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Tayshuna Jackson


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Obstruction of Officer

Public Drunkness


Simple Battery

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on March 22, 2023]

On March 22, 2023, at approximately 0509 hours I, Officer Robertson was dispatched to 1245 North Broad Street in reference to a non-violent dispute. While enroute to the call at 1245 North Broad Street (Waffle House) Walton County Communications was giving updates on the nature of the call. We were advised that the subject’s involved were throwing chairs. The call was now a violent dispute so response was upgraded to a code three response.

Officer Parson was first on scene, I then arrived on scene of the Waffle House, second to the call. When I arrived on location I walked inside the Waffle House where Officer Parson #353 was located at. When I walked inside the one female later identified as Kandyce Watson was yelling very loud and talking over Officer Parson. Watson was not listening to Officer Parson and would not let her talk or ask questions.

The parties were separated by Officer Parson going outside with Watson, I stayed inside with Jackson and was asking her what had taken place. While talking with her I could hear Watson yelling at Officer Parson, Officer Askey #363 walked outside with Officer Parson due to the heavily intoxicated and the size of suspect verses size of Officer.

When Officer Askey steps out I could hear the voice of the subject getting louder and she was refusing to stop yelling. When she would not stop yelling Officer Askey advised her with a loud clear verbal command to shut up or she was going to be arrested. This was being said due to her being so loud and creating a disturbance while being intoxicated and was also involved in an altercation this was all being in violation of Georgia state law of disorderly conduct.

When Officer Askey went to place the subject under arrest by pulling her arm behind her back she started resisting and fighting Officer Askey. The other subject went running outside and I followed, when she went out she pushed Officer Parson out of the way so that she could try and get her girlfriend away from Officer Askey, this being a violation of Georgia of obstruction by hindering law enforcement from performing their lawful duties.

I grabbed the arm of Jackson and pulled her away from Officer Askey and Watson. Then placed her in an arm bar and then placed her in handcuffs checked for fit and double locked. Jackson was then placed in the rear seat of Officer Parson Patrol unit. While in the unit she was kicking and screaming.

Officer Askey deployed taser advising Watson to stop fighting and resisting or she was going to be tased with loud verbal commands. Watson was still resisting and so Officer Askey deployed taser and the taser did not have a full body incapacitation affect on Watson so Officer Askey then took Watson to the ground hands on. While in the altercation with Watson he sustained scrapes on the left hand and knee.

Once she was placed in handcuffs she was helped to her feet and the taser probes were removed from her. Watson was then checked by EMS due to the taser deployment. EMS cleared Watson medically. Watson and Jackson were transported to the Walton County Jail for the violations.

Tayshuna Jackson was released to Walton County Jail on the violations of disorderly conduct, public drunk, obstruction, and simple battery on law enforcement. Kandyce Watson was released to the Walton County Jail on the violations of disorderly conduct, public drunk, and obstruction.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on March 22, 2023]

On 03/22/23 at approximately 0508 hours, I responded to the Waffle House on N. Broad Street in reference to a dispute.

While responding to the call my radio volume was inexplicably turned down without my knowledge or control. When I realized this I corrected the issue and shortly after I heard Officer Parson request that I respond via radio. I advised Officer Parson I was already enroute, and a few moments later I heard Officer Askey advise over the radio they were in a fight and had deployed a taser.

I then upgraded my response to the scene and I arrived a few moments later. When I arrived I observed a female, later identified as Kandyce Watson, sitting on the ground in handcuffs yelling at Officers. Kandyce was obviously highly intoxicated and was continuing a cause a disturbance.

I told Kandyce to be quiet and assisted Officer Parson in assisting her to her feet. At this time Officer Parson removed a taser probe from her left hip area. Kandyce repeatedly yelled for me to check the cameras and refused to stop repeating herself despite my attempt to get her to stop so I could speak with her.

I escorted Kandyce to the back seat of Officer Robertson’s patrol car and instructed her to sit down. Kandyce initially tensed her body and did not sit down as instructed. Kandyce then sat down in the car and continued to yell and prevent me from speaking with her.

I tried several times to get Kandyce’s attention so I could ask her about what happened and if she was injured but she refused to let me speak. I even shined my flashlight in her face to try to get her attention but this was ineffective also. Since EMS was already responding to the scene I shut the door and ended the encounter until they arrived.

Upon EMS arrival I stood by while EMS evaluated Kandyce. Kandyce stated she did not want her vital signs checked, refused any treatment by EMS, and stated her only injury was a bite on the side of her neck that she sustained in the fight with the Waffle House server, [VICTIM #1].

I did not observe any visible injuries on Kandyce other than a red mark on the side of her neck where she claimed to have been bitten. EMS also checked the other suspect, Tayshuna Jackson, for injuries. Tayshuna did not complain of injury and was cleared of injury by EMS. Tayshuna was vomiting heavily in Officer Parson’s car due to her high level of alcohol consumption.

Once both subjects were cleared by EMS I had Officer Robertson and Officer Parson transport the subjects directly to the Walton County Jail due to their aggressive and violent actions towards Officers and to prevent a further use of force incident at the Monroe Police Department during fingerprinting.

A few moments later Lt. Prater at the Walton County Jail contacted me via radio and I advised him of the situation and the fact that the subjects had not been fingerprinted due to their actions. Lt. Prater advised this was ok and they would have Detention Officers standing by for the arrival of our Officers.

I later contacted Lt. Prater by phone and he stated the dayshift jail staff would fingerprint the subjects for us once they sobered up and calmed down. I met with Officer Askey about the incident and he stated Kandyce and Tayshuna had thrown chairs and other items in the restaurant and assaulted the 60 year old clerk, [VICTIM #1].

Officer Askey stated he approached Kandyce to get her to stop screaming at Officer Parson and Kandyce dismissed him and placed her hand in his face. Officer Askey then went to place Kandyce under arrest for disorderly conduct due to her actions in the store and she began to fight with him.

Officer Askey stated Tayshuna then tried to prevent him from arresting Kandyce and Tayshuna had to be pulled away and placed under arrest by Officer Robertson. Officer Askey stated he deployed his taser in dart mode on Kandyce but it was ineffective so he grabbed her leg and took her to the ground in the parking lot to effect the arrest.

While we were still on scene Tayshuna’s mother [REDACTED] arrived on scene and asked to speak with me. I told [REDACTED] what happened and she was very upset with her daughter’s behavior and stated she should have been at home with her kids instead of out drinking and acting this way with Kandyce.

[REDACTED] stated Tayshuna and Kandyce often physically fight each other and she has told her to stay away from her. [REDACTED] asked to walk inside with me so she could apologize to [VICTIM #1] on her daughter’s behalf. I walked with [REDACTED] inside while she apologized and hugged [VICTIM #1]. I then explained Tayshuna’s charges to [REDACTED] and she thanked me for speaking with her and ended the conversation.

Officers later responded back to the Waffle House to obtain the video surveillance footage. Upon review of the footage I observed the two suspects leaving the store, coming back into the store, and arguing with [VICTIM #1]. Kandyce is seen removing her sandals in preparation of fighting [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] then walked out from behind the counter and meets Kandyce halfway and the physical altercation between Kandyce, [VICTIM #1], and Tayshuna takes place.

Due to the fact that there are numerous weapons behind the counter, the floors are extremely slick, and the fact that Kandyce had already made preparations to be involved in a physical altercation I agreed with [VICTIM #1]’s decision to come out from behind the counter to defend herself from the two intoxicated attackers.

I reviewed the body worn camera footage of Officer Parson, Officer Askey, and Officer Robertson and found their use of force to be in compliance with Monroe Police Department SOP, applicable state law, federal case laws, and an objectively reasonable use of force under the circumstances at hand. Officer Askey and Officer Robertson completed Use of force reports that were approved prior to the end of shift.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on March 22, 2023]

On March 22, 2023, at 0508 hours, I Ofc. Parson responded to the Waffle House on Highway 11. This was in reference to a Waffle House employee calling and stating there were two females throwing chairs and yelling inside the restaurant.

Due to the employee, later identified as [VICTIM #1], stating that the females were yelling and then requesting an ambulance, I initiated my blue lights and sirens to arrive on scene promptly. When I pulled into the parking lot of Waffle House I left my blue light on and hit the record button on my body camera.

I observed two females, later identified as Kandyce Watson and Tayshuna Jackson, along with two Waffle House employees, [VICTIM #1] and [WITNESS #1]. While walking inside the building I could see and hear that there was a verbal argument actively happening between the three females.

When I entered the building all three females were yelling at one another. I quickly observed two bar stools laying on the floor near the cash register, and a pair of black shoes near the front door of the building. Watson and Jackson approached me first, both yelling at me that I needed to check the cameras.

Watson kept yelling at me that the Waffle House employee, [VICTIM #1] bit her and that I needed to review the footage. I told Watson and Jackson both that they were to sit down and to stop yelling. I also told [VICTIM #1] to stop yelling, due to her trying to out yell Watson in telling me what happened.

Before beginning questioning about what occurred I wanted to make sure everyone on scene was not injured. I asked Watson if she was injured, she stated she was bit by [VICTIM #1] and that was gross because she did not know her. I did observe reddening of the skin in the area Watson claimed to have been bitten.

I then asked Jackson if she was hurt, Watson then interrupted me trying to tell me to check the cameras and that [VICTIM #1] bit her. Jackson did advised that she was not hurt or injured. I attempted to let Watson know that EMS was already in route to the scene, however she kept interrupting me and telling me to check the camera footage.

I then asked [VICTIM #1] if she was okay, she advised she had broken a nail off but requested EMS check her for injuries. [VICTIM #1] did not appear in any distress from any possible injuries, however while I was asking if she was okay, Watson interrupted me to tell me she had been bit by [VICTIM #1].

I told Watson to stop talking, she then said “are you not listening to me, you asked me and I’m trying to tell you.” At that point I had already comprehended Watson’s statement that she had been bit. Due to [VICTIM #1] being on the other side of the building, and not appearing in distress about being injured, I kept my attention on Watson and Jackson.

Because Watson kept interrupting me and trying to yell at me while I attempted to make sure everyone was okay, I told her she was close to being placed in handcuffs to be detained while I figured out what occurred. Watson stopped talking for a few seconds when I said this.

After that statement was made, Ofc. Robertson and Ofc. Askey arrived on scene. Ofc. Askey went and spoke with [VICTIM #1], I asked Ofc. Robertson to speak with Jackson while I took Watson outside to speak with her. Jackson willingly went outside with me and I began questioning her about what occurred.

Watson stood very close to me (within my arms reach) and shouted the entire time she spoke with me. Without prompt, Watson began saying this started because she did not leave a tip for [VICTIM #1]. She went on to say that her and Jackson came inside the building and sat at the second table to the right of the door. The two ordered their food, ate, then Jackson went to pay at the cash register.

She said that [VICTIM #1] only came to their table once to bring them their food, so she decided not to leave a tip. After Jackson paid, [VICTIM #1] came around the counter and asked the two if they were going to leave a tip for her, Watson told her no. [VICTIM #1] then supposedly ran up on Watson, which Watson then stated she “squared up,” on [VICTIM #1] to try and fight her.

Watson kept saying that [VICTIM #1] bit her during the fight. I attempted to ask how Watson “Squared up,” at [VICTIM #1] (wider leg stance to possibly kick, hands in a fist, something that could indicate Watson fighting [VICTIM #1]). Watson did not like this and leaned forward and yelled “what do you mean what does squared up mean? I was ready to fight her.”

Because Watson could not answer this question, I decided to move on and come back to this question at a later time. I then asked Watson what happened after she squared up. Watson then yelled at me that I needed to review the footage and it would show everything that happened.

I then told her that I would review the footage but I needed her to stop talking long enough for me to ask my questions. Watson responded with “you don’t understand,” My rebuttal was “I do understand but I need to ask my questions.” Watson continued yelling at me to the point that Ofc. Askey came outside.

Ofc. Askey told her that if heard her yell one more time he would place her in handcuffs, then told her to shut up and listen to him. When Ofc. Askey was telling her this, Watson placed her hand near Ofc. Askey’s face and told him to stop that this was freedom of speech. Ofc. Askey then grabbed her arm to detain her. Watson pulled away from her and from there began fighting with officers.

Watson began attempting to get away from Ofc. Askey but pulling her arms out of his hands and running in a different direction. Ofc. Askey maintained a grip on her arms and went with her towards a vehicle parked behind where I was standing. I attempted to assist in stopping Watson, however when Jackson saw Watson being placed in handcuffs she ran outside into the fight.

I saw Jackson approach Officers and decided to attempt to stop her. I attempted to grab Jackson’s arm but she pulled her arm back and then placed her other arm on my back and shoved me out of the way. Once I regained my balance, I tried to gain hold of Jackson’s arm to pull her away, along with telling her to stop and get away from Watson.

Jackson ended up falling into the hood of the car at the same time as Watson, which ended up with them colliding with one another. At this point, Ofc. Askey, Ofc. Robertson, and myself were all hands fighting on with Watson and Jackson attempting to get them either into handcuffs or away from the car.

Watson and Jackson were both screaming and yelling with officers trying to give them verbal commands to stop resisting. I then saw Ofc. Askey point his department issued Taser at Watson then heard give the command to back up. Myself and Ofc. Robertson both stepped back from Watson and Jackson. Watson stood away from the car and tried to move away, even though Ofc. Askey had a hold of her arm.

Ofc. Robertson was able to get Jackson into handcuffs and place her in the backseat of my patrol car. Ofc. Askey then tased Watson, however it was an unsuccessful hit, with only one probe hitting Watson. Ofc. Askey then grabbed Watson and grappled her to the ground. Once Watson was on the ground, Ofc. Askey and myself were able to handcuff Watson.

Once Watson was in handcuffs, Sgt. Pearce arrived on scene. Sgt. Pearce assisted me with lifting her off the ground and placing her in Ofc. Robertson’s patrol car. Watson continued to scream various things and would not calm down. EMS arrived on scene and checked both Watson and Jackson, they advised both were okay to be transported to jail.

Once the two had been cleared, Sgt. Pearce and Ofc. Askey advised they were going to stay on scene while [VICTIM #1] and [WITNESS #1] filled out Victim/Witness statement forms. Sgt. Pearce instructed me and Ofc. Robertson to go directly to the Walton County Jail with both females.

I advised Walton County Dispatch that both officers would be going to Walton County Jail with both females. While en route, Jackson admitted without being asked, that she and Watson had been drinking prior to going to Waffle House. She then said I needed to call her mom because her mom would say she is a good person who does not do anything wrong.

Walton County Jail staff then aired over radio that they would be standing by at the jail due to the females being irate with officers. Jail staff let me know upon arrival that they did not have any female jail staff on shift this night, and requested I conduct the female pat down. I advised this would not be a problem at all.

I let jail staff know that Jackson was relatively calm while Watson was more irate. They decided to bring in Watson first. I conducted a pat down of Watson’s person, no contraband or weapons were found. Watson removed the piercings she had and placed them into an evidence bag and handed it over to jail staff. They then took her back to a holding cell and then brough in Jackson.

I conducted a search of Jackson’s person, no contraband or weapons were found. Jackson removed the piercings she had and placed them into an evidence bag and handed them over to jail staff. Jackson and Watson were both placed through a full body scanner, with no contraband or weapons found. They were also placed in separate holding cells at the jail.

After this myself and Ofc. Robertson returned to the Monroe Police Department in reference to this call. Jackson was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunk, Obstruction, and Simple Battery on a Peace Officer. Watson was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunk, and Obstruction.

As I previously put at the beginning of this report, I initiated my body worn camera upon arrival. Upon review of my video footage, the camera malfunctioned or stopped recording at the time of the fight between Watson and Jackson. I believed my camera to be working and recording during the entire altercation, along with transporting Jackson and Watson to the Walton County Jail.

When I arrived back at the Monroe Police Department Sgt. Pearce reviewed my video footage and let me know the camera had stopped recording. I was unaware that it malfunctioned, and am unsure as to how it stopped recording.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #4 on March 23, 2023]

On 03/23/2023 I responded to the Waffle House along N Broad St with Officer Robertson and Officer Parson due to a dispute. Dispatch advised the dispute was non-violent, however that chairs were being thrown inside of the restaurant. Dispatch also advised that one of the subjects requested medical services.

Due to the comments of chairs being thrown and someone needing a medical service it was apparent the matter at hand was not a dispute not violent. Due to the call comments I responded to the location with my lights and sirens.

Upon arrival Officer Parson was already on scene inside of the Waffle House speaking with parties. I stepped inside to speak with the Waffle House employees. In attempt to keep the matter at hand some what in order one of the subjects, later identified as Kandyce Watson, stepped outside with Officer Parson.

The female employee of Waffle House was identified as [VICTIM #1]. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated the two females that came into the restaurant did not leave a tip, therefore she asked are not going to leave a tip. After being asked that question tempers arose.

[VICTIM #1] stated the light skin female called her a bit*h which could be perceived as fighting words. After [VICTIM #1] was called a bit*h she told the other female “your mama”. Which could also be perceived as fighting words. After such words were exchanged between [VICTIM #1] and the “light skinned” female she started to walk outside.

[VICTIM #1] stated after the female started to walk outside, she then walked back inside and took her shoes off. Taking shoes off especially slip on shoes can also be perceived as someone getting ready to fight. [VICTIM #1] stated the female then came at her in a aggressive manner and the fight began. [VICTIM #1] stated due to the female approaching her in aggressive manner she did defend herself.

[VICTIM #1] stated when she was fighting with the female the other female, she was with jumped on her back. So at that point [VICTIM #1] was in a physical altercation with two females clearly out numbered. The initial female that came into the Waffle House was a much heavier female than Ms. [VICTIM #1]. Due to being involved in active combat with two subjects [VICTIM #1] stated she did bite the light skinned female.

When I walked into the Waffle House upon arrival I did see over turned chairs towards the left, along with a napkin dispenser on the floor behind the counter. While trying to gather the information from Ms. [VICTIM #1] and her fellow employee Mr. [WITNESS #1] I could hear Watson yelling at Officer Parson from outside.

Due to hearing the loud boisterous female I stepped outside to assist Officer Parson in attempt to gain compliance and to have the Watson stop yelling. Watson clearly did not want comply therefore I cursed at her trying to rise to her level to calm her down since speaking calmly with her had yet to have an effect. Watson then threw her hand in my face.

Due to failing to comply with lawful commands to cease her boisterous behavior and throwing her hand in my face I attempted to detain Watson in handcuffs for the time being. It was clear Watson did not want to be placed into handcuffs and began to actively resist. She pulled away numerous times the decision was made to place her under arrest for willful obstruction.

Due to the pulling away and resisting officers I placed Watson on the hood of a parked vehicle. While attempting to secure Watson in handcuffs her friend, Tayshuna Jackson, proceeded to push Officer Parson out of the way and interfere by also jumping on the hood of the vehicle and grabbing Watson. Jackson could be heard yelling “she drunk she drunk,” referring to Watson.

I then broke free, drew my taser, pointed it at Jackson and ordered her to back up. I then pulled Watson off the hood of the vehicle and tussled some more. To avoid causing harm to Watson with force of soft empty or hard hands I deployed my taser. After deploying my taser there was no effect. Due to the no effect and the active resisting I then dropped my body weight and grabbed Watson by her left leg.

After grabbing Watson’s leg I raised her from the pavement and took her to the ground. Once on the ground I had to give more commands for Watson to place her hands behind her back. Watson then started to inform me she would have a case on me, which the case at matter would go to court due to arrest charges.

Kandyce Watson (DOB [REDACTED])
Tayshuna Jackson (DOB [REDACTED])

Ms. Watson and Ms. Jackson were both placed under arrest and secured into patrol vehicles. EMS did respond and checked both Watson and Jackson. None were transported by EMS to Piedmont Walton. After the Watson and Jackson were transported to the Walton County jail.

I obtained statement forms from [WITNESS #1] and [VICTIM #1]. (Waffle House Employees) [VICTIM #1] stated she wanted both subjects criminally trespassed from the property. [VICTIM #1] informed every time they come into the restaurant, they cause issues.

Due to the matter at hand both subjects were criminally trespassed. Taser cartridge that was deployed was turned into evidence at at the Monroe Police Department. (S #C6203CF3H) The statement forms from [VICTIM #1] and [WITNESS #1] were also turned into evidence as well.

Due to the above Watson and Jackson were charged with following:


Disorderly Conduct
Public intoxication


Public intoxication
Simple Battery

Warrants were obtained at a later time from the on duty magistrate judge. Use of force paper work was also filled out for the incident.

[End of Narrative]