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Eason, Rodney

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[NARRATIVE #1 on June 13, 2022]

On the above date and time, I (Lt. M. Wilson) was on duty, in uniform and driving a marked police vehicle. I responded to the listed location in reference to a four month old baby that had been taken from complainant who was babysitting the infant, from the residence by a known male.

As a result of the investigation the child was located and returned to the mother and the male was identified and arrested.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on June 13, 2022]

On the above date and time, I (Lt. M. Wilson) was on duty, in uniform and driving a marked police vehicle. I responded to the location of [2500 BLOCK] Ellis St. in reference to a problem with person call.

Upon arrival, I made contact with the complainant who was identified as [WITNESS #1]. Ms. [WITNESS #1] advised she was babysitting a child named [REDACTED] for the mother Ms. [VICTIM #1]. I was advised she was on the porch with the child when a male identified as the suspect Rodney Eason pulled up to the residence in a vehicle identified as a 2007 Toyota Camry gray in color. Ms. [WITNESS #1] advised during the investigation that she knew there were on going issues with the male and the mother.

I was advised Mr. Eason advised he was there to get his child and Ms. [WITNESS #1] advised that she then advised the male she had to change the baby’s diaper and took the baby inside the front door in an attempt to get the baby away from the male when the male pushed his way into the front door of the residence where a struggle took place. Mr. Eason was able to get the child and in the car seat and left with the child. The child was placed in the vehicle and Mr. Eason left the scene without any authority to do so. Ms. [WITNESS #1] advised that Mr. Eason is not suppose to have the child.

I recognized the male from the information from a previous domestic violence incident with the male at the residence next to this address prior to them being evicted. I searched in the police reporting system and located the vehicle description and personal identifiers. I broadcasted a BOLO to City and County Police units of the suspect, victim and vehicle information. I notified Lt. Galdamez from Criminal Investigations of the possible kidnapping at this location and he advised CID would respond.

During this time I continued to gather information including speaking to Mr. [WITNESS #2] who is the son of Ms. [WITNESS #1]. Mr. [WITNESS #2] advised he only observed the struggle part of the incident and where Mr. Eason took the baby from the residence. Det. Futch arrived on scene along with Lt. Galdamez and they were advised on the incident.

I met with Ms. [VICTIM #1] who had arrived on scene and was further advised that Mr. Eason was not suppose to have the baby. It was learned during the course of the investigation that Ms. [VICTIM #1] had domestic issues with Mr. Eason and had even been staying at a shelter to get away from him and she had left the baby Ms. [REDACTED] for a brief period today when this happened. It was also learned that Mr. Eason had been searching around various locations to find Ms. [VICTIM #1] and the child prior to this incident taking place.

While on scene Ms. [VICTIM #1] was able to make telephone contact with Mr. Eason she began asking him where he was with her baby and he would not tell her and began arguing with him over the phone. Ms. [VICTIM #1] had told him that the police were contacted and he became more upset and arguing with her over the phone. During the conversation Ms. [VICTIM #1] began inquiring about something she heard where the male had said something about the hospital. The male then denied saying this. Ms. [VICTIM #1] was provided the case number for the incident and advised if she received any information as to location of the male or child to notify us immediately.

I then left the scene and was in the process of going to enter the child into NCIC/GCIC when a call came out at the hospital at Southeast Georgia Health System Emergency Room. The caller advised that he had brought his child to the Emergency Room due to a medical issue. Det. Trollinger, Det. Futch and Sgt. Groover responded to the location and Det. Trollinger was able to make contact with Mr. Eason and the child at the Emergency Room. The child was being triaged and seen by nursing staff.

Mr. Eason was detained, handcuffed and brought to a nearby room. Det. Trollinger mirandized him and he agreed to speak with us about the incident. Mr. Eason advised that he is the biological father of the child. Mr. Eason further advised during the course of the statement that the child was not legitimized and that there was no legal custody arrangement. Mr. Eason advised he did sign the birth certificate and further described that he went to the residence on Ellis St. where he observed his baby on the porch with Ms. [WITNESS #1].

Mr. Eason advised that an altercation took place near the front door of the residence while he was attempting to get his child and Ms. [WITNESS #1] bit him and he took the child and left the scene. Mr. Eason stated his was taking the child because she looked hot and then brought her to the Emergency Room because he thought something was wrong with the child. My body camera was activated during this conversation and can be referenced for exact statements from Mr. Eason.

The child was checked by medical staff who advised her vitals were normal including her body temp. They gave the baby some formula and changed her diaper also. The vehicle used by the suspect in this incident was located in the parking lot of the Emergency Room by Det. Futch and Sgt. Groover who stood by with the vehicle. I notified the childs mother via telephone who responded to the Emergency Room. After a brief period the child was returned to the mother.

Mr. Eason was advised he was being charged after our interview. Mr. Eason was escorted out of the Emergency Room and searched incident to arrest. Mr. Eason was placed into Sgt. Sparks patrol vehicle where he was transported to the Glynn County Detention Center and charged with Kidnapping. Mr. Easons vehicle was running in the parking lot and was secured and later towed by hospital security. Reference supplementals from Det. Trollinger and video for exact statements from parties involved in this incident.

I conducted a follow-up with Ms. [VICTIM #1] at [2500 BLOCK] Ellis St. and she advised about the above statement about her staying at a shelter to get away from Mr. Eason and that things have been escalating between them and he has been searching around town to locate her and the child and again re-iterated that he had no authority to take or have the child.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on June 13, 2022]

On the above date I, Det. Futch, was advised by Lt. Galdamez to respond to the above listed location in reference to a kidnapping of a 4 month old female that had just occurred. Once I arrived, I made contact with Lt. M. Wilson who stated that he was waiting on the mother of the baby girl to arrive. He stated that the baby was with the babysitter when she was taken without permission by the father Rodney Eason. He stated that Eason did not have rights to the child.

[WITNESS #1] stated that she baby sits [REDACTED] for [VICTIM #1]. She stated that she was outside with [REDACTED] when Eason arrived. She stated that he was asking for the baby so she told him that she was going inside to change the baby diaper. She stated that he came inside of her residence without her permission and took [REDACTED] from her. She stated that he left with [REDACTED] without her permission or the permission from her mother [VICTIM #1]. She stated that he was in a gray Toyota Camry with a tag number of [REDACTED].

Once [VICTIM #1] arrived, I asked her if Eason had a telephone number or any means of communication. She stated that he does have a phone and she does not know how to contact him. She stated that he usually hangs of at the studio, H and H on Johnston Circle. Officers had already checked this location and he was not there. When asked if there was anything distinctive about the vehicle he was riding in, she stated that there will be clothes hanging out of the trunk because it doe not close all the way. She also stated that the trunk has a dent in it.

I started riding around looking for the vehicle that Eason was last seen in. Dispatch advised us that someone was at the hospital that stated that they were assaulted on Ellis Street while they were picking up their baby. Det. Trollinger went inside the hospital and I road around in the parking lot to look for the vehicle. I observed a gray Toyota Camry backed in a parking spot in the parking lot. The Georgia tag display was [REDACTED]. I notified dispatch that the vehicle was in the parking lot.

The keys was still in the vehicle in the ignition and the vehicle was running. I did roll the window up and turn the ignition off. The vehicle was secured the keys were giving to Sgt. Sparks to be placed in Eason property at CDC. I did take some pictures of the vehicle.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #4 on June 13, 2022]

On the 13th of June 2022, a call was dispatched in reference to a possible infant child abduction from [2500 BLOCK] Ellis Street. After responding with other Officers I was informed that a black male who was indicated to be the biological father of the child had come to this residence and without legal authority removed the child without permission. I was informed that the male who has been identified a Rodney Eason drove off with the infant in a grey/silver in color older Camry with a tag of [REDACTED]. After receiving this information I along with other Officers began to canvas the area.

I was driving north on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when dispatch informed all Officers that there was a male at the emergency room with an infant seeking medical attention. When asked what the name of this individual was I was informed that his name is Rodney Eason. I then drove to the emergency room where I made contact with a black male in Triage 1. I asked the male what his name was and he informed me he was Rodney Eason. I then asked Mr. Eason what his relationship to the infant he was holding and he informed me that he was the father of the child.

I then asked Mr. Eason to hand the child to one of the nurses that had come into the room and I had Mr. Eason turn around at which point he was handcuffed and removed from the immediate area into another area of the hospital. Mr. Eason began to spontaneously tell me that he is the child’s father and that the people in the residence where the child was removed from all hate him. Mr. Eason stated, that this was his child and he only took the child because he saw something green on the child’s mouth and that the child appeared to be sweating and in some type of distress.

Once inside a different room I informed Mr. Eason that up to this point he had not been asked anything by myself or Lieutenant Wilson who was also on scene. Based on this statement I then read Mr. Eason his Miranda right and he informed me that he was willing to speak with me. Mr. Eason the repeated what he had previously stated.

I then asked Mr. Eason was he the legitimized and documented father of the child at which point Mr. Eason informed me that he did not know what that meant but he did sign a whole lot of papers once the child had been born. I then informed Mr. Eason that in the state of Georgia being the biological father does not equate to being legally the father. I then asked Mr. Eason if he had ever been before a judge or an attorney and signed any documents in reference to his being the legal father of the child and Mr. Eason appeared not to understand what I was talking about.

After speaking with Mr. Eason it appears as if the mother had arrived on scene and had and informed Officers that Mr. Eason did in fact remove the child without permission and had no problem with him being charged for this. Mr. Eason was then walked out of the emergency room and searched before he was placed in the rear passenger seat of Sergeant Sparks vehicle for transfer to the Glynn County Detention Center. Custody of the infant was then transferred to the biological legal mother of the child.

[End of Narrative]