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Video released showing Georgia politician helping subdue subject

June 23, 2020 at 4:18 PM EDT

VALDOSTA – The following incident report was filed by the Valdosta Police Department regarding the arrest of Mboup, Mohamed, 29, on charges of Shoplifting and Obstruction.

Some names and addresses in the following transcriptions may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. Kristopher Siren)

On this day, Sunday, April 28, 2019, at approximately 1736 hours while driving northbound in the 2100 Block of Bemiss Road I observed a black male with dreads wearing a blue jean jacket that was a suspect in a shoplifting that occurred at Dollar General running along the sidewalk leading to the old Club 229, 2159 Bemiss Road, and hid under a silver Dodge Ram truck.

Upon pulling into the parking lot I exited my patrol car to make contact with the individual later identified as Mohamed Mboup (B/M DOB [REDACTED], Mboup then crawled out from under the truck on the west side of it and looked directly at me while wearing my Valdosta Police Department issued power squad uniform displaying my badge on my right shoulder.

I advised Mboup to stay where he was at and he fled on foot west on the sidewalk. I pursued Mboup giving verbal commands to stop and he failed to do so until he ran into a white vertical post causing him to fall to his back on the ground. I attempted to advise Dispatch/E911 and other on duty units of my location and found my portable radio had been turned off.

Mboup then stood back up and ran southeast through the parking lot all the while giving him commands to stop running. Mboup tripped over his feet and fell to the ground face first while I was in pursuit of him. Mboup again stood back up this time facing me when I grabbed both sides of his jean jacket with my left hand approximately eight inches below his chin. Mboup then began hitting my left arm with both of his hands attempting to get me to release my grasp of his jacket. I advised Mboup to stop resisting and to get on the ground as I keyed up my portable radio to advise Dispatch/E911 that I was in the old Club 229 parking lot fighting with the offender, Mboup.

I then drew my department issued Conductive Electrical Weapon (CEW), Taser, and aimed it at Mboup’s midsection. Mboup again failed to comply with my commands and I discharged my CEW towards his midsection and it failed to connect. Mboup then swung with his right hand towards my head just making contact with the tips of his fingers as I leaned away. Mboup also grabbed my CEW with his left hand as a struggle for my weapon began as he continued to hit my left arm with his right to resist arrest. Mboup was able to pull my CEW from right hand and I then drew my department issued sidearm. Mboup released my CEW and fled on foot towards the businesses of the 2100 Block of Bemiss Road.

Mboup again tripped over his feet and fell face down onto the asphalt as I made contact with him and attempted to gain control to make an arrest. I straddled Mboup and applied pressure on a pressure point near the left side of his throat to gain compliance and he continued to resist.

State representative Dexter Sharper approached from my left side and advised me he was going to help. Sharper straddled Mboup and assisted me in applying double-locked handcuffs to his wrists and to the rear.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. Kristopher Siren)

The sound in the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds. We asked for the footage showing the moments leading up to this struggle, but was told by the Valdosta Police Department the footage doesn’t exist.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Sgt. Billy Wheeler)

On 04-28-19 at approximately 1736 Hrs, I was working extra duty at 2501 N Patterson Street, SGMC. I heard radio traffic from Ptl Siren that he was in front of Club 229 with a person who was fighting him.

At that time, I responded from the main lobby of the hospital. Once in my patrol car, I responded with lights and siren. As I entered the parking lot of Club 229, I heard Ptl Siren advise over the radio that the subject was in custody. I maneuvered my patrol car to face the location of detention and got out to assist.

As I approached, Ptl Siren was standing up. I saw a citizen, later identified as Dexter Sharper, sitting astride the offender. I advised Sharper not to compress the offender’s abdomen.

The offender continued to scream and kick his feet. When Sgt Vickers arrived, I asked for her leg irons, which I applied and double locked. The offender, Mohamed Mboup (black male date of birth [REDACTED]) was then moved to a sitting position and I double locked the hand irons which had already been applied before my arrival.

Mboups’ jean jacket was handed to me and I searched it incident to arrest. No contraband was found. The jacket was turned over to Ptl Tatum.

I assisted Pt’ Siren and Sgt Vickers in the retrieval of AFIDS and CEW cartridge items. As Mboup was being searched, I did notice that one probe was laying on the ground and another was stuck in the lower left (as worn) front of the coat near the thicker part of the coat where the buttons are. Mboup was bleeding from his mouth when I arrived, but I was not aware of the cause.

My department issued body camera recorded my interaction in this case [BELOW]. My in-car camera was delayed in recording due to it being shut off while on extra duty and did not record until it booted up. Both videos were tagged with this case number.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (Sgt. Billy Wheeler)

The sound in the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. Holly Vickers)

On April 28, 2019, at approximately 1736 hours, I responded to the 2100 block of Bemiss Road, Valdosta, Georgia, in reference to Officer Kris Siren requesting assistance while fighting a shoplifting suspect for this case. Officer Siren relayed over our police radio that he was fighting with the subject, later known as Mohamed Mboup (black male, date of birth [REDACTED] near the old “229 Club”.

I knew from prior experience that the location was on the 2100 block of Bemiss Road, so I drove there and found Officer Siren walking toward my vehicle, and Valdosta Police Sergeant Billy Wheeler and citizen Dexter Sharper on the ground with Mboup.

Sgt Wheeler asked me to get my leg irons, and I complied. After we applied the leg irons to Mboup, I began checking on Officer Siren. I observed that he had some scrapes on his right arm, but appeared unharmed in any other manner. I asked him if he was okay, and he said, “Yes.” I then assisted Officer Siren in collecting his CEW, its spent cartridge, and the color tabs from the ground. (I later put these items into property/evidence after I entered them into Starlims).

After Mboup was properly restrained, Sgt Wheeler stood him up, and I noticed his mouth was bleeding. I requested the E-911 Dispatcher to have EMS enroute to check him and Officer Siren, and she complied. After EMS Squad 1 arrived on scene and conducted their evaluation, they stated that everyone appeared okay.

I asked Sharper to provide me with a written statement, and he complied. He wrote that he saw a black male (Mboup) running from Officer Siren. He stated Mboup ran face first into a pole, and fell to the ground. After falling down, Officer Siren attempted to “taze” him, and began struggling with Mboup. Sharper wrote that he then assisted Officer Siren with Mboup until he was handcuffed and other officers arrived on scene.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. Holly Vickers)

The sound in the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. George Tatum)

On Sunday, April 28, 2019, at approximately 1729 hours, I respond to Dollar General, located at 2107 Bemiss Road in reference to a reported shoplifting.
While en route dispatch advised the shoplifter had left Dollar General entered Piggly Wiggly next door located at 2111 Bemiss Road.

Upon My arrival I made contact with [REDACTED], W/M, who advised the shoplifter was a black male wearing a jean jacket and had gone into Piggly Wiggly. The shoplifter was later identified as Mohamed B. A. Mboup, B/M, DOB: [REDACTED].

I entered Piggly Wiggly and looked throughout the store, but was unable to locate him. At this time Officer Siren called on the radio that he had found the suspect and was in a fight with him in the 2100 Block of Bemiss Road.

Upon my arrival at Officer K. Siren’s location, Mboup was already handcuffed and in police custody. Please see Officer Siren’s supplement in reference to this case. EMS arrived on scene to check Mboup’s injureis. Squad 1 (Katie Jennings and Dana Brown) advised Mboup only suffered superficial injures. Mboup had cut to his upper lip and a complaint of a knee injury. Officer Z. Stites transported Mboup to the Lowndes County Jail.

I did not question Mboup in relation to the shoplifting incident. Officer Stties later attempted to interview Mboup, but he refused. Mboup kept saying “I have a baby” and he said “I’m going away for a long time”.

I ran a criminal history on Mboup which revealed 3 prior convictions for shoplifting. I will be adding a copy of Mboup’s criminal history to the case file.

I photographed the stolen items with my Motorola body camera.

Pitts provided me with a witness statement and a receipt of the stolen items. I will be adding both to the case file.
Pitts advised they had security footage of the shoplifting. I collected the footage and submitted it to property and evidence. The footage did not show Mboup concealing the items, but it showed Dollar General employees confront Mboup as he tried to walk out the door. When confronted, Mboup removed all the shoplifted items pockets.

I recorded the incident on my Motorola body Camera.

I will be seeking warrants against Mboup for shoplifting to be presented to a Lowndes County Magistrate at the next available date. Officer Siren will be seeking warrants for charges in relation to this case.


End Transcription of Narrative Report (Ofc. George Tatum)

The sound in the following body cam doesn’t start for several seconds.