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Brett Grant

Grant, Brett Christopher

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:




Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On Thursday, November 24, 2022 at approximately 0027 hours, Deputy Duverge and I were a 2-man patrol unit, patrolling HWY 196E. We observed a black Ford Mustang (GA TAG:[REDACTED]) driving in the slow lane. The Mustang drove over the fog line, and would steer back into its lane. It failed to maintain lane over the fog line approximately 4 times.

We initiated our emergency equipment to initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. I walked on the passenger side of the vehicle and observed a blue bud light can open in the center console. At some point, Deputy Duverge had the driver, Mr. Brett Grant exit the vehicle. Deputy Duverge later explained he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from inside the vehicle as he approached the driver side window. He had Mr. Grant step out of the vehicle. Mr. Grant explained he was coming from J’J’s bar and grill. Mr. Grant also stated he was probably DUI. He also stated he had a few drinks at the club and the beer he was drinking in the car (the bud light).

I spoke with Mr. Grant at the front of my patrol vehicle. I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. I also noticed he soiled himself. I observed bloodshot glassy eyes. His speech was slow and slurred. Mr. Grants explained he has been at J’J’s bar since about 8PM drinking. I asked him if he would submit to field sobriety test, to which he agreed. He explained he had no issued with his eyes or body to keep him from doing any tests. He had equal tracking and equal pupil size. He had no resting nystagmus. These are my findings:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test- 6 clues

-Lack of Smooth Pursuit-both eyes
-Distinct and Sustained Nystagmus at Maximum Deviation- both eyes
-On-set of Nystagmus at 45 degrees

Lack Of Convergence test- both eyes stayed straight.

Walk and Turn Test (explained and demonstrated)-3 clues

-Cannot Balance during Instructional Phase
-Misses heel-to-toe, all steps
-Uses arms for balance

One Leg Stand-3 clues

-Puts foot down
-Uses arms for balance
–subject stopped at approx 25 seconds, almost falling over to his left

I had Mr. Grant submit a breath sample into a preliminary breath test (PBT). The PBT showed a positive indication for alcohol on Mr. Grants Breath. The PBT showed a .152. I placed Mr. Grants under arrest in double-locked, checked for fit handcuffs. He was searched finding no contraband. He was seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle which was searched before and after transport finding no contraband.

I read Mr. Grants Implied Consent Notice for Ages 21 and over for blood from my green card, to which he refused. He explained he did not want to give a blood sample.

Mr. Grant stated he did not have anyone to pick his vehicle up. Next-list wrecker service was requested, to which, Liberty Towing took possession of the vehicle.

Deputy Duverge searched/inventoried Mr. Grants vehicle. The bud light in the center console had alcohol in it still. It was poured out. Deputy Duverge located a black container with green leafy substance in it believed to be marijuana. This was seized and later dropped in the narcotics drop box.

Mr. Grant was transported to the Liberty County jail and turned over to jail staff.

[End of Narrative]