Jesse Roe

Roe, Jesse Dave

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 06/30/2022 I (Ofc. SHIPSKIE) received a call in reference to a possible child abuse a the LaQuinta located at 100 CAPITAL SQUARE DR. Dispatch advised that the caller had located a juvenile approximately [REDACTED BY AGENCY] years of age roaming the hallways unattended.

I arrived on scene with Sgt FERGUSON and made contact with the attending clerk and several patrons who had located the child.

The patrons said that they exited their room and had spotted the child walking in the hallway. They said the child walked into room [REDACTED] briefly and then walked back out, closing the door behind her. They took the juvenile, later identified as [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to the lobby in order to seek assistance from the front desk in locating the parents and awaited our arrival.

Sgt FERGUSON and I obtained a master key from the clerk and and attempted to make contact at room [REDACTED]. After knocking and announcing we opened the door and made entry to check on the welfare of any occupants. Inside the room appeared to be in a state of disarray and filth. Trash, food and beer bottles were scattered throughout the area and on one of the beds, lay a small baby, later identified as [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] is approximately [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and was asleep unattended as well.

After clearing the room and having no contact with parents we searched the room in an effort to try and locate something to help us identify them. I located a Florida ID bearing the name JESSE ROE. Several phones were also found in the room and one appeared unlocked. Due to the state of the room, the unattended children and the fact that typical people do not leave their phones and wallets when they leave raised our immediate concern for the welfare of the parents.

The phone was used to begin making phone calls to people in the “recent calls” list. Sgt FERGUSON was able to make contact with family members and began asking them about the parents of [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. Additional units arrived on scene and the search began. After a brief period Officer TERRY, who was with [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in room [REDACTED], advised that the parents had returned to the room.

Sgt FERGUSON and myself went upstairs to make contact with them ourselves. I picked up [REDACTED BY AGENCY] so we could unit the family together. However upon our arrival upstairs we made immediate contact with ROE who was clearly intoxicated and acting belligerent and argumentative. I went to make contact with the mother, identified as MICHELLE KALENDOWICZ. KALENDOWICZ had gone back into room [REDACTED] and closed the door while we attempted to deal with ROE. Moments afterwards KALENDOWICZ exited the room holding [REDACTED BY AGENCY] She then began screaming to give her ME back her child and attempted to snatch [REDACTED BY AGENCY] from me.

I did not want to harm [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in a struggle with KALENDOWICZ so I let her so but could clearly see that the two children were not safe with either parent due to their erratic behavior. I grabbed KALENDOWICZ by the wrist and began to get [REDACTED BY AGENCY] away from her and to the ground. I set [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to the side so she would not get hurt and KALENDOWICZ began to struggle with me as I told her to stop.

Soon after KALENDOWICZ sat down and I continued to try and gain control of her hands so she could be handcuffed and I again believed that the safety and welfare of the two children were not the top priority of their own parents and that the two needed to be detained to prevent any further conflict or possibility of injuring or endangering the kids.

KALENDOWICZ let go of [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and Sgt FERGUSON picked her up and removed her from KALENDOWICZ’s immediate area as we secured her into handcuffs. KALENDOWICZ advised that she was pregnant however given the situation I decided to continue to secure her in handcuffs until the scene was more secure. What I did not know was that ROE attempted to interject himself and reach me as I struggled with KALENDOWICZ but was stopped by other Officers and forced away.

After securing KALENDOWICZ I moved to secure ROE and separate the two. Due to ROE’s continued belligerence, I placed him in handcuffs and attempted to escort him to the elevator. ROE offered passive resistance and I had to assist him in walking forward. ROE was taken to Officer ROBERTS vehicle and secured in the back.

I returned upstairs to check on KALENDOWICZ and the two children. Officers were watching the two children as they played in the hallway. I sat down with KALENDOWICZ and asked her where ROE and her had gone that was more important than being with their two small children. KALENDOWICZ stated they had been downstairs briefly talking and hanging out. Shortly afterwards Sgt FERGUSON came to the room and advised me that he had discovered that the two had been at the pool singing karaoke and drinking with strangers since 2100 hours and not at one time; left to check on the sleeping children.

Attempts to call out DFACS were unsuccessful so ROE’s sister as well as his parents, identified as [REDACTED] & [REDACTED], were asked to come get the children. They arrived several hours later from out of town. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] as well as KALENDOWICZ’s and ROE’s belongings in the room were released to them.

A link to was sent to the LaQuinta staff email for the manager to upload footage of KALENDOWICZ and ROE’s movements while their children were alone in the room.

[End of Narrative]