Maurice Spann

Spann, Maurice Antwan

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Financial Transaction Card Theft

Financial Transaction Card Fraud

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 5/27/2022 at around 22:08 hours officers were dispatched to Kroger, 3094 Watson Blvd., in reference to financial transaction card fraud. Officers were given a description of a light skin black male with an afro, wearing a green shirt and blue mask, who was in the store trying to purchase gift cards with different credit cards.

Once on scene, I made contact with Ofc Kim who was speaking with the suspect, later identified as Maurice Spann, in front of the store. Ofc Kim was holding a stack of credit cards and gift cards that he got from Spann. Ofc Kim was explaining why officers were called when I walked up.

Spann said that he was at this location trying to meet a girl. While inside, he found a small purse and numerous cards in the men’s bathroom. He said he looked through the cards to see if he could tell whose purse it was, then turned the purse in to an employee.

Ofc Kim gave me the stack of cards he was holding, and then asked Spann if he had any more cards on him. Spann said no, and then gave Ofc Kim consent to search his person. As Ofc Kim searched Spann for more cards, I looked through the stack given to me.

I located two credit cards with the names of [VICTIM #1] ([REDACTED] Coinbase-Visa) and [VICTIM #2] ([REDACTED] OneViP) in the stack I was given. Ofc Kim already had two other cards with the names of [VICTIM #3] ([REDACTED] RFCU-Visa) and [VICTIM #4] ([REDACTED] Mid South – Visa) he located prior to giving the stack to me.

Ofc Kim then went into the store to check the bathroom for any other cards. While inside, he was given the purse that Spann said he found in the bathroom. Ofc Kim came back and told me that employees inside the store said that Spann was carrying the purse with him when he tried to use some of the cards.

Spann then said that he only carried it to turn it in to an employee after he found it. Spann stated that he found the purse under the sink in the bathroom open, and that some of the cards were inside and some were laying next to it.

Ofc Kim advised that the purse contained other cards with [VICTIM #4]’s name on them. He then asked Spann if he had contact information for the people of which he had their cards. Spann said that [VICTIM #1] was his stepdad, and [VICTIM #2] was his “business associate”. He was unable to provide any contact info for either of them.

Spann also said that he did not know who [VICTIM #3] was. Spann again stated that he found the purse in the bathroom, and then handed it in. I told Spann that I was going to go check the cameras to verify his story, or see if he walked into the bathroom with the purse.

As soon as I began to walk away and toward the business, Spann yelled for me to come back and talk to him. Spann then voluntarily statement that he “wanted to be honest”. Spann then said that he found the purse in the self check-out lane. He took it into the bathroom and began looking through it. He said his conscience then told him to return it, so he did.

While looking up contact information for Ms. [VICTIM #4], I found out that she had returned to the scene to look for her lost purse. I made contact with her and [WITNESS #1], store manager, at the front of the business. Ms. [VICTIM #4] stated that she was at Kroger at around 21:39 hours and made a purchase at the self check-out lane.

After leaving the store, she received a notification from her bank that her Mid South card was used at Kroger for a declined transaction of $500 at 21:47, after she had left. She said that after she received the notification, she received another notification that her Health Savings Account card was used at Enmarket, 3098 Watson Blvd., for $14.06.

She said she then returned to the store to see if she could find her misplaced purse. She showed me the transaction notifications on scene. Ms. [WITNESS #1] said that she witnessed the $500 transaction. She said she saw Spann and recognized him from previous interactions where he was causing problems at the store. She said he tried to buy a gift card for $500, but the transaction was declined.

She said he then began yelling at employees, while searching through a stack of cards for another card to use. I then returned the purse to Ms. [VICTIM #4]. She looked through it and said that there were a few gift cards missing from the purse. After listing some of the missing gift cards, I located them in the stack that was taken from Spann.

The cards were returned to Ms. [VICTIM #4] on scene. Ms. [VICTIM #4] stated she did want to prosecute for the theft and fraud. She was provided with a case card and advised how to obtain a copy of this report.

Ms. [WITNESS #1] stated she also wanted Spann criminally trespassed from the property. She then showed me video footage of the incident while on scene. In the footage, Ms. [VICTIM #4] is seen checking out at a self check-out kiosk. She places the purse on the left side of the kiosk, but forgets to pick it back up when she leaves.

Spann then walks toward the kiosk after she leaves, holding his shirt over his face. He picks up the purse, while another employee is standing right next to him. He then takes the purse into the bathroom. At 21:49 hours, Spann is then seen at the customer service desk searching through a stack of cards. He attempts to purchase a gift card at the desk, while Ms. [WITNESS #1] is standing there.

He appears to get frustrated while at the desk, and then walks away back toward the bathroom. Ms. [WITNESS #1] said that Spann then walked out of the store. Ms. [WITNESS #1] provided a receipt from the declined transaction with a timestamp.

The timestamp matched the time frame that Ms. [VICTIM #4] advised she received the notification of the declined transaction, as well as the timestamp of the video surveillance of Spann attempting to make a transaction at the customer service desk. Ms. [WITNESS #1] stated she would download a copy of the video footage and provide it as evidence. She was given a case card and advised how to obtain a copy of this report.

Spann was taken into custody, and searched incident to a lawful arrest. A search of his person produced a social security card for [VICTIM #3]. Spann had already stated earlier that he did not know who [VICTIM #3] was.

Spann was transported to police headquarters for booking and processing. The recovered cards for [VICTIM #3], [VICTIM #2], and [VICTIM #1] were submitted into evidence.

I will seek warrants for Maurice Spann for Financial Transaction Card Theft, four counts, and Financial Transaction Card Fraud, one count, next available date. Contact was attempted with [VICTIM #3] and [VICTIM #1] with negative results.

No further.