Dalton Mall cop arrested for false report of hit and run

Feb 22, 2021 at 10:01 AM EST

DALTON – The Dalton Police Department has arrested a Dalton Mall security officer after he claims he witnessed a crash where the driver fled the scene. In fact, the security officer himself was responsible for hitting the vehicle of another mall employee.

The following narrative report was filed by the Dalton Police Department regarding the arrest of Gary Lee Bell, born 1991, on February 9, 2021.

Bell was booked into the Whitfield County Jail on a single charge of making a false police report.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Officer Narrative Report

On this date, 2/2/2021, I was dispatched to a harassment call at the Dalton Mall regarding a mall employee and a security guard. After I arrived, I met with the security guard, Gary Bell. I began to ask Gary about the incident that had occurred. Gary stated on December 4, 2020 he had backed into the subject’s car and then admitted to making a false report once police arrived on scene.

On that report, Gary stated he witnessed a hit and run on the subject’s vehicle. Gary then admitted to me he lied and he backed into the vehicle. Gary stated after that incident, the subject, [VICTIM #1], began demanding money from him for compensation. Gary stated the insurance company was paying for the repairs on [VICTIM #1]’s vehicle but stated [VICTIM #1] was still demanding money. Gary, along with the mall manager who was accompanying him, stated that [VICTIM #1] has been demanding Gary to apply for a credit card so Gary can pay him. Gary stated this has been going on since the wreck. I then informed Gary I would speak with [VICTIM #1].

After speaking with Gary I made contact with [VICTIM #1]. I asked [VICTIM #1] about the altercations between him and Gary. [VICTIM #1] stated Gary has been voluntarily making contact with him to try resolving this issue outside of court. [VICTIM #1] also stated that Gary lied about the wreck report in December. I then informed [VICTIM #1] that contact with Gary has to stop and any further action has to go through court. [VICTIM #1] understood and stated he will not make contact with Gary and will go through the court for further action.

I then made contact with Gary again to inform him that he is to not make contact with [VICTIM #1]. I informed him any further action will have to be handled in court. I also informed Gary to call 911 if any altercation incited by [VICTIM #1] happens again.

The case number for the crash report is 20-007624 this is a miscellaneous report.

End Transcription of Officer Narrative Report

Begin Transcription of Supplemental Report

On 02-09-21 I met with Magistrate Judge Phillips and obtained warrant number “W21-179” for Gary Bell with the charge of 16-10-26 false report of a crime. This warrant began with case number “20-007624”.

Officer Kapur, Thornton, and I arrived at 916 Walnut Square Blvd (Dalton Mall) and made contact with Gary Bell. Contact was also made with the mall manager to let him know what was going on, Bell was walked to the back of the building and then placed under arrest. He was searched and secured in the back of Officer Kapur’s patrol vehicle.

Officer Kapur and Thornton then transported him to WCSO and served him with the warrant above.

End Transcription of Supplemental Report

Begin Transcription of Original Accident Report

The witness [Gary Bell] stated that he was in his office when he heard the crash. He went outside and observed a white 4 door Ford F-150 leaving the scene. He was unable to get any further information on it.

The owner was not aware of anything and was made aware by the witness. This is a hit and run accident.

End Transcription of Original Accident Report