Savannah Nieto

Nieto, Savannah Shantel

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Saturday, July 9 2022 at approximately 0040 hrs, I was driving west in the area of E Oglethorpe Hwy and Caleb White Blvd when I observed a small gray SUV (Virginia tag: [REDACTED]) in the outside lane slow down, but did not see any brake lights. Before I could pass the vehicle, it sped up and created distance between our vehicles. I continued to travel in the inside lane, approximately two car lengths behind the vehicle. The vehicle was weaving within it’s lane and could not maintain a constant speed.

As we approached Applebee’s (1492 E Oglethorpe Hwy), the vehicle applied it’s brakes suddenly and it jerked towards the right turn lane into the business, with it’s right turn signal activated. Before the vehicle entered the turn lane fully, the turn signal turned off and the vehicle jerked back into it’s previous lane of travel and sped up quickly.

Due to the sudden, erratic vehicle maneuvers and inability to maintain a constant speed, I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle near Wallace Martin Drive. The vehicle came to a final stop in the parking lot of Panera Bread (1190 E Oglethorpe Hwy).

I approached the driver’s side and made contact with the driver, identified as Christopher Guilfo. I smelled an overwhelming odor of alcoholic beverages coming from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. I asked Guilfo why did he slam on brakes, turn on his blinker, and then re-enter the lane of travel before speeding up. The female passenger, later identified as Savannah Nieto, began to speak over Guilfo. I advised her I was speaking to the driver. Guilfo stated he thought his other passenger’s vehicle was parked at the hotels near Applebee’s but before he turned, the passengers told him it wasn’t there. Guilfo was insistent that they were almost home and repeated that to me several times. His eyelids were droopy and low, but I could not tell if they were glassy or bloodshot.

Guilfo provided me with a Georgia limited term permit. The restrictions were listed as requiring an Interlock device and to only travel to/from home/work/school. I checked the status of Guilfo’s driver’s license through GCIC. I received a return of his driving privileges being suspended on Oct 28, 2021 for a DUI, second offense.

Due to the overwhelming odor of alcoholic beverages coming from the vehicle, I requested ADS Recore to respond to my location and ensure Guilfo was not operating the vehicle impaired by alcohol. ADS Recore arrived on scene and I requested Guilfo to step out of the vehicle. As Guilfo moved away from the vehicle, I could still smell the odor of alcohol beverages emitting from Guilfo’s person. Guilfo consented to Field Sobriety evaluations from ADS Recore. Nieto exited the vehicle and began to approach us and Deputy Recore and myself instructed her to return to the vehicle. I spoke to Nieto after she returned to the vehicle and she advised, “I made him drive because I’m drunk.” She also advised Guilfo’s mother was en route to our location.

ADS Recore advised his BWC (body worn camera) had died while he was on scene with me. I allowed ADS Recore to use my BWC while evaluating Guilfo through Field Sobriety. See his supplement for further.

After ADS Recore completed his evaluations, he advised Guilfo he was being placed under arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. I secured Guilfo in handcuffs behind his back, secured for fit and double-locked. While I was securing Guilfo in handcuffs, Nieto exited the passenger side of the vehicle and began yelling and cussing at ADS Recore and myself. Two more females approached us from across the parking lot, presumably Guilfo’s family. Nieto was told several times by ADS Recore to return to her vehicle and she refused. I turned over custody of Guilfo to ADS Recore to secure in his patrol vehicle.

I approached Nieto and placed her in handcuffs behind her back. The handcuffs were secured for fit and double-locked. I escorted her to the front of ADS Recore’s vehicle and asked her for her name and date of birth. She refused to provide me with her information. ADS Recore and I traded BWCs back. She told ADS Recore she would tell him her information but refused to provide it to me. I returned to the passenger side of the vehicle and spoke with the back seat passenger who was now seated in the front seat. I saw a small black zippered purse in the floor board. I asked if that was Nieto’s and she advised it was. I requested the female to get Nieto’s identification out of it and give it to me. The female did so. No other property was taken out of the vehicle. The female put the keys to the vehicle on top of the car and I retrieved them.

ADS Recore searched Guilfo incident to arrest with no findings. Nieto was wearing form fitting clothing with no obvious, unnatural bulges so she was not searched or patted down.

Nieto advised the vehicle was hers and she would only release it to Guilfo’s sister, [REDACTED], who was one of the females that arrived on scene. After insuring A. Guilfo’s driving privileges were in good standing, I gave the keys to the vehicle to her. ADS Recore transported Guilfo and Nieto to the Liberty County Jail and were released to booking staff.

I arrived on scene and issued a citation to Guilfo for driving with a suspended license – and offense and a citation to Nieto for disorderly conduct due to the immediate breach of peace during the arrest of Guilfo and the several warnings she received to return to her vehicle.

ADS Recore’s vehicle was searched before and after transport with no findings.

[End of Narrative]