Larry Head

Head, Larry James, Jr

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Material affixed to front windshield

Transportation of Etiologic Agent


Possession of Firearm or Knife During Certain Crimes – 2 Counts

Possession of Marijuana with intent to Distribute

Possession of firearms-convicted felons

Schedule (I)- Purchase, possession with intent, distribution, or sale of controlled substance

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]


On Saturday, April 30, 2022, I, Deputy Gerald Mixon, was employed by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and assigned to the Traffic Division. I was in a marked patrol unit, Unit 963, in my Houston County Sheriff’s Office uniform and had my badge displayed.


On Saturday, April 30, 2022, at approximately 15:46 hours, I initiated a traffic stop on a white Nissan Maxima, T.A.G. [REDACTED BY AGENCY], for speeding and window tint violation. I was stationary in my Patrol Vehicle facing east. My Patrol Vehicle was visible from both directions in excess of 500 feet. I was conducting speed enforcement using my Stalker Lidar (Serial # LF003171).

Prior to conducting speed enforcement, I checked the roadway, and all appropriate signage was present. I saw a vehicle driving south on Highway 247 at a high rate of speed. I estimated the vehicle to be traveling at a rate of speed higher than 60 miles per hour. I activated my Lidar and heard a high pitch audible tone. The Lidar digital display showed the vehicle traveling 61 Mph in a 45 Mph zone.

I got behind the vehicle and turned on my emergency lights and siren, and the vehicle came to a complete stop just south of the intersection of Highway 247 and Old Highway 96.


As I was approaching the front passenger’s window, I could smell an overwhelming odor of Marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. I made contact with the driver, Larry Head, introduced myself, and told him why he was pulled over. I asked to see his driver’s license, and he provided me with one.

I continued to smell a very strong odor of Marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and asked for the front seat passenger’s license or an I.D. card. The passenger, Tiyannia Hutchings, did not have one and provided me with her name and date of birth. I told Larry to turn the vehicle off and told him and Tiyannia to step to its rear. While they were exiting the Nissan, I called for another deputy to be en route to assist with the stop.

I noticed Larry was profusely sweating on his head and Tiyannia was not. I asked Larry where he was heading, and he said to work at Perdue. Tiyannia said Larry had just picked her up a few minutes ago and was riding to perdue with Larry. I told Larry and Tiyannia I had a few questions I wanted to ask them but wanted to make sure they understood their rights before proceeding.

I read Larry and Tiyannia their Miranda Rights, and both agreed to speak with me. By this time, Deputy B. Frizzell had arrived on the scene. I noticed Larry’s eyes were glossy, and the odor of Marijuana was coming from his person. Tiyannia’s eyes were also glossy, and the odor of Marijuana was present on her also.

Deputy Frizzell and I secured handcuffs on Larry and Tiyanna and explained to them they were not being placed under arrest but were being detained and not free to leave. We searched them, and no weapons or contraband were found.

I asked Larry and Tiyannia if they had smoked Marijuana recently, and Larry said he does not smoke, and Tiyannia said she did not too long ago. I explained to Larry that even if he had not been actively smoking, just being around someone else’s secondhand smoke could possibly impair him.

I asked Larry if he would be willing to do some tests to determine if he is impaired to be operating a motor vehicle, and he said yes. I secured Tiyannia in my patrol vehicle’s back seat while Larry performed the tests. I returned to the front of my patrol, and Deputy Frizzell removed the handcuffs from Larry.

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus:

Before beginning the tests, I asked Larry if he had any recent injuries that would prevent him from walking in a straight line or balancing on one leg, and he said yes. Larry said he had a rod in his right leg that may prevent him from performing the tests.

I asked Larry if he wore glasses or contacts or had had any head injuries that would prevent him from focusing on the tip of my finger, and he said yes. Larry said he wore glasses, and I asked if it would prevent him from focusing and following the tip of my finger, and he said no.

I told Larry to put his heels and toes together, keep his arms down by his side, and remain in that position until he was told to move. I asked if he understood the instructions, and he said yes. I saw no resting nystagmus in Larry’s eyes, and he had equal pupil size and equal tracking in both eyes.

I placed my right index finger in front of Larry’s eyes, roughly 12-15 inches from his face and just above eye level. I told him to focus on the tip of my finger and follow it with his eyes only, keeping his head stationary. I asked if he understood these instructions, and he said yes. [REDACTED BY AGENCY]


Walk and Turn:

Larry was unable to perform this test due to an injury to his right leg.

One-Leg Stand:

Larry was unable to perform this test due to an injury to his right leg.

I secured handcuffs on Larry’s wrists, checked them for fitting, and ensured they were double-locked. I secured him in the backseat of Deputy Frizzell’s patrol vehicle. Larry was read Implied Consent Notice and agreed to a blood draw. Deputy Frizzell and I began searching the Nissan, and the following items were found inside.

Roughly 102 tablets of MDMA (Ecstasy) were found inside the Nissans center console. A Taurus .45 caliber handgun, model PT 24/7 PRO, serial #NCT44801, was also found in the Nissan’s center console lying next to the tablets. The firearms magazine was full of ammunition with one chambered into the barrel. A gold cigar packet was found near the Nissan’s gear shifter, and a small “Blunt” containing Marijuana was found inside.

Behind the driver’s seat was a gray cooler. There were two large food storage containers full of raw Marijuana found inside. Underneath the storage containers were opened vacuum seal bags, a scale, and a black bottle with a white residue inside. Lying next to the cooler was a box of sandwich bags. There were multiple open containers throughout the Nissan. Seven Corona Extra bottles and a bottle of whiskey.

I checked with the Sheriff’s Office to run Larry for a convicted Felon status, and he was confirmed to be a convicted felon for an Aggravated Assault charge. I called for Corporal Sanders to be en route due to the nature of the traffic stop.

Corporal Sanders spoke with Sergeant Molten with the Narcotics Division and inform him of my findings. Sergeant Molten advised everything we found inside the Nissan including Larry’s cell phone and $454.51, is being collected to be seized. I packaged all the evidence, took photographs, and secured it in the trunk of my patrol vehicle.

I questioned Tiyannia about the items inside the Nissan, and she did not know anything other than what belonged to her. Tiyannia said the only things that belonged to her inside the Nissan were the “Blunt” we found inside the gold packet and a bag that was lying on the front seat passenger’s floorboard.

Larry had already taken ownership of everything when Deputy Frizzell spoke with him. I told Tiyannia to exit my patrol vehicle and removed the handcuffs from her wrists. I told her Corporal Sanders was going to allow her to take her belongings from the Nissan, and then she was free to leave.


I transported Larry to the Houston County Detention Center, where he was turned over to jail personnel. An arrest and booking sheet, probable cause affidavit, and property form were completed. I met with a phlebotomist, [REDACTED], with Rapid Response PBT Services, L.L.C., and had her perform the blood draw.

[REDACTED] drew the blood and sealed it inside a Georgia Bureau of Investigation blood draw kit along with all the proper paperwork. She turned the blood over to me, where I secured it inside the evidence refrigerator at the Sheriff’s Office pending examination. I completed an evidence voucher and Georgia Bureau of Investigations evidence submission form for the tablets and Marijuana and secured it inside the evidence locker.

I will be seeking warrants against Larry for Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession with Intent to Distribute MDMA (Ecstasy), and Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana. I issued [Larry] citations for speeding, window tint violation, D.U.I Multiple Substances and open Containers.


Video footage in use from a body camera and Unit #828.