Video released showing man fall down stairs while running from Valdosta police

June 24, 2020 at 9:18 AM EDT

VALDOSTA – The following incident report was filed by the Valdosta Police Department regarding the arrest of Walker, Eubia, 26, on charges of Obstruction, Cocaine Possession, and Warrants Served.

Some names and addresses in the following transcriptions may have been redacted. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. Ryan Willis)

On 5/13/19 at 1230 hours, I was dispatched to 1702 Gornto Road (Hilton Garden Inn) in reference to a dispute. While en-route 911 Dispatch advised that the possible offender is wearing green scrubs and is a black male.

On arrival a black male wearing a green top and green shorts began to exit the hotel. The male appeared to look familiar to me. I made contact with him after asking for him to provide me with his name or a identification card he kept refusing and stating ” what am I being charged with?”. I advised the male several more times to give us his name and he refused every time.

I made contact with [REDACTED] (manager of the hotel) and she provided me with the name of the subject that payed for the hotel room that he was staying in. The name that [REDACTED] gave me was Eubia Walker (BIM DOB: [REDACTED]).

At this point I remembered why Walker appeared to look familiar to me. Walker was resistant and violent towards me in the past. I checked Walker through GCIC/NCIC and he returned back having several warrants that were valid.

I made contact with Walker again and advised him that he had valid arrest warrants. Walker refused again and stated “you have the wrong guy that’s not me”. I advised Walker that he was under arrest and to place his hands behind his back. Walker refused and started to step backwards from myself and Officer Wicker.

Officer Wicker then told him to place his hands behind his back that he was under arrest. Officer Wicker then grabbed his left arm while I grabbed his right arm with my left hand. I then drew my department issued Taser CEW and pointed it at Walker due to the last time I was out with him.

I then holstered my Taser and Walker swung his arms around and Officer Wicker and I were able to move out of the way of his arms. Walker then ran from me southbound in the parking lot towards Flash Foods. I drew my Taser again and at this point I Discharged my Taser due to Walkers past and the aggressive arm swings to get away from us. I missed with my Taser and continued to chase after him on foot.

Walker then attempted to jump over a swinging metal gate at which point he got stuck on the gate. With me right behind Walker I was unable to see that on the other side of the gate was approximately a five foot drop. I jumped down the steps and while jumping I grabbed on to Walkers pants and pulled him off of the gate causing him to fall on the ground.

I then grabbed onto Walker with my both hands wrapped around his upper torso. Walker then pushed off of me causing my body camera and clip to rip off of my chest. At this point I heard Officer Wicker yelling “Taser Taser Taser” and I let go of Walker.

Officer Wicker discharged his Taser and Walker fell against the wall that separated Flash Foods from the hotel. While attempting to place Walker in handcuffs I observed him shoving a plastic bag into his mouth. Due to the previous dealing with Walker having a bunch of drugs in his possession, I believed Walker was attempting to swallow drugs. Using my right hand I grabbed a hold of Walkers jaw bone to keep him from being able to chew what I believed to be drugs.

Walker was able to get a piece of the plastic into his mouth at which time I was able to get his left hand behind his back and secure one cuff. Walker was still resisting arrest and not complying with my commands of “Put your hands behind your back “.

Lieutenant Durrance arrived on scene and using his PR24 baton he was able to pry his right arm behind his back to allow me to get the other cuff on. Walker then began to yell “I am a 1013 ” over and over.

Walker was escorted to Officer Cox’s patrol vehicle where he refused to get into the vehicle. I went around to the opposite side of the patrol car and while grabbing onto the handcuffs I pulled Walker through the back seat.

At this time we were able to secure the patrol vehicle with Walker inside.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. Ryan Willis)

The sound in the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. John Wicker)

On 05/13/2019 at approximately 1230 hours, I responded to 1702 Gornto Road (Hilton Garden Inn) to an domestic dispute. Upon my arrival I made contact with Eubia Walker(B/M,DOB [REDACTED]) who was walking out of the hotel while I was walking up.

Walker tried to walk away from me and Officer Willis. I ordered Walker to stop and he stopped and talked to us but refused to provide me with his identification or name and date of birth. Walker argued with us for a while and stated that he wanted to talk to his brother, his lawyer and his uncle multiple times. Officer Willis obtained Walker’s name from the front desk at the hotel and ran him through the Georgia Crime Information Center. Walker came back with multiple warrants out of Lowndes County, Georgia and Remerton, Georgia.

Officer Willis and I informed Walker that he was under arrest and Walker became irate stating that he was “1013” and, “It’s not me.”

Officer Willis grabbed Walker’s right arm and I grabbed his left arm. I put Walker’s left arm behind his back and he aggressively jerked away from me and swung his arm at me. Walker pulled away from Officer Willis and began to run. Officer Willis deployed his conducted electrical weapon but it had no effect.

Walker ran to a fence and tried to hop the gate, the gate swung open and Officer Willis and Walker went down the stairs. Officer Willis began to struggle to gain control of Walker and once I got through the gate I pulled my conducted electrical weapon and told the other officers to back off him. I deployed my conducted electrical weapon and made contact with Walker’s right buttocks area and his lower back approximately 9 inches apart.

Walker went to the ground and continued to fight against Officer Willis and Lieutenant Durrance while they were attempting to handcuff him. I cycled the conducted electrical weapon 3 times with no effect and noticed that one of the barbs was not connected. That was when I drive stunned Walker a total of 3 times on his right buttocks area until he presented us with both of his hands.

Walker was attempting to chew a bag of white powdery substance while we were trying to handcuff him, he eventually spit the bag on the ground. I retrieved the bag off the ground and it field tested positive for cocaine.

Walker was search placed in handcuffs double locked to the rear, searched incident to arrest, and placed in Officer Cox’s patrol car. Officer Cox transported Walker to South Georgia Medical Center out of fear that Walker may have swallowed another bag of the white powdery substance. Walker was later admitted to South Georgia Medical Center for treatment and observation.

I retrieved Walker’s wallet and other belongings that fell out his pocket while he was running. I placed his belonging in a paper bag and took them to Walker at the hospital where he was being held.

I will be obtaining warrants on Eubia Walker for the charges of Obstruction of a Police Officer, Possession of Cocaine, and Tampering with Evidence.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. John Wicker)

The sound in the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds.