Jacob Osher

Osher, Jacob Kent

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 9/2/2022, I assisted Walthourville PD Officer Fullwood (#428) on a traffic stop. When I arrived on scene, 428 advised he witnessed a white Toyota 4Runner (Ga Tag [REDACTED]) fail to maintain lane by swerving and drifting into the number 1 lane from the number 2 lane and into the center lane. Also while following behind the vehicle, as it was approaching Dunlevie Rd, it drove off of the roadway into the grass and back onto the roadway. When a traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle, the vehicle attempted to pull off of the road into a driveway striking the curb while stopping.

Officer Fullwood informed me the driver (Jacob Osher) admitted to drinking an alcoholic beverage (whiskey and coke) the previous day. I spoke with Mr. Osher and asked him if he consumed an alcoholic beverage. He advised that he did about 1700 hours the day before. I asked him if he knew what time it was now and he advised it was about 1030 to 1100 hours. When he was asked this question it was about 0535 hours. I asked Mr. Osher if he would be willing to perform field sobriety testing to make sure he was safe to drive and he advised he was willing to take the tests. After Mr. Osher agreed, field sobriety standardized testing started. Mr. Osher advised he did wear glasses because he could not see far away and did not suffer from any head injuries. He also advised he does not suffer from any medical conditions that would not allow him to walk, stand or affect his balance.

The first evaluation I conducted was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. Mr. Osher’s’s pupils were of equal size and both eyes tracked equally on the stimulus (tip of my pin). I observed lack of smooth pursuit, distinct and sustained Nystagmus at maximum deviation and onset of Nystagmus prior to 45 degrees. Also, refer to the intoxicated person information in the report. While conducting the testing, Mr. Osher turned his head slightly when advised to follow the stimulus with his eyes and keep his head still. He showed no signs of vertical Nystagmus (6 out of 6 clues).

The second evaluation was the walk and turn. Mr. Osher was given verbal instructions and also given a demonstration. He gave a verbal “Roger” stating he understood the directions. During this evaluation, I observed Mr. Osher start too soon, miss several heel to toe steps, walk off the line and use his arms for balance. (1 instructional clue and 3 walking clues. 4 total clues)

The third evaluation was the one leg stand. Mr. Osher was given verbal instructions and also given a demonstration. He gave a verbal “Roger” stating he understood the instructions. During this evaluation, I observed Mr. Osher use his arms for balance, sway when balancing and put his foot down numerous times (3 clues out of 4).

After the field sobriety testing was completed, Mr. Osher was read implied consent for ages 21 and over due to the clues seen during testing that showed signs of impairment. Mr. Osher agreed to a chemical test of his breath. He was then placed under arrest for the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and searched incident to arrest with nothing found. The handcuffs were checked for fit and double locked before transport. Mr. Osher was transported to Hinesville Police Department to be tested on the Intox 9000 by Officer B. Johnson 134. After testing, Mr. Osher had a blood alcohol concentration of .162 and .156. He was then transported to Liberty County Jail and issued two citations (Dui First and Failure to maintain lane). He was also issued a 1205 form for a temporary driving permit.

The backseat of my patrol vehicle was searched before and after transport with nothing found. Mr. Osher was left in the custody of the jail.

[End of Narrative]