Nanatte Zepeda-Garcia

Zepeda-Garcia, Nanatte Zalinea Leilani

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On August 10th 2022 at about 7:16 PM, I responded to Academy Sports, located at 10400 Canal Crossing regarding a shoplifting which just occurred. The description of the already departed offender vehicle was a red Chevy Camaro bearing a Georgia registration of [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. The white male suspect was said to have been wearing white shirt with black pants.

While responding to the store, Officer deBruijn #221 advised she had spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop at 6428 GA 27. Shortly after the stop, Officer deBruijn advised me the suspect admitted to taking shoes from Academy Sports. The shoes and slicks were recovered from the vehicle. The property was valued at about $200 and consisted of white Nike shoes, black Puma shoes and black Puma slicks.

I arrived at the store and spoke with Manager [WITNESS #1]. He said he wished to prosecute the offender(s). The theft was captured on video surveillance. I observed the male push a cart with items in it out to a waiting red Chevy Camaro. The male subject grabbed the items out of the cart and entered into the rear back passenger seat of the vehicle. The vehicle then sped off out of the parking lot. Video surveillance of the parking lot showed the red Chevy Camaro moving around from parking spot to parking spot while the male was inside the business. This behavior is often observed with subjects waiting for an offender to come out of the store and leave in a hurry.

I was advised by Officer deBruin that during the investigation of the three occupants of the vehicle, all three had conspired to come from Brantley County to steal items from Brunswick businesses so they could trade the stolen property for drugs. It was also advised the male subject, identified as Shawn Perkins, was driving at the time the vehicle was stopped. The female in the front passenger seat was identified as Mea Allen. The female who had been driving at the time of the shoplifting was identified as Nannette Zepeda-Garcia.

During the investigation, the male also admitted he had shoplifted from Home Depot right before proceeding to Academy Sports.

Based on the suspect statements and video of the shoplifting, all three subjects were arrested for Theft by shoplifting.

Manager [WITNESS #1] completed the Glynn County Police Theft by Shoplifting

Forms for all three suspects and advised he would seek the warrants against the three offenders. [WITNESS #1] also signed a Glynn County Police Receipt for Property and was returned the stolen merchandise.

The three offenders were transported to the Glynn County Detention Center for processing. The vehicle was removed from the scene by Tiger Towing. A Glynn County Police Impoundment and Inventory Record was completed.

[WITNESS #1] was provided with the incident case number for his records.

[End Of Narrative]