Sunshine Cafe on Lawrenceville Hwy fails health inspection

TUCKER – The following was taken from the January 14, 2021 health inspection report of Sunshine Cafe and Resturant, located at 6278 Lawrenceville Hwy in Tucker, GA. This inspection was conducted by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The restaurant scored a 67% on this routine inspection. A follow up inspection will be conducted on or before January 22.

Observations & Corrective Actions

  1. Observed that the PIC was not on site. There must be a person in charge on the premises of the food service establishment at all times.
    Corrective Actions: The PIC eventually arrived on the premises.
  2. Observed the PIC was only able to name some symptoms and did not know the diseases.
    Corrective Actions: The PIC was trained on the symptoms and diseases and provided a handout of the employee’s health policy.
  3. Observed various employee’s water bottles on the prep-table and all around the kitchen. 
    Corrective Actions: The PIC discarded the water bottles.
  4. Observed eggs in the walk-in cooler placed in a paper towel box and when asked about invoices, the PIC bought it from the Farmer’s Market and there was no receipts. Food shall be obtained from sources that comply with law.
    Corrective Actions: The PIC discarded the eggs.
  5. Observed various species of raw meats (out of it’s original container) mixed with ready-to-eat foods in the chest freezer. Also, observed multiple broths, raw meats and ready to eat foods (egg rolls) mixed together in the freezer. Also, observed unwashed fruits and vegetable above washed fruits and vegetables. 
    Corrective Actions: The PIC separated the ready-to-eat foods from raw meats in both chest freezer and refrigerator. Also, the unwashed fruits and vegetables were moved below the washed and fruits and vegetables.
  6. Observed multiple broths in the walk-in cooler made on Monday was not date marked.
    Corrective Actions: The person in charge (PIC) date marked the broths in the walk-in cooler.
  7. Observed multiple employees without a hair restraint while handling foods and washing dishes.
    Corrective Actions: The employees put on a hair restraint.

Original Inspection Report

Sunshine Cafe and Restaurant – January 14, 2021 Health Inspection Report