Questions loom after man arrested for shooting neighbor’s dog

April 14, 2021 at 9:22 PM ET

WARNER ROBINS, GA – A Warner Robins man was arrested last week after his neighbor and her 15-year-old son says he shot their dog with a pellet gun.

The incident happened near the 200-block of Sherry Drive in Warner Robins. The owner of the dog says she and her son were talking at the entrance of their home, when they heard their dog yelp out loud.

That’s when they say they looked over and saw the dog in the 300-block of Bruce Street with Basil Lewis Flournoy, who was holding a pellet gun, trying to hide it behind his back. After retrieving their dog, they noticed a wound on its rear.

Police arrived and questioned Flournoy. The report doesn’t say he admitted to shooting the dog, but he did say the dog was in his yard.

The City of Warner Robins has an “leash law” ordinance that states, “it shall be unlawful for any person to fail to keep any animal under restraint which is owned by or in the custody or control of such person“.

The house where the victims were talking and the house they say they saw their dog with Flournoy is approximately 10 houses away. It is unclear how they saw their dog in Flournoy’s yard, or if any charges will be filed for violating the city’s leash law.

The red ‘X’ indicates the approximate location the victims were speaking and the blue ‘X’ indicates where they say they saw their dog with Flournoy.

Flournoy was charged with cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor.

The officer’s narrative is located below.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On 04/07/2021 at approximately 1750 hours Ofc. Taylor and I, Ofc. Salter were dispatched to [200 BLOCK] Sherry Dr. in reference to cruelty to animals. Upon arrival I made contact with Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] and Ms. [ADULT VICTIM] the owners of the dog.

Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] advised he was at the entrance of his residence talking with Ms. [ADULT VICTIM] when he heard a yelp from their dog. Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] advised he saw the dog at [300 BLOCK] Bruce St. with Mr. Basil Flournoy.

Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] stated Mr. Flournoy was holding a pellet gun and trying to hide it. Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] advised he got the dog and observed a wound on the back left of the dog. Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] stated he then took the dog home to await police.

I advised Mr. [JUVENILE VICTIM] and Ms. [ADULT VICTIM] of the case number for this report.

Ofc. Taylor made contact with Mr. Flournoy who stated the dog was in his yard. Mr. Flournoy advised the dog was not threatening or made him fear for his safety. Mr. Flournoy was then placed into custody. Mr. Flournoy was transported to booking for processing

Ofc. Taylor and I will be seeking a warrant against Mr. Flournoy for cruelty to animals.

End Transcription of Narrative Report