Makayla Jackson

Jackson, Makayla Chyanne

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[NARRATIVE #1 On August 16, 2022]

On the above date I responded to 718 Glynn Isles, Buffalo Wild Wings, in reference to an assault that just occurred. When I arrived I was advised by the complainant/victim, Ms. [VICTIM #1], that the offenders had just left the scene in a silver Chevrolet Impala.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] said that her sister, Ms. Hailey Hill, and her sister’s girlfriend, Ms. Makayla Jackson, were the offenders. She said that her and her sister had argued in the past and fought before in the past. She was under the impression that her sister had moved to Orlando. She was sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot on a break from work when she observed the silver Impala pull behind her vehicle but did not pull into a parking space. They honked the horn a couple times and then exited their vehicle and approached hers. She said this is when her sister, Ms. Hailey, poured a drink on her. At this time both Ms. Hailey and Ms. Jackson began taking turns hitting Ms. [VICTIM #1]. One would hold her down while the other punched her.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] suffered a black eye as well as numerous scratch marks on her face from the altercation. This incident was also witnessed by two concerned citizens who was able to tell me the same description of the incident as Ms. [VICTIM #1]. While I was on scene speaking with Ms. [VICTIM #1] her mother arrived on scene and was very upset about the situation between the two sisters. She stated that they probably went to Camila Apartments. She then left to attempt to locate the sister and the girlfriend but then returned a short time later. Ms. Hailey’s mother arrived on scene telling me to take her daughter and her daughter’s girlfriend to jail.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] was advised that I would be applying for a warrant for both Ms. Hailey and Ms. Makayla.

[End Of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 On August 17, 2022]

On the morning of 08/17/2022 Warrants were signed for Battery for Ms. Hailey Hill and Ms. Makayla Jackson.

A call was made by the victim in this case later in the day stating that the two females had came to her house and was now following her in a vehicle around the city. Brunswick Patrol Officers were able to locate the two offenders in a silver Chevrolet Impala. A traffic stop was conducted and both females were arrested without further incident.

I arrived on scene with the warrants. At this time I was advised that a firearm was located inside the vehicle. A Taurus Arms G2C 9mm handgun [SO#ACJ270160] was placed into an evidence bag. Contact was made with Ms. [VICTIM #1] who stated that they possibly had her firearm inside of the vehicle. She was advised that she would need to retrieve the serial number to prove ownership at which time the firearm will be released to her. The firearm will be placed into evidence for safe keeping until then. Both Makayla and Hailey stated the firearm did not belong to them.

I transported Ms. Jackson and Ms. Hill to CDC where each of their warrants were served. GCIC/NCIC removal will be completed for both warrants.

[End Of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 On August 17, 2022]

On 08/17/2022 I spoke to Ms. [VICTIM #1] in reference to the firearm that she had previously spoke to me about that was found inside of the vehicle. Ms. [VICTIM #1] gave me the correct Serial Number. The firearm was returned to Ms. [VICTIM #1]. Property receipt completed and signed. Nothing further.

[End Of Narrative]