Rashad Grant

Grant, Rashad L

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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On the above date and time, I (Lt. M. Wilson ) responded to the listed location after dispatched received a panic alarm from the location.

Upon arrival, I met with the complainant who works at the Library. The complainant advised that the suspect was previously barred and she saw him enter today and then exit after a short period of time. The complainant advised she didn’t make contact with him due to knowing his mood swings and possibility of being armed with a knife and firearms from past jncidents .

The complainant knew the male by name as Rashad Grant and I too was also familiar with the male. I looked at the video from the library and visually confirmed the male as being Rashad Grant. I checked the in house reporting systems and saw the Mr. Grant was barred from the location on 04/15/2021 by Ofc. Woods reference to case number 21BP12853. The complainant was given the case number for this incident. Warrant will be pending.

No further incidents to report.


On the above date, I Officer Ward was advised by Lt. Wilson, Mr. Rashad Grant who is wanted through Brunswick Police Department was observed riding in the Brooklyn South housing apartments. Once on scene, I immediately made contact with Mr. Grant on the I side of McIntyre Court Apartments. Mr. Grants information was ran through service and confirmed.

He was placed under arrest and searched incident to arrest before being transported to CDC. Once I arrived to CDC I completed the Arrest and Booking sheet, SOVI and served Mr. Grant warrant #22-W00423. Mr. Grant was released to jailers for further booking process. All Documents will be uploaded to the original spillman. Mr. Grant will be removed from GCIC.

No Further.