Michael Holland

Holland, Michael

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 11/3/2021 while on duty at approximately 21:12 hours I responded to [SINGLE DIGIT BLOCK] Atlantic Ave in reference to a shooting. While en route, dispatch told me there were several calls about the gun shots.

Upon my arrival, I met with the mother who was very mad. The mother of the caller/victim was stating its the boys her daughters were hanging out with. I spoke to the 2 daughters Ashonda Bacon and Melysha Williams. I also spoke with Mr. [VICTIM #1].

Ashonda reported she was in the car with Michael Holland and her sister Melysha. Michael is Melysha’s boyfriend. Ashonda stated they were just riding around and her friend [VICTIM #1] came over so she told them to drop her off back at home. Melysha stayed in the car with Michael. Ashonda stated after a little while Michael and Jaden came back and shot at her and [VICTIM #1]. About 5-7 shots.

Ashonda stated Jaden Darby was the shooter. Jaden is her ex-boyfriend. I asked Ashonda why would he want to shoot her and she stated because of some social media drama. Ashonda stated she commented on one of the photos or videos of them holding up guns stating “yall really out here trying to shoot a whole female”.

When I spoke to Melysha, she told me that Ashonda was leaving out a big part of the story. Melysha reported that yesterday, her and Ashonda were on the north end of town when Jaden set them up to get “jumped” (attacked) by other females. Melysha stated while they were driving, other females came up to Ashonda’s car and attempted to snatch them out of the vehicle but they sped off. Melysha reported Ashonda told Jaden that she was getting her cousins “BlackSheep” and “DJ” out of Darien to kill him because of that. Melysha stated Jaden asked why? he did not have them setup to get attacked yesterday. Melysha believes he did.

Melysha stated Ashonda told her cousin to come shoot “Jay Money” (Jaden) because he tried to set them up yesterday. It is unclear if she actually messaged him though. Melysha stated she just hears her talking about it. Melysha also stated Ashonda told Jaden and the other boys “My cousin coming down here and they gonna touch yall boys”.

There was two different shooting incidents within a 10 minute time frame. [VICTIM #1] was shot at 1 time (1 bullet) while coming to hang out with Ashonda and then 10 minutes after that, they were shot at in front of Ashonda’s house where there was about 6-7 shots that were shot. Melysha stated Michael (her boyfriend) shot the first round at [VICTIM #1]. She was in the car with him in the back seat while the driver was [REDACTED]. Melysha stated Michael thought [VICTIM #1] was Ashonda’s cousins that came here to shoot them, that’s why he took a shot at him. The bullet did miss.

Melysha stated after that incident, they went to Jaden’s residence to switch cars and get more guns. The car they were in was a red in color Nissan possibly. The vehicle they switched to at Jaden’s residence was a gray or silver (possibly) Toyota Corolla. She was not sure on Manufacturer. They then came back to Atlantic Ave, dropped Melysha off across the street and began shooting at Ashonda and [VICTIM #1] as they drove off. It was believed to be Jaden who did the shooting when they came back. It appeared that Melysha was aware of what was going on the entire time, but did not warn anyone or call 911.

When I spoke to [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #1] stated he was un aware that he was even shot at the first time (when he was in his car). [VICTIM #1] stated he thought he heard a gunshot so he turned his music down but didn’t hear anything else after that so he did not think anything of it.

He proceeded to Ashonda’s house to hang out with her. While at Ashonda’s house, maybe 10 minutes later, a gray (possibly) Toyota Corolla drove by and shot at them about 7 times. [VICTIM #1] stated at least 5 shots no more then 7. [VICTIM #1] did not really understand what was going on, he was just there to hang out with Ashonda and got caught in the middle of everything and being confused as the cousin that Ashonda stated she would call on them.

I did see a bullet hole in the back of the residence that went through the back room in the corner of the room and struck the back wall by the closet. Sgt. Nohilly was on scene with me assisting with finding the shell casings on the road while I interviewed victims. Sgt. Nohilly found 6 shell casings. CID came out and took over the scene at this point. My axon body camera was on and recording during my encounter and is to be uploaded to Evidence.com.