James Hagemeyer

Hagemeyer, James Roy

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 06/18/2022, around 2205 hours, at [100 BLOCK] McDowell Ave, I made contact with James Hagemeyer, in reference to an assault.

James said he was coming home from the gas station, Solar (Altama Ave & Shangri La Ave). He said he stopped at the intersection of Shangri La Ave and Hornet Dr. He said he was getting ready to make a right turn onto Hornet Dr from Shangri La Ave, when a black male wearing a white shirt, possibly in his 40’s out of nowhere came up to his vehicle with a gun and told him to get out. James said he got out and the male had him at gun point, telling him to give him his money. He said he told the male he didn’t have any money.

James said the male then pistol whipped him on the left side of his temple, leaving a laceration. He said he then was able to grab the gun and just took a shot blindly. James said he immediately got in his car and went towards [100 BLOCK] McDowell Ave. He said he took a left onto Yorktown Dr, and ditched the gun in a gutter. He said he then came home. He said when he arrived home, his aunt and uncle had asked what happened due to the mark and he told them he was assaulted. He said he didn’t want us to be called but, his uncle insisted. James said he did not need medical services.

James could not provide a better description of the male. He said he was still in his car when he threw the gun in the gutter. He said there are two gutters on Yorktown Dr, between McDowell Ave and Hornet Dr. James said he knows this because that is where he throws his empty beer cans out on the way home because his aunt and uncle only allow him to drink 6 beers. He said he is an [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. James said he typically has a beer on his way home. I then asked if he had a beer on his way home from the incident and he said yes. I reiterated his story back to him and clarified a few things.

I asked James what side were the gutters on and he said there are at least two but, on different sides. I then asked which side did he throw the gun out at and he said the right side, passenger side. I asked which hand he threw it out with because he said he was drinking a beer on his way home. He said he threw it out with his left at first then I had said well, that seems kind of hard to throw a gun out of the window, make it in a gutter, while drinking a beer with your right hand, and throwing the gun out with your left hand. James said he threw the gun out with his right hand and the beer was sitting in between his legs.

Earlier in James’ statement, he had said he took a shot blindly but, when I reiterated it to him, he said he didn’t shoot, that his uncle misunderstood him. However, later on when I had Officer Monks #223 look for the black Glock, that James described, he also told Officer Jackson #227 that there should be casings. Officer Jackson #227 told me there was no evidence of a shooting and Officer Monks #223 told me there was no gun found. James said he knew we weren’t going to catch the guy because he didn’t have enough information and he didn’t care to pursue any charges.

When I first approached James, I could smell the odor of alcohol. I saw him swaying and stumbling while we were talking. When I went by his vehicle to verify the tag, his front passenger door was open and I could smell the odor of alcohol. I also saw 4 large empty beer cans and 2 smaller empty beer cans (Icehouse), laying on the front passenger and rear passenger floor (right side). I then asked for a license. James had given it to me and said he knows his license is suspended and that’s why he did not want us to come.

I then verified his credentials and it did come back suspended. I also verified his tag and it came back with suspended registration. With my observations of, James and his vehicle having the odor of alcohol, him swaying and stumbling, and his own admission to drinking a beer on his way home within the last approximately hour, led me to believe James was impaired. I then requested Officer Cummings #206 to respond to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

Officer Cummings #206 arrived and conducted his tests. He then informed me that James was impaired and he agreed to breath. I then placed James under arrest for D.U.I., Suspended License and Suspended Registration. I then searched James and placed him in my car. I transported James to the Traffic Office so, he could give a sample of his breath. The result was 0.266. James was then transported to the jail where he was released to jail staff. Body camera video was uploaded to evidence.com.

Nothing further.