Lonnie Grimes

Grimes, Lonnie Eeron

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at approximately 0002 hours, I was patrolling Ga 38 near Patriots Trail. I was traveling Eastbound in the fast lane. I observed a white Nissan Frontier (GA TAG:[REDACTED]) driving in front of me. The vehicle drove over the center turn line multiple times. I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, using my emergency equipment, as we approached the LaQuinta INN.

I approached the vehicle and immediately was struck by the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. I explained the reason for the stop to the driver, Ms Laura Jones She stated her tire was messed up, causing her to drive left. I requested her driver’s license. I had Ms Jones step out of the vehicle. I asked her about the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. She stated she did not know of any marijuana in the vehicle. I searched Ms Jones finding no contraband.

I had the front seat passenger, Mr Lonnie Grimes, step out of the vehicle. I began to search him Mr Grimes stated he had some “weed” in his front right pocket. I retrieved this and placed Mr Grimes in handcuffs. I explained he was detained at this point until further investigation. No other contraband was located on his person. His handcuffs were double-locked and checked for fit He was seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle. Deputy Martin and Deputy Del-Rio also arrived and assisted searching the other’s in the vehicle.

Dep Martin had dispatch do a check on one of the males who were in the back seat, Mr Allen Mcpeek. Dispatch advised he was wanted for Failure to Appear through Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. The hit was sent and dispatch advised to place a hold on Mr Mcpeek. I placed Mr Mcpeek under arrest in double-locked, checked for fit handcuffs. Dep Martin already searched him finding no contraband. Mr Mcpeek was seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle.

Dep Del-Rio and myself searched the vehicle. In a red Pringles can beside the passenger seat, beside the center console. In the red Pringles can contained a rubber bowl for smoking, a black grinder containing marijuana, a lighter, and 2 other plastic bags with a green leafy substance. I asked the driver, Ms Jones who’s it was. She explained her fiancé’s, who is Mr Grimes.

These items were sitting beside Mr Grimes as he was the front seat passenger. I went back to my rear seat in my patrol vehicle and spoke with Mr Grimes. I read him his Miranda Rights, from my orange rights card. Mr Grimes understood his rights and stated yes he would talk with me. I asked him if the red Pringles can, and items inside it were his, he stated yes. I advised him he was under arrest and no longer just detained. No other contraband was found in the vehicle.

The vehicle was turned over to Mr [REDACTED], as Ms Jones has a class D license. I transported Mr Grimes and Mr Mcpeek to the Liberty county jail where they were turned over to jail staff. My rear seat was searched before and after transport finding no contraband. The seized contraband was placed in an evidence bag with a property tracking form, and was placed in the narcotics box. Investigator Whinchell was notified. My body camera was on during this. Nothing further at this time.