Robert Morgan

Morgan, Robert William

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets.]

On 140ct2021, I was dispatched to a domestic call for service at [REDACTED BY AGENCY] When I arrived at the home location I was told that the victim, [VICTIM #1] was across the street at address [REDACTED BY AGENCY] When I walked up to the home, the resident let me in, and led me to [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] was sitting on the couch with two of her children, [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

When asked what had happened, [VICTIM #1] told me that she was in her bedroom with [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. [VICTIM #1] said she was talking with a person she is in a physical relationship with outside of her marriage. She stated that her, and her husband, Robert Morgan had an agreement that allowed physical relationships outside the marriage. She told me that Robert got angry, and came into the room, and told her, “you’re a fuc*ing bit*h, and I can’t stand you.” She stated that he grabbed the cell phone from her hand, and broke it. Picture of the phone is uploaded onto

[VICTIM #1] continued to tell me that after her phone was broke, Her and Robert continued to argue. She said that her and him tussled with each other, ultimately ending up with her being grabbed, and placed on the ground. She said that while on the ground, Robert put both his hands around her neck. She stated that at no time did her ability to breath get affected, nor did she see sparkles or have a black ring start closing in on her sight.

After being told [VICTIM #1]’s version of events, I spoke with [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. With [REDACTED BY AGENCY] being so young, I wanted to have her feel comfortable when speaking with me. I first told her that when I come to places, I draw a picture of what happens. I asked her to help color in the picture, and, I asked her what color she wanted to be. After she answered me, I asked her about what happened. She told me she was in the bedroom with her mother, and that [VICTIM #1] and Robert argued. She said that Robert was on top of [VICTIM #1], and that he was choking her. I thanked her for her help, and provided [VICTIM #1] a card with the case number on it.

I also explained the family violence protective order process. I also had pictures taken of red marks on [VICTIM #1]’s neck that were present on both sides. Each of the red marks were about the width of an adult finger. The marks looked like they were in areas that if a person put their hand around a human neck, the finger tips would touch there. A picture of her upper chest was also taken to show red area.

I left the house [VICTIM #1] was at [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and walked to [VICTIM #1] and Roberts home [REDACTED BY AGENCY] When I walked up, Officers Narvaez and Roberts were speaking with Robert. All I heard was Narvaez asked Robert for his information. Once he gave it to her, I spoke with Robert. I asked him what had happened tonight. Robert told me that [VICTIM #1] was on the phone with her physical partner, and that he went to talk with her in the bedroom. He admitted to taking the phone from her, and breaking it, but denies ever grabbing her, putting her on the ground, and putting his hands around her neck. He also stated there was another child present during this. I asked Robert to speak with this child. When I did, the child stated that [VICTIM #1], and Robert were arguing, but he was not in the bedroom, and did not see anything.

After speaking with the son, I spoke with Robert again. I told him that I had spoken with one of the children that were in the bedroom, and her story, along with [VICTIM #1]’s did not match with his. I told him that the cell phone being broke was consistent between him and [VICTIM #1], but the the putting on the ground along with his hands on her throat did not. With the presence of the red areas on [VICTIM #1]’s body, her story, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] story, and Roberts, I decided to arrest Robert for Domestic Violence FVA. He was also charged with Criminal Trespass FVA for breaking the cell phone and Cruelty to Children in the 3rd Degree for committing the Battery in the presence of [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

Robert was double lock handcuffed behind his back, and walked to Robert’s car. Once there, Robert’s removed my handcuffs, and applied hers to Robert’s wrists. Roberts transported Robert to the Glynn County Jail. I provided [VICTIM #1] with a victims bill of rights pamphlet, and went back into service.