Tony Powell

Powell, Tony, Jr

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On 010923 at 0047 hours I Cpl. T. Neal (C81) responded to 3866 Mike Padgett Hwy Lot 85 in regards to a disturbance.

Upon arrival I spoke with Tony Powell Jr. (arrested), who stated he was arguing with his brother ([REDACTED]/other) about his dead wife. Tony stated [REDACTED] became upset and began cursing at him and telling not to talk about [REDACTED]’s dead wife. Upon asking Tony what lead him to mention [REDACTED]’s wife, he stated it was personal and he rather not explain any further what started the argument.

Upon exiting the residence to verify the information for [REDACTED] and Tony, I was approached by [VICTIM #1] (victim), who stated the argument occurred because [REDACTED] (her uncle) was concerned as to why she was shaking in fear in the front room when he arrived at the residence. [VICTIM #1] stated when she refused to tell [REDACTED] why she was shaking he confronted Tony (her uncle) which started the argument.

I asked [VICTIM #1] to explain what occurred prior to [REDACTED]’s arrival, in which she stated while she was sitting on the couch, Tony approached and began kissing her on the forehead, and rubbing her left leg. She she stated as she told him to stop he sat on the floor in between her legs with his back facing her and reached up to start back rubbing her leg after she told him to stop.

She stated he rubbed her leg as high as the inner thigh, but she stopped him before he could reach her groin area, and that is when [REDACTED] walked into the residence and observed her shaking. Upon detaining Tony and reading his Miranda rights to him, he stated he did touch her leg but only to the knee and no further.

Tony was transported to the CBWDC for the charge of Sexual Battery, and warrants were obtained based off [VICTIM #1]’s statement. Warrants confirmed at the records ([REDACTED]) division and printed.

[End of Narrative]