Dalton Walmart vendor arrested for theft

April 11, 2021 at 11:22 AM ET

DALTON – A vendor at the Walmart on E Walnut was arrested for shoplifting last weekend after a police report says she was taking items to the store’s lay-a-way section, opening the packaging, then leaving the store without paying.

44-year-old Kamesha Winfield, of Augusta, was charged with a single count of misdemeanor shoplifting.

The alleged theft, which occurred over a two-day period, totaled $186.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On 04/03/2021 around 1513 hours Deputy Caraway was dispatched to 2545 E Walnut Ave (Walmart) in reference to a shoplifting. Deputy Caraway arrived on scene and spoke with Asset Protection Officer [LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER].

Officer [LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER] stated that there is a female that is a vendor for Walmart. Officer [LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER] stated that the female (Ms. Winfield) was taking merchandise back to the lay-a-way area without paying for the items.

Officer [LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER] stated that Ms. Winfield would select merchandise take it to the layaway area and open the packaging of the item. Officer [LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER] stated that Ms. Winfield would discard the packaging in the trash can and leave the store without paying for the items.

Ms. Winfield took a deli plate, Reebox 3 pack boxers, and infant water jug on 04/02/2021. Ms. Winfield took a sewing machine, a brush, Insta X, multi USB port, minute maid juice, and a deli plate on 04/03/2021. The total of all items were 186.01 dollars.

Deputy Caraway placed Ms. Winfield under arrest for shoplifting. Deputy Caraway transported Ms. Winfield to the Whitfield County Sheriffs Office and charged her with Shoplifting Misd 16-8-14 on Warrantless Arrest number 63883.

End Transcription of Narrative Report