Facebook profile helps nab City Liquor shoplifting suspect

July 31, 2020 at 7:38 AM EDT

DALTON – The following incident report was filed by the Dalton Police Department regarding the arrest of Mileidy Puentes-gonzalez (born 1979) on July 21, 2020 on a single charge of Shoplifting.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

I responded to 1215 N Glenwood, City Liquor, in reference to a shoplifting that occurred last date.

On arrival I spoke with [VICTIM #1] who explained, as he showed me video surveillance from his cell phone, that a male and female shoplifted last date. [VICTIM #1] showed me receipts of the transaction at 19:38 of a debit card (ending in 5551) purchase by a Yusniel Rodriguez.

[VICTIM #1] advised Yusniel accompanied by an unknown female switched a more expensive liquor product, valued at $50.00, with a cheaper liquor product (xo cafe), valued at $24.99, both made by patron.

I saw on surveillance as the two subjects stood in the area for several seconds to where the less expensive liquor was shelved. We walked over to that area and the cheaper liquor product was unboxed and still sitting there wrapped in paper. [VICTIM #1] showed me an empty box that he advised was sitting on the same shelf in front of the cheaper liquor. That box had contained the more expensive liquor but was now empty. [VICTIM #1] also advised he did check his inventory and was 1 bottle short of patron.

[VICTIM #1] then showed me a face book photo of Yusniel and advised it was definitely the male that was in his store. [VICTIM #1] stated he knew it to be him based on his haircut. [VICTIM #1] stated his hair is shaved short on both sides of his head. The male looked to be hispanic and was wearing a pink shirt.

The female was wearing a purple shirt and was wearing glasses and looked to be hispanic as well. I searched the name in spillman for Yusniel Rodriguez. I then ran the driver’s license attached to that name. The male in that photo did resemble the male from this incident but I could not be certain it was him. The male in the video surveillance photo appeared much larger.

I will add photo’s of the surveillance video and receipt’s to the file section of this report. The receipts will be placed into evidence at 301.

End Transcription of Narrative Report