Kortidious Collier

Collier, Kortidious De’Dante

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Material Affixed to Front Windshield or Front Door Windows

Driving while license suspended or revoked-Misd

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, I, Deputy Jonathan Lewis, was employed by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and assigned to the Traffic Division. I was in a marked patrol unit, Unit 827, in my Houston County Sheriff’s Office uniform and had my badge displayed.

At approximately 20:48 hours, I was conducting traffic enforcement in the area of N. Houston Rd. and Watson Blvd. I observed a green Toyota Camry, Ga tag [REDACTED], traveling South on N. Houston Rd. The window tint on the front windows of the Toyota appeared to be darker than the 32% which is allowed by Georgia law. I followed behind the Camry and activated my emergency lights. The Camry turned into McDonalds at 1879 Watson Blvd.

I approached the Camry at the passenger’s side window. I observed three vehicle occupants. I spoke with the driver, and explained the reason for the stop. I asked him for his driver’s license, which he provided. The license identified the driver as Kortidious Collier. As Certitudes provided me with his license, I observed his hand visibly shaking. The front passenger’s side window was partially rolled down. I applied my tint meter, which confirmed the window tint was 17%, which is below the legal limit.

I observed the front seat passenger, Joseph Smith, staring straight ahead and avoiding eye contact with me. I spoke with Smith and asked him if he had any identification on him, and he stated he didn’t. I asked Smith for his name, and he shrugged his shoulders and did not respond. I observed a young male in the back seat on the driver’s side. I asked him how hold he was, and he stated he was 16.

I instructed Kortidious out of the Camry, and he was cooperative. He walked to the front of my Patrol Vehicle. As he was standing, he was extremely fidgety and continuously put his hands in his pockets and jingled loose change. I informed Kortidious I would be issuing him a written warning for the window tint, and he still continued to act extremely nervous. I ran Kortidious’ information through Dispatch, and determined his license was suspended due to failure to appear. I asked for a second unit to be en route. I worked on writing a warning for the window tint, and then asked Cortidious if his insurance and registration was in the Camry. He stated it was, and I told him I would retrieve the information from the passenger.

I returned to the Camry and again spoke with the passenger. As I remained at the window, I began to smell the odor of raw marijuana coming from within the vehicle. Cpl. Dixson arrived on scene as a back up unit. I informed Cpl. Dixson I smelled the odor of marijuana.

I informed Cortidious his license was suspended, and he was under arrest. I instructed Cortidious to interlock his fingers behind his head. I applied two sets of handcuffs to his wrists, due to his broad shoulders. I checked the handcuffs for fit, and double locked them. I searched Cortidious incident to arrest, and did not locate any contraband.

I read Cortidious his Miranda Warning, and he agreed to speak to me without an attorney present. I informed Cortidious I smelled the odor of marijuana, and asked him about any marijuana on his person or in the Camry. Cortidious stated he does not use marijuana, but his brother, the front seat passenger, uses marijuana. I asked if there was any marijuana in the Camry, and Coritidious stated he did not know.

Cpl. Dixson spoke to the passengers in the Camry, identified as Joseph Smith and Amarian Collier. Cpl. Dixson spoke with both of them and read them Miranda Warning, and both stated they didn’t want to speak without an attorney present. Cpl. Dixson instructed Amarian and Joseph out of the Camry, and secured both in handcuffs. Both were cooperative.

Cpl. Dixson searched Amarian and did not locate any contraband. As Joseph exited the Camry, he spontaneously uttered, “I’ve got a grinder in my pocket.” I searched Joseph at the front of my Patrol Vehicle. In Joseph’s upper pants pocket, I removed the following contraband: a small blue baggie with a white crystal like substance, a silver marijuana grinder containing loose marijuana, a clear plastic bag containing less than one ounce of marijuana, a straw cut into a short piece commonly used for snorting illegal narcotics.

I searched the Camry. In a tan sweatshirt in the front passenger’s floorboard directly in front of where Joseph was sitting, I found a piece of a partially smoked marijuana blunt and a second cut piece of straw. In the back seat passenger’s floorboard, I found one circular white in color pill imprinted 54 033. I identified the pill as Ketorolac, which is not listed as a controlled substance.

Deputy Heberlig arrived on scene and secured Kortidious and Joseph in his Patrol Vehicle. I issued Cortidious citations for driving with a suspended license and window tint violation. I will seek warrants against Joseph Smith for the offenses of Possession of Meth, Possession of Drug-Related Objects, and Possession of Marijuana Less than Ounce.

Amarian was turned released from the scene and turned over to his mother, [REDACTED]. The vehicle, along with all property within the vehicle was also turned over to [REDACTED].

I returned to the Sheriff’s Office where I photographed all evidence and secured them in a locked evidence locker with an evidence voucher. I marked the white pill to be disposed of, and the remaining evidence will be held.

Body and dash cam in use in Unit 827. During the course of the traffic stop, I found my body cam and dash cam were not activated by my emergency lights as they should have, and the first portion of the stop was not captured on camera.