Two kittens killed after witness says they were thrown from moving vehicle

July 6, 2020 at 9:27 AM EDT

DALTON – The following incident report was filed by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office regarding the arrest of Bennett, Regina Gail, 59, on June 24, 2020 on a charge of animal cruelty.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency.

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On June 24, 2020 at 12:20pm, I, Deputy K. Newton responded to a moving violation on Dallas Acworth Highway where someone was throwing kittens out the window of a vehicle.

Prior to my arrival, I was notified by dispatch that the complainant, [WITNESS #1] was following the suspect, later identified as Regina Bennett was driving a 2013 Blue Chevrolet Equinox with GA license plate [REDACTED] throwing kittens out of the window. She then advised that she pulled into the Dollar Tree parking lot at Crossroads and went inside.

While I was en-route to the incident, I noticed an orange and white kitten in the middle of the roadway (deceased) and another orange and white kitten was located in the 5500 block of Dallas Acworth Hwy. I had dispatch inform animal control and have them en-route to pick up the kittens.

Upon my arrival, I made contact with [WITNESS #1] and she advised the following: She was travelling North on Dallas Acworth Hwy when she got behind the Blue Chevrolet Equinox. While she was behind the vehicle she noticed that there was a kitten being thrown out of the passenger side window. She advised that she threw- out two orange and white kittens and a black and white kitten. She stated that the two orange and white kittens were dead in the road and the black and white one ran off in the woods. She then informed me that Bennett went inside Dollar Tree and was wearing a red shirt with black pants.

I walked inside of the store and located Bennett on the pet isle loading a buggy with cat food and other cat items. I informed her that I needed to speak with her and had her walk outside. Once we got outside, I asked her if she owns any cats. She stated that she takes care of a lot of the cats in the neighborhood. I then asked her if she had any kittens. She advised she has 3 kittens a black and white one and two orange and white kittens. I then asked her if she had thrown any kittens out of the window of her vehicle. She informed me that she left all of her kittens at home and would never hurt a cat.

I then informed her that she needed to be honest with me because I have a witness that watched her throw two orange and white kittens and a black and white kitten out of her passenger side window while driving down the road. She stated that there was no way possible for her to catch the kittens and put them in her vehicle.

While looking at her vehicle, you could see scratches on the side of her vehicle. I informed her that we have a witness that watched her throw the kittens out of the vehicle, I found two orange and white kittens dead on the road and that she was going to be placed under arrest of cruelty to animals. She was placed in handcuffs (double locked and checked for fit), placed in the back of my vehicle and buckled up.

End Transcription of Narrative Report