Dierdre Mann

Mann, Dierdre Renee

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Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on September 06, 2022]

On Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 at approximately 0007hrs, I responded to the area of Albany & Mansfield Street in reference to a Stabbing. We were advised by dispatch that a black female, running around in a bra, just stabbed her boyfriend near the area of [SINGLE DIGIT BLOCK] Glynn Villa. The female was identified as Diedre Mann by Sgt. Sparks #488.

I arrived in the area and was advised by dispatch that the female was last seen running through Glynn Villa towards Albany Street near Glynn Academy. I BOLO’d the area and observed a black female in a pink bra and dark colored pants. She was walking north across Albany Street towards the high school. I observed her throw a pink shirt and brown jacket down in the grass. I drove across the grassy median to make contact.

The female saw my vehicle and ran on foot, south on Albany Street towards George Street. I advised dispatch that I was in a foot pursuit. I gave the female commands to get on the ground. The female lost her balance and fell to the ground where she was secured in hand restraints. Due to her allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, she was searched incident to arrest with negative contact for weapons.

She was secured in the rear of my vehicle where she was read her Miranda Rights. She agreed to speak with officers. She confirmed that she was Diedre Mann. When asked what happened, she stated that her and her boyfriend, [VICTIM #1], were at [SINGLE DIGIT BLOCK] Glynn Villa. She stated that she wanted him to take her to her residence on Johnston Street. She stated that the male got upset with her because he didn’t want to go but rather go with his friends and smoke “molly.” She stated that when the male got mad, he slapped her in the face on the left side. She stated that she took a knife that she had and stabbed him in the chest.

She stated that afterwards, she ran away from him trying to get away. When asked where the knife was located, she stated that she threw it somewhere in Glynn Villa. She stated that he was trying to kill her, by slapping and choking her. She stated that [VICTIM #1] and his family would try and lie about her to make her seem like the bad guy.

She was transported to Sgt. Sparks location at MLK and George Street where custody was transferred to Sgt. Sparks. Mann would later be charged by Sgt. Sparks. My body camera was activate and recording and has been uploaded to Evidence.com under case number 22S016486.

[End Of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on September 06, 2022]

On the above date and time, I was dispatched to George St at Martin Luther King Jr in reference to a male that was cut with a box cutter and bit by a female.

While in route Officers were advised by dispatch that the female left the scene and was running toward Glynnvilla Apts with no shirt, but still had on a black bra.

GCSO Deputy Mydell went to located the female and I went to the male who was cut.

When I arrived, I spoke with the victim, [VICTIM #1], Mr. [VICTIM #1] showed me a laceration that was on the left side of his chest and a bite mark on his right arm. Mr. [VICTIM #1] advised me that Diedre Mann was the one who attacked him. The laceration was bleeding but did not require any stitches and the bite mark was not bleed, but skin was pulled back on the wound.

I spoke to a witness that was on scene, Mrs. [WITNESS #1] and she stated that Miss. Mann did in fact attack Mr. [VICTIM #1] with a box cutter and was pulling him by his pants trying to get him to go to [1600 BLOCK] Johnston St with her.

GCSO Mydell located Diedre Mann and she was placed under arrest for Aggravated Assault and Battery, both charges fall under Family Violence Act due to Mr. [VICTIM #1] and Miss. Mann having lived together. I will be applying for warrants on Miss. Mann.

Miss. Mann was turned over to my custody so I could transport her and she began asking why she was being placed under arrest. I advised her of the warrants I was applying for and why. Miss. Mann stated she did not mean to cut him because she loves him, Miss. Mann then stated she ran from the scene because she believed Mrs. [WITNESS #1] was going to attack her.

After I transported Miss. Mann to the Glynn County jail I was advised that Mrs. [WITNESS #1] needed me to come over to her residence due to her locating the box cutters. Mrs. [WITNESS #1] stated she was driving on Martin Luther King Jr and ran them over, she said when she got out she seen that it was the box cutters Miss. Mann had. I placed the box cutters into evidence.

[End Of Narrative]