Valdosta man tased after fighting officer during arrest

Aug 27, 2020 at 8:28 PM EDT

EDITOR’S NOTE: Body camera footage is not releasable until the entire criminal case has been adjudicated and closed. This can take years, depending on the complexity.

VALDOSTA – The following incident reports and camera footage were filed by the Valdosta Police Department regarding the arrest of Kelvin Roan Jr. on August 26, 2018 on charges of felony obstruction and disorderly conduct.

Editors Note: Some names and addresses in the following transcription(s) may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Transcription of Narrative Report by Officer Wheeler

On 08-26-18 at 1407 Hrs, I was dispatched as a backup officer for Ptl Hinson, responding to a domestic dispute at [4000 block] Forrest Run Circle.

Dispatch advised that a male and female were arguing, the male had pushed her and was threatening to break her iPad. The male was described as a “black male with no shirt on” (Later identified as Kelvin Roan). As I was en route to the call, Ptl Hinson arrived ahead of me. I heard him call on the radio “step it up”.

At that time, I elevated my response to “Code 3” running lights and siren. Shortly after the first call, I heard Ptl Hinson call “78” on the radio with what sounded like yelling in the background. Upon my arrival to the residence, I saw that a black male with no shirt on being held against the side of the residence by the garage by two other black males (Joshua Roan and Damien Throntor) (brothers of Kelvin Roan) and Ptl Hinson.

I noted that Ptl Hinson had his CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon) out and he was not wearing his glasses. I approached Roan’s right side and told him to place his hands behind his back. The two other black males were telling Roan to calm down and let us put the cuffs on him. He responded to them saying “naw”. I took hold of Roan’s right arm by the wrist and was able to force his arm behind his back by using both of my arms and leveraging against his side. Ptl Hinson was also giving verbal commands to Roan and the bystanders, so I let him give the verbal commands.

Roan’s brothers stepped away and Roan immediately attempted to forcefully walk away and pull out of our grasp. Once we got into the grass of the front yard, I swept Roan’s legs causing him to stumble to his knees and then to the ground. He rolled and continued to resist us, ignoring verbal commands from PtI Hinson to stop resisting us. During the struggle, Roan broke free of Ptl Hinson’s grasp and began to roll over. I rolled hard onto Roan’s arm in an effort to prevent him from getting up.

I removed my OC Spray from my holster with my left hand and maintained my hold of Roan’s arm. Due to his position, I gave verbal warning, telling Roan “I will spray you”. Roan responded, You ain’t gonna spray me, Fu*k y’all.” At that time, I stretched my arm and body up and attempted to deploy the OC Spray into Roan’s face. I initiated a single burst, of less than a second due to Roan turning his head. When he turned his head back, I deployed a second burst of approximately one second, which appeared to cover the right side of Roan’s face.

Due to having to reposition my body to spray Roan, he was able to break free of my grasp and begin getting up, I then got to my feet as Ptl Hinson was still engaged with Roan. I saw Roan aggressively swing his right arm at Pti Hinson’s head, Due to Ptl Hinson’s position, the blow appeared to be deflected by Ptl Hinson’s left arm and shoulder.

As this was happening, Roan got up and began backing towards the house. Once he reached the wall of the residence, he pulled a large city trash can in front of him. I removed my CEW from it’s holster and told Roan to get on the ground, but he did not respond. I moved forward while Ptl Hinson continued to give verbal orders for Roan to stop resisting and to get on the ground. The trash can blocked the ideal area for CEW deployment, so I got closer and began walking around the side of Roan.

Ptl Hinson continued to draw Roan’s attention. Due to his display of resistance and strike to Ptl Hinson, once presented with an opportunity to deploy my CEW into Roan’s back, I did so. At the time of the CEW deployment, I was approximately 5 to 6 feet away and the probe spread was approximately 8 to 10 inches in the middle of Roan’s back to the right of his spine. The effect of the CEW was immediate, causing Roan to turn around facing me, bend at the waist and fall to his buttocks, then onto his back. Only one 5 second cycle of the CEW was applied.

Roan immediately rolled onto his stomach and Ptl Hinson began hand cuffing procedures. Once in restraints, I radioed dispatch that we had one person in custody and that both OC and CEW had been deployed. I heard that my shift supervisor was aware and on the way. Roan was then walked to Ptl Hinson’s patrol car. I retrieved my department issued first aid kit and an additional box of band-aids that I keep in the front of my patrol car.

Roan was offered water for the OC spray, however he refused to allow us to rinse his face off. He was told to stand still against the car while I removed the probes from his back. I took a photo of his back before removing the probes. Once I removed the probes, I applied band-aids to the probe contact points. Alcohol wipes were not available, as mine were dried out in the package. I did not take photos of the contact points after the band-aids were applied. This process was recorded on my department issued body worn camera and Roan was not cooperative through the process.

After several minutes, Roan asked for us to rinse his face off. I utilized one of our water jugs to pour water over Roan’s face. He began to protest us pouring water on him despite us telling him that he needed to rinse off and get air. He was later seated in Ptl Hamilton’s patrol car and transported to Lowndes County Jail to be processed and decontaminated in the jail shower at the direction of jail staff.

Jail staff was notified of the CEW and OC use in this arrest prior to being examined by the jail nurse. Roan was turned over to jail staff without incident.

After Roan was transported to LCJ, I spoke with Roan’s mother, [REDACTED]. She stated that she knew her son was wrong for resisting arrest, but did not understand why he was arrested. Ptl Hinson explained the circumstances to her and she said that she understood. She informed us that her daughter [REDACTED] (other half of original dispute) was refusing to speak to anyone after this incident. Ptl Hinson described the circumstances to me which he observed on his arrival. Based on his observations, I advised Ptl Hinson to charge Roan with Disorderly Conduct leading to the 911 call, Felony Obstruction for assaulting Ptl Hinson and Misdemeanor Obstruction for resisting arrest.

The expended CEW cartridge (Ser#C31055RH2) was placed into Property/Evidence and labeled as “bio hazard”. The OC canister was weighed and photographed and will be returned to VPD Training Officers.

End Transcription

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