Brandi Williams

Williams, Brandi Mariah

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Saturday, May 21, 2022 at approximately 1242 hours, I was driving on Wilder Rd when dispatch put a BOLO for a grey car that was possibly Drunk/under the influence. Dispatch advised the caller was stating the car was all over the road and possibly impaired.

I drove to the stop sign at Wilder Rd and Dunlevie Rd to observe traffic. A grey car drove South on Dunlevie Rd. I observed the female driver sitting extremely close to the steering wheel, almost as her head was directly above the steering wheel. Based on my training and experience, people do this when impaired to try to better see the road, to “get closer to it”. A utility truck was driving behind the car and stopped in the roadway just before Wilder Rd as if I was waiting for me to pull out. This was odd as I had no emergency equipment on. This made me believe, that grey car was possibly the BOLO vehicle.

I pulled out behind the grey car (GA TAG:[REDACTED]) Toyota Camry. I observed the vehicle weaving in its own lane back and forth a lot. The vehicle drove over the fog line twice. As we approached Talmadge Rd I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle using my emergency equipment. The vehicle pulled onto the grass on the side of the road. I approached the vehicle and stood beside the driver door observing the female driver Ms Brandi Williams was looking all over the car, never rolling her window down. I knocked the window and she finally rolled it down. I noticed that utility vehicle was now behind us but in the roadway, making it really odd as to why they stopped earlier in the roadway.

Her speech was slow and low and somewhat slurred. I explained the reason for the stop and requested her driver’s license. She was stating she was weaving because her child in the back seat was yelling at her. I asked her to step to the rear of her vehicle so we could speak more. She acknowledged me and began to drive forward. I stated “woah” as I was right beside the vehicle, telling her to put it in park. She stated she was trying to drive out of the road, although she was already parked approximately 2 feet or more from the fog line of the roadway.

When she stepped out of the car she was slow, bumping into her car She looked down stepping slow as if she was trying to look where to step on the none bumpy grassy surface. Ms Williams stated she is 19 months sober and has not taken any drugs of any sort or alcohol. Her pupils were constricted, I could hardly see any pupil. Ms Williams stated she had rods in her back but works at a hotel cleaning rooms, so she is able to walk and stand fine. I asked Ms Williams if she would submit to field sobriety tests, to which she agreed. I checked for equal pupil size and any resting nystagmus. I also checked for equal tracking. It was sunny with no clouds at the time of the test. These were my findings:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test: 6 clues
-Lack of Smooth Pursuit- both eyes
-Distinct and Sustained Nystagmus at Maximum Deviation- both eyes
-Onset of Nystagmus Prior to 45 Degrees- both eyes
–Vertical Nystagmus was also present She had to be told to not move her head, to keep it still and follow with her eyes multiple times
-Her eyes were droopy and discoloration under her eye lids Her eyes were glassy

-Walk-and-Turn Test: 3 clues
-Starts too soon
-Uses Arms for balance
-Improper Turn
-She had trouble getting into the start position

-One Leg Stand-1 clue
-She was at 23 seconds when my watch was at 30 seconds, she also held her foot at maybe an inch off the ground, just barley off the ground

-Modified Romberg Test:
-Body tremors, Eyelid tremors
-The first attempt, my watch was at 58 seconds when I finally stopped her asking if she was done She stated yes and said she forgot what I told her to do because there was so many instructions We re-did the test and she counted to 31 seconds at 30 seconds

-Lack of Convergence-not present

-Finger to Nose test- through-out the test, she would not touch the tip of her finger to the tip of her nose as explained, she would touch just under or to the side of her nose. Some times, she would begin to pick the wrong arm up that I stated to do.

Ms Williams blew into a preliminary breath test and it showed 0. Ms Williams still stated she has not done any drugs. She explained she used to do methamphetamine, xanax and other drugs, but has not in months.

I placed her under arrest for the suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. I placed her in double-locked, checked for fit handcuffs. She was seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle which was searched before and after transport finding no contraband. I rear her Implied Consent for ages 21 and over from my green card for blood, to which she agreed. She called her boyfriend, Mr [REDACTED] to come take possession of the vehicle.

CPL Coffman asked Ms Williams if there was any drugs in the vehicle, as we were going to search the vehicle for fruits of the crime. She explained there was Gabapentin in a green case that was her step mothers. She stated she went to put tampons in the case and saw the pills, so she left them there and stuck it all in her purse. CPL Coffman located a green mesh bag containing approximately 5 Gabapentin pills. This green mesh bag was inside Ms Williams purse. There was no pill bottle to explain what the pills were, or who they belonged to. CPL Coffman conducted a checked and from the imprints on the pill, they appeared to be Gabapentin.

On-call narcotics was notified Inv Winchell was briefed and the pills were seized and later placed in the narcotics box in the sally port. I transported Ms Williams to the Liberty County Jail where Nurse [REDACTED] conducted the blood draw on Ms Williams. The blood kit will be dropped into evidence drop box 3. Ms Williams was turned over to jail staff. Nothing further at this time.