Rochelle Snell

Snell, Rochelle Taylor

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
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On Saturday June 09 2022, At 1717 hours. I was dispatched to a domestic violence report at [600 BLOCK] SunShine Lake Road, Midway GA 31320.

When I arrived on scene, I met with [VICTIM #1]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated his son Thomas Leroux and his girlfriend Rochelle Snell started arguing inside the residence. [VICTIM #1] said the argument started because Rochelle wanted drugs from Thomas. [VICTIM #1] said during the argument Rochelle started throwing knifes at Thomas. Corporal Lesinski (933) arrived on scene.

[VICTIM #1] said he got in between Thomas and Rochelle. [VICTIM #1] said Thomas was using his cell phone prior to the argument, [VICTIM #1] stated Thomas handed back his cell phone. [VICTIM #1] said he told Rochelle and Thomas he was calling Law Enforcement. [VICTIM #1] stated Rochelle reached out and tried to grab the phone out of his hand. [VICTIM #1] said When Rochelle tried to grab the phone, she pushed the center of his chest at the same time, which made him fall back. [VICTIM #1] said when he fell to the ground he hit his head on the floor and sustained cuts to his leg. [VICTIM #1] said he noticed his oxygen tank was running low so he went to the back porch to grab another oxygen tank. [VICTIM #1] stated Rochelle also walked outside and prevented him from picking up a full oxygen tank by blocking the tanks with her body. [VICTIM #1] stated he did not feel safe in the residence and walked across the street to the neighbors ([10 BLOCK] Ocean Road.) [VICTIM #1] stated Rochelle followed him over to the residence of [10 BLOCK] Ocean Road and knocked on the door. The owners of [10 BLOCK] Ocean Road did not allow Rochelle in the house.

While I was on scene, it was clear [VICTIM #1] was running out of oxygen because he was having a hard time breathing. I assisted [VICTIM #1] in getting another oxygen tank from the back porch. I observed several cuts to [VICTIM #1]’s leg that were bleeding on scene. I asked [VICTIM #1] if he wanted an ambulance, he said “no.” [VICTIM #1]’s injuries were documented on scene by using by body worn camera.

[VICTIM #1] requested that deputies walk through the house and make sure Rochelle left. When I opened the front door, I immediately noticed a large knife on the floor. Deputies walked through the house and did not locate Rochelle on scene.

I provided [VICTIM #1] with the case number and a victims pamphlet. I also explained to [VICTIM #1] further options.

At approximately 2100 hours, [VICTIM #1] called 911 and stated Rochelle has returned to the house. Corporal Lesinski (933) arrived on scene.

When I arrived on scene, I met with Rochelle. I asked Rochelle what happened, Rochelle stated she walked outside to speak with Thomas about texting other girls. Rochelle said Thomas got very upset when she asked him and started yelling to [VICTIM #1] to call the police. Rochelle said while they were standing in the house, Thomas handed [VICTIM #1] the cell phone. Rochelle said she wanted to see if Thomas has been texting another female, so she tried to grab the phone. Rochelle said she never touched [VICTIM #1] but when he tried to grab the phone [VICTIM #1] fell back and hit the ground. Rochelle said she tried to check on [VICTIM #1] several times to see if he was hurt, but [VICTIM #1] told Rochelle to stay away from him.

I asked Rochelle if she threw a knife at Thomas, Rochelle said “no.” I asked Rochelle how a knife got on the floor of the living room. Rochelle said she started picking up knifes from the yard and brought them inside. Rochelle said after [VICTIM #1] fell to the ground, Thomas believed she was the person who caused [VICTIM #1] to fall and pushed her head into the wall. Rochelle said she fell to the ground and Thomas kicked her.

Due to the spot Rochelle stated she was kicked in, I was not able to see any visible injuries on scene. Rochelle also had slight redness to the forehead.

I told Rochelle she was under arrest for Battery and obstructing a 911 call. I transported Rochelle to the county jail and released her to the booking staff.

When the booking staff conducted a strip search on Rochelle’s person, The female booking deputy informed me Rochelle had large scratch mark on her back. After further investigation, The female booking deputy stated the injury looks like Rochelle was caused by her scratching herself. The injury was not consistent with the statement Rochelle provided. Rochelle was informed about how to apply for a criminal warrant.

I applied for warrants against Rochelle for battery and obstructing or hindering a 911 call.

[End of Narrative]