Kelly Pruitt

Pruitt, Kelly Marie

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On October 24, 2021 at approximately 3:12pm, I responded to the area of Ergent Med Plus, Brunswick, GA regarding a call to service involving trespassing. The complainant, Ms. [VICTIM #1], called 911 to report a female in a yellow shirt walking into her residence, [200 BLOCK] Aubrey St.

Officers located a female wearing a yellowish t-shirt, ripped khaki pants, with long dirty blond hair in the Ergent Med Plus parking lot. The female, identified as Ms. Kelly Riddle (Pruitt), appeared to be intoxicated on a narcotic. She was laying on the ground, flailing, and had what seemed to be erratic speech patterns. She later claimed that she had been “shooting up” and pointed at her forearms which is a common location to inject narcotics.

While we were speaking to Riddle, she stood up, placed her hands on the ground, and began to kick both of her legs in the air backwards. She then attempted to undo her belt in what appeared to be an attempt to take her pants off. She was warned not to do this and immediately took off her shirt exposing her bare breasts. I grabbed Riddle’s arm and told her to put her shirt back on. Multiple officers attempted to assist me in getting Riddle dressed. She was moving a lot which made it increasingly difficult to put her shirt back on. Riddle was assisted to the ground so we could get her shirt back on.

Since Riddle appeared to be in mental crisis due to her stripping clothing, escalated speech and movement, and walking into a random house, I advised her that she was under arrest for public indecency. The complainant, Ms. [VICTIM #1], originally did not want to press charges. I placed her under arrest and in lieu of charges, requested that she be admitted to the hospital under a 1013 order. She was transported to the hospital by squad.

A short time later, Mr. [VICTIM #2] called and wished to pursue charges. I responded to [200 BLOCK] Aubrey St and made contact with him. He told me that Riddle walked into the house through the front door which was closed, but not locked. [VICTIM #1] attempted to push her outside, but Riddle pushed her back. Riddle began to yell about somebody was after her and they told her to leave. She did not leave immediately and was chased out by [VICTIM #2].

[VICTIM #2] had the incident filmed by the church’s security cameras. He showed me the footage. I observed a white female in a yellowish shirt run from the southeast portion of Glyndale Baptist Church. She ran to the front door. I observed the front door open and she walked in. A short time later, she ran out the front door.

Since Riddle remained on a premises in which she had no reason to be and physically walked through the threshold of a closed door to a private residence, I will request an arrest warrant against her for criminal trespass. I followed up at the hospital and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] I could not issue her a criminal trespass warning for [200 BLOCK] Aubrey St and Glyndale Baptist Church.

I sent an link to [VICTIM #2] so he can upload the security footage. I provided him with a case card for his records. My department-issued Axon body camera was activated during this incident and has been uploaded to Nothing further…

Ofc. M. Kanago, #185
Glynn County Police Department
Patrol Division