Jordan Little

Little, Jordan Tyler

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery-Family Violence

Cruelty to Children 3rd Degree-Misd

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On the above date and time, I, Officer Ward responded to [700 BLOCK] Mason Terrace Unit [REDACTED], Perry, Ga 31069 in reference to a physical domestic in progress. An anonymous caller reported there was a black male beating up a white female at unit [REDACTED] and refused any further information.

On arrival, a neighbor/witness advised me that all parties involved with the domestic had already left the scene. A few moments later, the victim, [VICTIM #1], and her friend, [WITNESS #1], pulled back up to the scene. I spoke with [WITNESS #1] which advised she and her friend came to this address to allow the suspect, Jordan Little, to see his child, [REDACTED]. The child belonging to Jordan and [VICTIM #1].

While on scene, an argument ensued about Halloween and Jordans’ beliefs as to why he did not want his son participating with any form of demonic activities. During the argument, [WITNESS #1] reported that Jordan had walked out to the vehicle and was holding the baby. After this argument progressed, he took the baby and walked inside of the apartment saying he was keeping the baby and shut the door. [VICTIM #1], having a key to the apartment, used it to unlock the door and retrieve her child and his belongings so that they could leave.

Once inside, [VICTIM #1] stated she grabbed the child from Jordan and proceeded to gather their belongings. As she was walking out of the doorway while holding the child in her arms, [VICTIM #1] reported Jordan began striking her in the head with his fist causing her to fall to the ground while still holding the child. While on the ground, [VICTIM #1] reported Jordan continued to punch her and grab her by the hair, slamming her head into the brick foundation of the apartment multiple times. I did observe and feel a knot or raised place on the left side of [VICTIM #1]’ head. When I touched the knot, [VICTIM #1] stated it caused her lots of pain.

[WITNESS #1], while sitting in the vehicle, sees this incident of violence taking place. She exits her car and runs to assist [VICTIM #1] off the ground. Jordan then grabs the belongings that [VICTIM #1] was holding and throws them across the yard. He then goes back into the apartment and shuts the door behind him.

[WITNESS #1] and [VICTIM #1] get back in the vehicle as quickly as possible and leaves the scene until law enforcement arrives. Witnesses stated Jordan and his friends that were also on scene, gather their stuff and leave in a maroon vehicle of an unknown make or model. Shortly after gathering witness statements from third party witnesses, and other information for my report, Jordan calls into Dispatch and states he wants to meet with an officer to file a report against [VICTIM #1] for her hitting him on multiple occasions before today. I made multiple attempts to contact Jordan on the phone number he called Dispatch, with no contact. Warrants will be taken for Jordan Little for Battery FVA, and Cruelty to Children 2nd Degree. Nothing further.


On October 30, 2021, Jordan Little arrived at the Perry PD to voluntarily give his testimony as to what happened in this case. He reported [VICTIM #1] came over to allow him to visit with their child. He and [VICTIM #1] got into a verbal altercation about allowing the child to celebrate Halloween which Jordan was against.

During this conversation, Jordan stated due to him being intoxicated with alcohol, he became very upset and lashed out towards [VICTIM #1] in a violent manner. He reported he hit [VICTIM #1] causing her to fall to the ground while holding the child. He stated while [VICTIM #1] was on the ground, he grabbed her head and slammed it against the brick wall and just continued to punch her. Jordan stated [VICTIM #1] aggravates him to the point he felt that was the only way to handle the situation and he regrets meeting [VICTIM #1].

Jordan also reported that he has video evidence of him being the victim when [VICTIM #1] has started hitting him on multiple occasions and wished for her to be arrested for the same. He was instructed to seek his own warrants through the Houston County Magistrate Court. Jordan was placed into handcuffs to the rear, checked for fit and double locked. He was searched, placed into my patrol vehicle, and escorted to the Houston County Detention Center. Warrants will be taken for the above listed charges. Nothing further.