies underneath the house, and they cannot get to them unless they walk from underneath the house.

Once animal control arrived, they collected three puppies and the one dead dog that was inside the home. I went over to Avanti and asked her once again if the dogs were her responsibility and she responded yes. I asked Avanti was there anyone that could come and pick up her other two siblings as well as her child. She responded that the only person that could pick them up was her mom but she’s at work. I explained to Avanti that I will be issuing a warrant for her arrest for Cruelty to Animals and that I am not taking her in now due to no one being able to pick up the kids. I instructed her how to turn herself in and she agreed that she would.

[End Of Narrative]