Chatsworth woman bitten, suspect tries choking herself while handcuffed

July 31, 2020 at 3:38 PM EDT

DALTON – The following incident report was filed by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office regarding the arrest of Koop, Femanda Fraire, 32, on July 26, 2020 on a single charge of Battery.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On 7/26/2020, Deputy Hill was dispatched to [700 block] Liberty Drive in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, Deputy Hill made contact with a female who identified herself as Ms. Fernanda Koop.

When Deputy Hill asked Ms. Koop what had happened she was not making any clear statements and Deputy Hill noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from Ms. Koop. Deputy Hill asked Ms. Koop to wait in front of his patrol vehicle so he could speak with other people on the scene.

Deputy Hill spoke with Mr. [WITNESS #1] and Mr. [WITNESS #2] who both stated that Ms. Koop had attacked Mrs. [VICTIM #1] while all of them was arguing.

Mr. [WITNESS #1] stated that Ms. Koop had lunged at Mrs. [VICTIM #1] and Mrs. [VICTIM #1] put her hands up to block Ms. Koop. Mr. [WITNESS #1] stated that Ms. Koop then bit Mrs. [VICTIM #1] on her arm and hand and Mrs. [VICTIM #1] punched Ms. Koop to get Ms. Koop off her.

Mr. [WITNESS #1] then stated that Ms. Koop and Mrs. [VICTIM #1] was pushing each other towards the door and he and Mr. [WITNESS #2] attempted to pull them apart when Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] came running up from across the street and started pushing at every one causing Mr. [WITNESS #1] and Ms. Koop to fall down the stairs.

Mr. [WITNESS #1] stated that Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] then ran back across the street. Mr. [WITNESS #1] stated that he did not want Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] back on the property.

Mr. [WITNESS #2] stated that he witnessed the same thing as Mr. [WITNESS #1].

Deputy Hill then spoke with Mrs. [VICTIM #1] who stated that Ms. Koop was very drunk and was screaming and yelling at every one and then Ms. Koop lunged at her.

Mrs. [VICTIM #1] stated that she put her hands up to keep Ms. Koop from hitting her and Ms. Koop bit her twice on her fingers and once on her right arm causing it to bleed. Deputy Hill noticed that Mrs. [VICTIM #1] did have small cuts on her fingers on her right hand and teeth marks on her right forearm that appeared to had been bleeding but the bleeding had already stopped.

Mrs. [VICTIM #1] stated that She then hit Ms. Koop in the face to get her off her and they began pushing each other when Mr. [WITNESS #1] and Mr. [WITNESS #2] attempted to get them separated. Mrs. [VICTIM #1] requested Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to check her out. Deputy Hill requested to have EMS in route to check Mrs. [VICTIM #1].

Deputy Hill then went back to speak with Ms. Koop. Ms. Koop stated that she did bite Mrs. [VICTIM #1] but Mrs. [VICTIM #1] had also hit her in her face. Deputy Hill placed Ms. Koop in handcuffs (checking for fit and double locking) and secured her in the back of his patrol vehicle.

EMS arrived and checked Mrs. [VICTIM #1]. Deputy Hill walked across the street to speak with Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR]. Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] came to the door and was very intoxicated with a very strong odor of alcohol coming from his person. Deputy Hill asked Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] what had happened and Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] stated that he could not remember. Deputy Hill advised Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] that Mr. [WITNESS #1] did not want Mr. [DRUNK NEIGHBOR] back on his property.

Deputy Hill then returned to his patrol vehicle to transport Ms. Koop when he realized that Ms. Koop (while handcuffed behind her back) had somehow wrapped a seat belt around her neck and was attempting to choke herself. Deputy Hill quickly unwrapped the seat belt from around Ms. Koop’s neck.

EMS was still on scene and checked Ms. Koop. EMS advised that Ms. Koop was ok.

Deputy Hill then transported Ms. Koop to the Whitfield County Jail where she was charged and booked for Battery (O.C.G.A. 16-5-23.1) on Warrantless Arrest number 62499.

Deputy Hill also advised Booking staff of Ms. Koop attempting to choke herself.

End Transcription of Narrative Report