Reaco Johnson

Johnson, Reaco Santana

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on May 31, 2022]

On, Tuesday, May 31, 2022, I, Cpl. S. Spaulding, was advised by dispatch that someone was calling it and the calling in and the call was phasing to the area of Macon Ave and Disque. I responded to that area and was unable to find anyone in the area. Minutes later, dispatch advised that the caller had called back in and it was phasing to the are of [2000 BLOCK] Newcastle St Lane.

I responded to the area, and heard yelling. A female came from behind a fence located at [2000 BLOCK] Reynolds St. The female was identified as Ms. [VICTIM #1]. Ms. [VICTIM #1] advised that her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Reaco Johnson had picked her up from her current residence in Kingsland Georgia, on the day prior.

I asked Ms. Johnson what had occurred, and she advised me that Mr. Johnson had “started trippin.” Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated Mr. Johnson had taken her phone from her, and she attempted to get her phone back. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated Mr. Johnson puched her face, and in self defense she had grabbed a knife. Ms. [VICTIM #1] advised Mr. Johnson had taken the knife from her, and began puching the back of her head, and pulling out her hair. Ms. Johnson pointed out a small laceration to her right knee, and showed me her ring finger fingernail, which appeared to have been bent back and was bleeding under her fingernial. I, also observed redness and bruising to her left shoulder blade. Ms. [VICTIM #1], also was showing me that her hair had been pulled out, but was intact to one of the braids she had her hair up in.

After getting Ms. [VICTIM #1] statement I attempted to make contact with Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson had gone back into the residence and locked the door prior to my arrival. Ms. [VICTIM #1] advised she used to live at this residence with Mr. Johnson for several months, but she had moved out and she was only visiting because she had been going through a rough time in her personal life.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] also advised her purse which had her identification and back cards were inside. I asked Ms. [VICTIM #1] if she would be able to leave, and she advised she did not have a ride. I asked Ms. [VICTIM #1] if she would like a ride to a different location and she advised her sisters residence, in Kingsland. I arranged for a Glynn County Officer and a Camden County Officer to escort her to her sisters residence. Prior to leaving she advised she did not want to take the ride away from this location, because she would not be able to get into her sisters residence without her purse.

I gave Ms. [VICTIM #1] a case card and advised her on how to get a copy of this report. Ms. [VICTIM #1] did advise that she did not want to press charged against Mr. Johnson, and I advised her this fell under the family violence act due to them having previously lived together. Ms. [VICTIM #1] advised prior to officers departure that she no longer wanted our assistance and did not want us to help her leave this location.

During the next shift, Ms. [VICTIM #1], requested a phone call from me. I placed her call, and she advised she was no longer at this residence. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she wanted to not press charges. I referred Ms. [VICTIM #1] to the Glynn County Magistrate Court, and advised her this did fall under the family violence act and she would need to speak with the court system drop charges.

[NARRATIVE #2 on June 17, 2022]

On the above date, I Officer Ward was advised by dispatch, the Glynn County Police Department and a Georgia State Patrol officer were on a traffic stop with a male wanted out of BPD. Upon my arrival, I was advised the male identified as Mr. Reaco Johnson was wanted for Battery(FVA) O.C.G.A 16-5-23.1(b).

Mr. Johnson was searched incident to arrest before being transported to CDC. Once arrived at CDC, I served Mr. Johnson with warrant# 22-W00386 and completed the ABIS and SOVI(all documents are uploaded to the original spillman). Mr. Johnson was released to jailers for further booking process. Mr. Johnson will also be removed from GCIC.

No Further.