Kimberly Sikes

Sikes, Kimberly

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Theft By Deception – Misdemeanor

Theft By Deception – Misdemeanor

Theft By Deception – Misdemeanor

Theft By Receiving Stolen Property – Misdemeanor

Theft By Receiving Stolen Property – Misdemeanor

Theft By Receiving Stolen Property – Misdemeanor

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on August 04, 2021]

On 08/04/2021, I was dispatched to a call in reference to a burglary that had already occurred. Upon my arrival, I spoke to the victim, Mr. [VICTIM #1]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated when he went to his tool shed, located in the backyard he noticed several items missing from the tool shed. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated he believes it occurred either Sunday or Monday night. 08/01 or 08/02.

Mr. [VICTIM #1] and I walked to the backyard where the shed is located. Mr. [VICTIM #1] advised the front door to the shed was left unlocked. The gate on the fence in the backyard does not have a lock on it. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated he was missing a new back pack blower worth $500. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated he is also missing 3 Dewalt hand drills, black and yellow in color. He is also missing 3 battery chargers as well as 6 batteries.

Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated there was a canvas tool bag, containing hand tools. The bag was black in color. Mr. [VICTIM #1] could not elaborate on the tools located inside of the bag. There is also a missing red in color Tiller worth $700. I asked Mr. [VICTIM #1] if he had serial numbers for any of the items to which he stated yes. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated these were tools used for business and he has all the information. I gave Mr. [VICTIM #1] my email address to send the information. As of 08/05/2021, I have not received the information from Mr. [VICTIM #1].

Mr. [VICTIM #1] advised he may have known the offender. He advised a former employee. Kimberly Renee Sikes, has been known to steal things for her drug habit. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated Ms. Sikes does know where he lives and knows what is kept in the shed.

I attempted to obtain fingerprints from the front door but was not able to find any. I gave Ms [VICTIM #1] a case number. This ends my involvement at this time.

[End Of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on September 12, 2022]

On September 12 2022, I responded to [3700 BLOCK] Emanuel Ave in reference to a shoplifting call at AutoZone on Community Road.

On the above date and address I received a shoplifting call in at AutoZone on Community Road see case number 22BP21267, where the manager was able to get the tag number on the vehicle. After running the tag on the vehicle and asking County Units to go to the residence and try and find the male suspect, I received a call from the units to come identify the suspect.

I arrived on scene and observed the vehicle sitting in the driveway and a female later identified as Kimberly Sike’s speaking with County Officers. After confirming she lent the vehicle to the male I gathered her information and ran it through GCIC/NCIC through my Service channel.

After running Ms. Sikes I was informed she had the following warrants through Brunswick Police Department, Theft by Deception X3 Warrant numbers, 21-w01266, 21-w0127, 21-w01265, Theft by receiving stolen property X3 warrant numbers, 21-w01262, 21-w01263, 21-w01264.

Ms. Sikes was placed into handcuffs which were double locked and checked for tightness before being placed in the back of my patrol vehicle and transported to the Glynn County Detention Center.

While at the CDC I served the above warrants before turning Ms. Sikes over for further processing. An NCIC removal form was completed.

[End Of Narrative]