Three arrested after search of home produces drugs, gun, counterfeit money

Aug 20, 2020 at 1:28 PM EDT

DALTON – The following incident report was filed by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office regarding the arrests of:

Candice Deborah Williams
1. Possess Methamphetamine
2. Possession and Use of Drug Related Objects

Simon Wesley Ngure
1. Failure to Appear on Traffic Charges
2. Forgery in First Degree, Utter/deliver, Other
3. Possess Methamphetamine
4. Possession and Use of Drug Related Objects

Stephen Alexander Davis
1. Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, Other, Misd
2. Possess Methamphetamine
3. Possession and Use of Drug Related Objects

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report

On 08/11/2020 I received information that Simon Ngure was staying at 617 4th Avenue Apt 22 and he had active warrants for his arrest. Ngure was showing an active probation warrant through Catoosa County and a failure to appear warrant through Dalton Police Department.

DCS officer Brumlow, Detective Kumnick, and I went then to the location and I knocked on the door. Ngure answered the door and I recognized him from a picture of Ngure I had seen previously.

He confirmed that his name was Simon and I told him that he has a warrant for his arrest. I stepped into the living room of the apartment and placed him in custody while CSO Brumlow spoke with another resident of the apartment, Stephen Davis.

While speaking with Davis, CSO Brumlow noticed a handgun in plain view inside the second bedroom. He asked Davis about the handgun and Davis indicated that the gun belonged to him.

While placing Ngure in custody, I smelled a strong odor of marijuana inside the apartment. I then noticed a female, Candice Williams, laying on
A bed inside the first bedroom. I also noticed a meth pipe on the bed in plain view. I asked Williams to come into the living room. She immediately became irate and was yelling at Ngure and Davis throughout most of our encounter.

Detective Ensley and Detective Murray arrived to assist us. I was speaking with the Williams and Davis about the living arrangements at the apartment. I noticed two bedrooms (bedroom 1 bedroom 2, hereafter). William and Davis said that they stay in bedroom 1 and Ngure stays at the apartment off and on in bedroom 2. They also indicated that they have belongings in bedroom 2 and play video games in bedroom 2. Detective Ensley spoke to Williams and Davis about the drugs that were already found in plain view and asked for consent to search the apartment. They agreed to the search.

During a search of bedroom 1, there was 5.1gg of marijuana wrapped in small baggies located on a table and a glass jar. There was also a small baggie of methamphetabine that weighed 0.1gg and field tested positive. There was also a set of digital scales sitting by the drugs. The meth pipe on the bed was also collected. It should be noted that this pipe was within two feet of where Williams was laying on the bed.

During a search of bedroom 2, there was a set of digital scales on the floor and two small baggies of meth weighing 0.4gg. There was a broken meth pipe in a box located in the closet. The box also contained credit/debit cards bearing the name of Candice Williams/candy burr. There was also a counterfeit $20 bill located near a snake cage.

The Glock 26 9mm firearm had 8 bullets in the magazine inserted in the weapon. There was also an extended magazine located near the firearm that contained 26 bullets. The serial number of the firearm was run through GCIC and found to be stolen (case# 19-000895).

CSO Brumlow and I then interviewed Davis inside bedroom 2. Davis stated that he bought the firearm from Ngure last date for $175. He stated that he was not a prohibited person and could legally own a firearm. I advised him that the gun was worth $600. He stated that he did not know where Ngure got the firearm.

I asked him about the drugs found throughout his apartment. He stated that he smokes weed and the meth belonged to Ngure. I asked him why a meth pipe that belonged to Ngure was located within feet of his girlfriend on her bed. He stated that Ngure put it down on the bed before answering the door. I asked him about the other baggies of meth located in both bedrooms. He stated that they all belonged to Ngure.

CSO Brumlow and I then spoke with Williams about the drugs in the apartment. Williams became irate with my line of questioning about methamphetamine located in her bedroom and a meth pipe located on her bed where she was laying. She denied ever using meth and blamed Ngure for all of the meth. I asked her about the box in the closet and she said that it belonged to Ngure even though it had credit cards belonging to her.

During a search incident to arrest, Ngure had $670 counterfeit U.S. currency in his pocket. He was transported to the Whitfield County Jail where he was served warrant #dmc501883a by Officer Elswick and held on Catoosa County probation warrant 2017sucr484. He was also charged with forgery-1st degree, possession of meth, and possession of drug related objects on warrantless arrest no. 61158.

Based on baggies of meth, digital scales, and meth pipes located in both bedrooms of their apartment, Candice Williams and Stephen Davis were placed into custody. Williams was transported to the whitfield County jail and charged with possession of meth and possession of drug related objects on warrantless arrest no. 61156.

Davis was transported to the whitfield County jail and charged with possession of meth, possession of drug related objects, and theft by receiving stolen property on warrantless arrest no. 61157.

Based on Davis’s statements that he bought the firearm for well below the market value from a person that he stated uses meth inside his apartment, Davis should have known that the firearm was stolen.

All items were placed into property and evidence at the Dalton Police Department.
This case is cleared by arrest.

A Simpson 504

End Transcription of Narrative Report