Christopher Seltzer

Seltzer, Christopher Mcarthur

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Disorderly conduct

Obstruction of Officers-(M)

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 04/30/2022 at approximately 0204 hours, I, Ofc. Walker, was working an off duty detail at 1291 S. Houston Lake Rd. (Ronde Vu Bar). At this time, I was outside the business attempting to clear the parking lot of bar patrons. I was alerted to a disturbance inside involving a bouncer, [VICTIM #1], and patron, later identified as Christopher Seltzer.

As I entered the business, I pressed the activate button on my body worn camera. I saw another bouncer, [WITNESS #1], attempting to separate Christopher from [VICTIM #1]. Christopher was acting in a violent in tumultuous manner as he was being separated. He was actively attempting to fight [VICTIM #1]. Several patrons were attempting to remove Christopher from [VICTIM #1].

I took control of Christopher from [WITNESS #1] and took Christopher to the ground. At this time, I felt something sweep across my chest. I saw my body worn camera fall to the ground and I saw a patron pick it up. I did not see where the patron took the body camera.

Christopher landed on his back. Myself, Ofc. Lee, and Lt. M. Edwards attempted to place Christopher into custody for Disorderly Conduct. I gave Christopher a loud verbal command to lay on his stomach. He refused. He attempted to get up and displayed active physical resistance by stiffening his limbs and body.

I stood up and drew my department issued Axon Taser 7 from its holster (S/NX:4000EPNE), activated it, and gave Christopher another loud verbal command to turn onto his stomach. Christopher continued to ignore my lawful commands and attempts to place him into custody. I then attempted to gain compliance by drive stunning Christopher in the abdomen.

I gave Christopher another loud verbal command to lay on his stomach. This attempt was ineffective and further enraged Christopher. He continued to shout profanity and actively pull away and fight, refused to follow lawful commands, and continued to resist arrest.

At this time, I created distance and fired my taser. The probes made contact with Christopher in his abdomen. This attempt to gain compliance was ineffective as Christopher was actively thrashing his body and resisting arrest. I attempted to gain compliance by using the arc switch.

This was ineffective. Christopher continued to actively resist arrest by twisting his body. I reholstered my taser and noticed one of the wires was not connected to the cartridge. At this time, officers were able to get one of Christopher’s arms into handcuffs.

Officers were able to reposition Christopher from his back to his side where he continued to resist being placed into lawful custody. At this time, I delivered a knee strike to his groin that was intended for his abdomen. Christopher continued to resist being placed into lawful arrest by stiffening his body and attempting to snatch his arms away from officers.

I was able to maneuver Christopher onto his stomach and place him into custody. Once Christopher was placed into custody and compliance had been gained, all force ceased. At this time, my body camera was returned to me.

I saw that the camera was not activated and the mute switch was on. I activated my body camera and requested the prisoner transport van. I made an assessment of Christopher and found that he was not in need of medical attention.

I was advised by [WITNESS #1] that he was inside at the time the incident started. He advised he became aware of the disturbance as Christopher was attempting to fight [VICTIM #1]. He advised he saw Christopher go towards [VICTIM #1] and attempted to intervene. I was advised [VICTIM #1] was attempting to Christopher and his group from the bar so they could close.

I was advised that [VICTIM #1] put his hand on a female in Christopher’s party. This enraged Christopher who attempted to fight [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] was not willing to press charges and did not wish to provide his information for this report. Christopher was secured in the back of the transport van and transported to Headquarters by BTO Barrie.

Photographs of Christopher’s injuries were taken. He sustained a minor abrasion to his head and small puncture wound to his abdomen where a prong struck. These injuries were documented and attached to this casefile. A use of force report was completed. The taser cartridge, wires, and, probes were collected and turned into property as evidence.

I will secure warrants on the next available date.

Audio and Video available.

Nothing Further.