Marvin Hernandez-Vasquez

Hernandez-Vasquez, Marvin Noe

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On 02 September 2022, I Ofc. Thomas Owens #158, was patrolling near the east side of Glynn Place Mall and Altama Connector area. While in the area, Ofc. Mitchell radioed me advising he observed a group of individuals doing donuts and driving reckless on the other side of the mall near Planet Fitness.

I responded to the area, utilizing the service road that circles the perimeter of the mall. Once I arrived to the side of the mall, I observed a large plume of white smoke in the middle of the parking lot. Near the smoke, I observed several individuals standing close by appearing to be videoing a blue Ford Mustang that was doing donuts.

As I moved closer, I could see the Mustang driving in quick circles, with Smoking coming from the rear tires. The area where the mustang was doing the donuts was in close proximity to other vehicles, fixed structures, and pedestrians in the parking lot.

Eventually the pedestrians who were filming saw me and began to run away. The driver of the mustang also saw me and began to attempt to flee the parking lot. I activated my emergency equipment (lights and sirens) in began pursue the vehicle as it attempted to quickly leave the parking lot. Ofc. Mitchell was close by and we were quickly able to stop the vehicle before it could enter surface streets and continue to flee.

With the vehicle stopped, I drew my department issued side arm and gave the driver loud commands to show me his hands. The driver complied and he was escorted from the vehicle and placed in handcuffs. The driver was identified as Marvin Hernandez Vasquez. Marvin was advised he was under arrest for Reckless Driving and Laying Drag.

Marvin was cooperative with officers while on scene and did not have a preference in wrecker services. Marvin’s vehicle was also equipped with after market LED lights that lined the bottom of his vehicle. The lights quickly changed to a different color after a few seconds to include blue.

Marvin was charged with Reckless Driving, Laying Drag, and Blue Light Violation. A citation was issued for each offense and he was released to jail staff at Glynn County Detention Center. Ofc. Mitchell stayed on scene and released the vehicle to T&E Wrecker Service.

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