Dalton step mother accused of child abuse

Natasha FB

DALTON – On January 1, 2020, the Cohutta Police Department served a felony warrant on Natasha Ketchem (name was Natasha Bowers at the time of arrest), for Cruelty to Children, First Degree from an incident that occurred on August 5th, 2019.


On 08/05/2019 Deputy Warren was contacted by telephone through dispatch to speak with [VICTIM’S MOTHER] from Athens, Tn. Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] stated her son, Juvenile #1, spent the weekend with his dad, Brian Roberts, at 3728 Edwards Cir. Dalton, Ga. She stated she picked up her son around 5 pm this date. Later that evening, she sent him to take a shower. Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] stated she went to dry him off and noticed severe injuries from cigarette burns on his back. She stated she took him to the hospital and the hospital confirmed it was cigarette burns. She then advised a DFCS case manager.

Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] asked her son what happened and he stated he hurt it on the slide at McDonalds on W. Walnut Ave. When she called the father, Mr. Roberts, he said the same thing. Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] stated the injuries were not from being on a slide. Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] stated that Mr. Roberts had burned the juvenile before.

Later, Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] called back stating that her son was scared to tell the truth but told her that Natasha burned him with cigarettes. Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] stated that she didn’t know much information on Natasha but her son was her step child.

Deputy Warren advised Ms. [VICTIM’S MOTHER] to maintain images and documents from the hospital for a detective working the case. Deputy Warren also advised her to follow through with DFCS in the morning. Deputy Warren took this case over the phone and could not physically make contact with the victim to verify injuries due to the victim currently being in Athens, Tn. The case was left active and turned over to the criminal investigator division.