Shane Chapman

Chapman, Shane Riel

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Assault

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 7/26/2022 at approximately 0009 hours, I, Ofc. Ewings, was dispatched to the area of 699 N. Davis Dr. in reference to shots fire. Dispatched advised they had received approximately four separate calls in the area. Myself and Sgt. T. Gray arrived on scene at the same time.

We initially went to 700 N. Davis Dr. but were told the shooting had occurred across the street at the 7 star. On scene I made contact with Mr. [WITNESS #1], a security guard of the convenience store. He advised a dark color vehicle and a gray charger contained two occupants that had exchanged gunfire. The scene was shown to Sgt. T. Gray where multiple shell casings were recovered. I was allowed inside the store to view surveillance cameras.

Camera footage showed a dark color Honda sedan occupied by three people. The female driver and the male passenger were seen sitting in the vehicle playing on their phones. A few moments later a silver charger park next to their passenger side. A customer of the 7 star approached the charger believing they knew the driver, he did not. The Honda driver and the front seat passenger pay no attention to the vehicle. However, the rear passenger quickly exits the vehicle with a long firearm, upon the charger parking. The rear passenger positions himself around the back of the Honda, aims he firearm at the charger, and appears to engage the trigger. It is unclear if the safety was activated, a round was not chambered, or the firearm was jammed. The rear passenger charges his weapon and proceeds to discharge the firearm multiple times toward the driver.

The driver of the charger remained in his vehicle, quickly reversed from the parking lot, while returning fire with his own firearm. The Honda rear passenger maneuvers himself around the Honda as cover while still engaging with the charger. The charger leaves the area West on Tabor Dr. The rear Honda passenger returned to the vehicle. The driver leaves the area South on Davis Dr.

I recovered approximately eleven 9mm shell casings at 699 N. Davis Dr. I also recovered a copy of the surveillance video to be placed in RMS as evidence.

At approximately 0049 hours, units were dispatched to [400 BLOCK] Kingsbury Cir. reference a vehicle that had been shot. The caller stated the incident had occurred at 699 N. Davis Dr. Units arrived on scene and spoke with the female driver of the Honda, Ms. Shane R. Chapman. Shane stated she was in the vehicle riding around with her boyfriend, Mr. Maurice Bailey. They were both in the area of Northside High School where they encountered a man in the street. She stated he requested a ride to the store and he provided her with money. The amount of money nor form of payment was specified. However, they all end up at the 7 star.

Shane stated she was checking her bank accounts before entering the store to purchase a “Black”. She had no idea her rear passenger had been carrying a firearm nor that he had plans to discharge his weapon. Shane stated her and Maurice ducked down until the shooting was over. The male got back in the vehicle where she later dropped him off in the middle of the road near Northside High. Shane would not provide an address nor an rough location of where the male was picked up or dropped off. She could not provide whereabouts of Maurice at this time. Shane could not provide a description of the rear passenger other than he was a black male.

Shane signed a waiver of prosecution reference the damage done to her vehicle. Her vehicle was not towed at the time due to lack of a victim. Units went in service.

At approximately 0150 hours, dispatched advised Bibb County SO was en route to [5500 BLOCK] Hawkinsville Rd Lot [REDACTED] in reference to a GSW. The caller advised he had been shot at the 7 Star in Warner Robins. Sgt. T. Gray and other units responded with Bibb County. I was dispatched back to Kingsbury Circle to recover Shane’s vehicle. Evans towing recovered the vehicle and was escorted to HQ. A voucher will be completed on Shane’s vehicle to be kept in the sally port until released.

Shane Chapman was asked to come to HQ to speak with investigators. She voluntarily accepted and was brought to WRLEC by a family friend. Shane Chapman spoke with Investigator DelGiorno. CID will take over the investigation.

The offender race, gender, and age range will remain in the offender block due to IBR errors. A tow sheet has been completed for the Honda Civic and turned into front desk.

[End of Narrative]